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July 2010 Open Meeting Summary 07092010

June 7, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/9/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Opened at 6:30pm with CoC Scott and CM’s Dalton, Neal, Robert, and Homer present. Richia entered halfway through the A&C report.

  2. CoC to all: Talking stick is here for a purpose. To talk, you must be given the talking stick.

  3. June Minutes read

    1. 5a (i) - Cable is bending (Donnie explained later). Needs to be replaced

    2. 3- should be May minutes (not April; was copied from template)

    3. Neal motioned to accept the minutes with  changes; Robert seconded

      1. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

        1. 5yes: 0no: 2absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

  4. Financial Report- Scott via 2nd Chief Iris’ email

    1. Approximate funds: $4510.76

    2. Neal: fuel place says okay up to $100

  5. Committee Reports

    1. Building & Grounds: Neal

      1. Donnie keeping things mowed

      2. Riding mower needs fixed

    2. Arts & Crafts: Brian

      1. Wed 3pm: 2nd  Chief Susan : tribal member feather class

        1. Feels like it’s Council’s job to find out who needs them

      2. Fri 3pm Meeting: Brian

        1. Not where he wants the committee to be yet

        2. Would like to start an account for the Arts & Crafts Committee

      3. Dalton: Mr. Moore and vending building on the grounds

        1. Grounds isn’t ideal, but a website is

        2. Brian: original plan was to