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December 2014 Open Meeting Summary 12052014

July 25, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/5/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s Homer, Dalton, Susan present. Dalton chaired the meeting for CoC Scott. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for CM Rick and 2nd Chief Cheryl served as a proxy for CoC Scott.

  2. October Minutes read

      1. Change 6h to year; should be more than one pauwau a year, not day

        1. 2nd Chief Iris motioned to accept with change; Homer seconded

        2. Homer-yes, Susan-abstain, John-yes, Iris (Rick)-yes,  Iris (Susan)-yes, Cheryl (Scott)-yes, Dalton-yes

  3. Financial Report: Chief Hatcher

      1. General Fund

        1. Deposits: $4639.00  Debits: $1916.48   Balance: $9306.45

      1. Building Fund

        1. Deposits: $113.00 Debits: $19.90 Balance: $886.75

      2. Steve/ Lori O to take over bookkeeping in 2015

        1. 2nd Chief Iris: bookkeeping has to meet state/ federal requirements

        2. Make sure the chart of accounts is accurate for audit

  1. Online votes

      1. Heater: vote was stopped, but heating was handled

  2. Old Business

      1. Tribal Logo & Trademark

        1. On hold due to pauwau

  3. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Arts & Crafts: Susan

        1. Oct Meeting- would like to ask Council for quorum to be a majority to f the people present

          1. Committee meets once a quarter; people not showing up or calling

            1. Dalton: come back to Council & ask that they be replaced otherwise we run into situation like before

          2. Susan: don’t want to beg people to be part of the committee

          3. Chief Hatcher: you tie their hands; we need feathers & more done

          4. 2nd Chief Cheryl: suggestion: if you have 3 people, call the 4th for a vote to meet quorum

            1. Susan: that one person would have to be available though

          5. Susan motioned to drop the quorum to a majority of the members present at A&C meetings; Cheryl seconded

          6. John: can’t you make decisions and then put then vote out on the internet?

          7. Iris: don’t agree with changing procedure to accommodate slack people

          8. John: if you drop those 2 people, does quorum drop and do you have people

            1. Iris: we do, but maybe not immediately

          9. Homer: agree with Iris

          10. Cheryl: majority could be 2 or even 1

          11. John as a proxy, how do I vote- as he would? What if it’s not not known?

            1. Dalton: on known items, as directed; on unknown, unsure

            2. Susan: Council has 2nd Chiefs for proxies; committees doesn’t have it

    1. Dalton: use another existing artist

          1. Susan: no chair elected; do in January

            1. Susan withdrew current motion

            2. John motioned to allow existing certified artists the ability to proxy for each other on the A&C committee; Susan seconded

            3. a. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Iris (Rick)-yes,  Iris (Susan)-yes, Cheryl (Scott)-yes, Dalton-yes

      1. Grants: Michelle

        1. Looking at Duke Endowment Funds

      2. Building & Grounds: John

        1. Cemetery Fund: $370.05

        2. Money spent on RV & electricity: $876.80

          1. Still need wiring; each spot, not in series

        3. Sold fencing for $114.80; will write check for building fund

        4. Fundraiser for pauwau: $233.00- building fund

        5. Revamping committee with meeting each month, working committee

        6. Need to fix bathroom floor- plywood & tile?

        7. Chief Hatcher: give John a limit of $500 to react to emergency situations/ 2nd Chief Iris seconded

          1. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Iris (Rick)-yes,  Iris (Susan)-yes, Cheryl (Scott)-yes, Dalton-yes

      3. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

        1. Called early on Saturday because of rain; good day on Sunday

        2. Enough money in bank pre-pauwau to  pay for everything

        3. Outbrief at Ryan’s 12/6 @ 2pm

        4. Setup at gate wasn’t a bad idea

        5. Jurying went well; no problem trying to get vendors to move items

        6. 2nd Chief Iris: attendance?

          1. Michelle: I have some numbers at the house; a better count was kept on Sat than Sun

        7. Chief Hatcher: a dancer tossed $20 on the ground saying it wasn’t worth it

          1. Michelle: dancers have said they prefer larger dollar amounts

            1. 2nd Chief Iris: consensus between dancers/ Rodlyn was larger amounts with fewer number of draws

          2. Homer: dancers complained they had to pay to dance

            1. Susan: did they not see the sign?

            2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: some gave it back; some didn’t it back

            3. Homer: we shouldn’t give them any back

            4. Chief Hatcher: do that & we won’t have any dancers

            5. Homer: it’s a business for them & us

            6. 2nd Chief Iris: most dancers we get are not professionals; they follow the drum

      4. Sewer Pump Project: Chief Hatcher

        1. Not sure how much is in the bank for that

        2. Dalton suggested doing 4 Hog Heaven fundraisers

      5. Drum: John

        1. Rick says it needs to be tightened

      6. Constitution: Dalton

        1. First 3 articles are done

        2. Preferably before Jan meeting, Dalton should have article 4 done & Cheryl should have article 5 done

        3. Chief Hatcher: does it go to Council for approval?

          1. Dalton: yes

    1. Res. DH-12-05-2014-001 Waccamaw Bucks Elimination

      1. Withdrawn because it’s date specific and requires 3 readings

    2. Res DH12-05-2014-002:  Volunteer & Donor Rewards: 1st Reading

      1. John: $20 cash

        1. Dalton: $20 cash or in-kind

      2. Chief Hatcher: membership fee is not a donation for this purpose

        1. Dalton: need to lay it out in this in this resolution

      3. John: though volunteer hours counted

        1. Dalton: no, this is just gate passes

      4. 2nd Chief Cheryl: can we include membership fees in this resolution?

        1. Dalton: I’d rather we kept them separate

    3. 2nd Chief Iris was wished a happy retirement

    4. Chief Hatcher

      1. Lower Cherokee recognition meeting probably in 3 weeks

      2. CMA Office Seat to be filled by the Governor’s office

      3. Thank you presentation & feather given to 2nd Chief Iris

      4. Thanks given to John, Mark, & others for pw parking suggestions

      5. SC Indian Development Council: nice gesture to make him an honorary member since he was instrumental in helping our kids get into schools

    5. John reminded everyone about the solstice ceremony on 12/21

    6. Homer took up donations for Donnie and Michelle


Homer motioned to close the meeting; Susan seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/7/15 at 11:45 pm.




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