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January 2014 Open Meeting Summary 01102014

July 14, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/10/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC*


  1. CoC Scott, CM’s Dalton, Homer, Robert, and John present. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for CM Susan.

  2. December minutes read

    1. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

    2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

  3. Financial Report: Alan

    1. General Fund

      1. Deposits: $1470.21 Debits: $1205.28 Balance: $14892.00

    2. Building Fund

      1. Deposits: $150.00 Debits: $1145.87 Balance: $150.00

    3. Pauwau

      1. Expenses: $12729.05 Income: $21655.17

      2. Chief Hatcher: still due $7000 from ad sale

      3. 2nd Chief Iris: best year we have had; kudos to PW Committee & all who participated

  4. Online Votes

    1. Heaters for John Cox

      1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes; Susan voted yes online

    2. Prison Program Fund

      1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes; Susan voted yes online

  5. Old Business

    1. Inactive Membership List

      1. Dalton & 2nd Chief Iris: 11 people updated their file

      2. John: what does “extended” mean?

        1. 2nd Chief Iris: number of months membership was  extended

          1. RTNS column shows number of times mail has come back

      3. 2nd Chief Cheryl: can I speak on behalf of someone on the list?

        1. He’s in the Jail Diversion Program & hasn’t had opportunity to do a whole lot with receiving mail unless sent to prison

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: didn’t have that address

          2. Dalton: we’re not voting on him tonight anyway

          3. Scott: his doesn’t expire until 2016

      4. Chief Hatcher explained federal recognition requires being able to contact all our members

      5. Dalton motioned to remove 385- 020 on Monthly Report Query dated 1/10/14

        1. Homer seconded

        2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

  6. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: John

        1. Would like to plan on what to do for work days & make list

          1. Post on our sites for people’s interest

      2. Grants: Dalton (for Michelle)

        1. Looking into Grants.Gov site

        2. Jeania working on Hospitality Grant

      3. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

        1. Met Wednesday (1/8)

        2. 2nd Chief Cheryl nominated as Chairperson

        3. CM Susan nominated as co-Chair

        4. Reviewed policy letter & couple things to add in to assist with problems we’ve had vendors having numerous unidentified helpers

        5. Send emails to other vendors that may be interested in vending at this year’s Pauwau to increase variety & quality

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: where are these vendors going to come from?

            1. Found all she knows to find

          2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: trying to come up with ways

            1. Could use more people

          3. John: I go to other festivals; need something we can give vendors about our Pauwau

            1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: need to make sure they are Native American vendors

          4. Hoping this will help lead to better quality & be as true to culture as possible

        6. Vendors

          1. Developing policy & procedures to jury vendor booths

            1. Set up process in advance

            2. Will have to work with security

            3. Need other committees involved & before Pauwau for communication

          2. Best Vendor Contest

            1. Debbie said she would get a blue ribbon from the craft store

            2. Susan suggested Lindsey take pictures to help us jury

            3. Hope is to motivate vendors

          3. Reworking letter in vendor application

        7. Communication between different areas of Pauwau (gate, grounds, camping, etc)

          1. Pre-PW meeting with heads to get everyone on same page

            1. Gate: Lori O

              1. Explain process on why we do wristbands the way we do: Grants

        8. Making signs at fire circle more visible

        9. Add gate cost to camping fee to eliminate problem of campers not paying gate fee

        10. 4 color wristbands; stickers for little boys & girls

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: this year (2013) , we didn’t get an attendance count & we really need it

            1. How will it help this year?

              1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: imperative they are given out correctly for count

          2. Wristbands: adults, students, veterans, seniors

            1. Subtract number remaining from initial count

            2. Can see where most money is coming from & identify target market

        11. Start working on budget

        12. Start selling ads

        13. John: how many coloring books did we put out there- 200 or 300?

          1. 2nd Chief Cheryl & Dalton: 300

        14. Question to Alan: how many program books were sold?

          1. Alan take cost on sheet/ 5

            1. Dalton: books & videos were combines though

            2. Dalton: how many were printed?

              1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: 400

        15. John: any way we can make a sign showing the places who support us?

          1. John: sold 1 ad; think could sell more if business know their name will be seen twice

          2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: put Sponsor Board at back fence

          3. 2nd Chief Cheryl: would you charge more for that?

            1. John: no

            2. Johnnie F: could entice more advertisers

        16. Mark A: T-shirts with ads on them

          1. Put logo on front; advertisers on back

            1. Usually 16 business card size & 1 large ad

          2. Steve: willing to help with that

          3. Chief Hatcher: problem with shirts is people want a date on them

            1. If you don’t sell them all, you’re stuck with them

            2. Could buy printing machine and do them on the spot

        17. Confirm 2014 Pauwau Committee voting members: 2nd Chief Cheryl, Susan, Michelle, Debbie, CoC Scott, Georgia, 2nd Chief Iris

          1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

          2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

        18. Confirm 2nd Cheryl & Susan as Chair and co-Chair, respectively

          1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

          2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

    2. CoC Scott: asked Council to come up with 3 ideas to improve tribal grounds so they can be prioritized (list next month)

      1. CoC Scott’s ideas

        1. With Susan: Adjust vendor spaces to 1 size

          1. Chief Hatcher: move spaces back 10 ft

            1. CoC Scott: we took out 1 spot at circle entrance

              1. Chief Hatcher: don’t need to move them then; just line them up

          2. Chief Hatcher: water & electric would have to be moved too; cheaper just to line them up

        2. Old office: would like to get water & electric to it so we can use it when we need it

        3. New office: better roof- not just patch

      2. John’s ideas

        1. Beautification: flowers, bushes, trees

        2. Outdoor shed: rebuild storage building

        3. Old office: electric, inspect for structural damage

          1. If rot underneath, may not be worth salvaging

      3. Dalton’s ideas

        1. More RV spots with electric & water

          1. Mark A: could put 15 around pond side

          2. John: curious, can we cut down trees to make space?

            1. Answer: yes

        2. Benches around circle

        3. Improve electric so they aren’t constantly blowing out

        4. Door off-kilter

          1. Chief Hatcher: building needs to be leveled

      4. Homer’s ideas

        1. At Pauwau meeting, suggestion was made for a gate building

        2. How much would it cost to put a fence around the pond or cover it?

          1. Scott: last time, a fence was donated

          2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: fence could entice climbing

    3. Mark A: Bathroom Project update

      1. Chris Hatcher company supplying toilets, sinks, showers

      2. We have to come up with building; suggest 12x24

      3. Met with GSW&S today; sewer tap is across the road

      4. Trying to get pump & pump box

        1. Run campground & bathhouse into that

      5. Funding & donations: don’t meet grant qualifications

      6. Pay for tap: $3630: $890 down, $29/month x 20 years

        1. Chief Hatcher: do they charge interest?

          1. Mark A: yes

            1. Suggestion: donate drink profits x 3 years to it

        2. Chief Hatcher: will they finance in tribe’s name or just individual?

          1. Mark A: tribe

      7. All labor donated

      8. Chief Hatcher: could old office be turned into bathhouse?

        1. Mark A: yes, but would like to put siding on it

        2. Chief Hatcher: could be cheaper

      9. Found a building in Clover for $200, but it was 12x20

        1. Johnnie F: been to different fairs/ festivals that have buildings

          1. Why not ask them to donate one & tell them we’ll leave their name on it (free advertising)?

      10. Mark A: suggestion on size

        1. 3 toilets on each side with handicap access

        2. 2 showers on each side

        3. 3 sinks on each side

        4. Plumbing to tie in

    4. CoC Scott: Waccamaw Family Day: 2/15

      1. Need to people to cook: Johnnie & Alan F; Monica & Paul

        1. Alan: shrimp is $6/lb if bought now- Low Country Boil & Hushpuppies

          1. Scott: designated for $200

            1. People are to bring paper products & drinks

        2. Georgia: Can make cornbread; volunteer to help

        3. Johnnie F: Someone needs to make cakes

          1. Jeania: how many cakes? Volunteer     

      2. Homer: what time?

        1. Scott: not sure; will work on it

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: usually fire ceremony at 12; food at 1

      3. Johnnie F: any way to get a head count this year?

        1. Scott: hard to RSVP

        2. Johnnie F: put on sites for interest

      4. Bring games for kids

      5. Scott & Homer thanked people for volunteering

    5. 2nd Chief Cheryl

      1. Horry Independent article on Jail Diversion Program

        1. Title: New Jail Program Offers Young Men Second Chance

        2. Program created in 2010 & has seen 2-3% drop in inmate population

        3. Accepted, excited, honored to work there (J Reuben Long)

        4. Read an excerpt from the article

    6. Chief Hatcher

      1. Calls

        1. Call from Libby Mitchell to ask for donations to help with Elder John Mitchell’s medications

        2. Former CM Jeanie Wright’s mother is in hospital in Florence; Jeanie needs assistance with gas money

        3. Propose donations are split between the two families

      2. Raffle Box: Waccamaw Bucks to enter

        1. Write your name & phone number on back

        2. Drawing on Family Day; winner gets $500

        3. People put initials on tape on box so others know it hasn’t been opened

      3. Bamboo container with wax top with ashes from Pauwau sacred fire

        1. Gave one to: Chief of Chicora (participated in ceremony), Council, 2nd Chiefs, 2013 PW Chairperson

        2. Can make more

        3. Problem with it: Public Law 101.644 (able to call art Indian)

          1. We break it down further so people can call it Waccamaw

          2. Chief Hatcher needs art certification for arrows & beaver tail knives

          3. Chief Hatcher: who is on the Arts & Crafts committee?

            1. Scott & Dalton: Susan

        4. Chief Hatcher: I see we dropped Arts & Crafts from monthly agenda

          1. Scott: they meet quarterly

        5. Chief Hatcher: we need to tighten things up

          1. Every member is supposed to get a feather

          2. Every Council member is supposed to wear a Council feather

          3. Feathers come from Arts & Crafts committee

          4. Homer: and names

      4. Ralph Oxendine in bad health; tribe is newly recognized

      5. Emergency Elder meeting recently concerning investors

        1. Read letter from Elders to Chief Hatcher

        2. Meeting in NY: would like Council to assist with funds

          1. Dalton motioned to allow up to $1300 for meeting expenses; Homer seconded

          2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

      6. Trip to TN: land still pending, would like to make tax-exempt

        1. Suggest: put RV park on there

      7. 65 acres of land donated in CT

    7. Chicora

      1. Thanked us for allowing them to come

      2. Chief Hatcher: sure Pauwau Committee would let you come to those meetings

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: meet 1st Wed of month at Ryan’s or Shoney’s

          1. Dalton: 2nd Wed; Shoney’s isn’t open past 4


Homer motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm.

*Minutes pulled from audio file.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/9/13 at 2:22 pm.





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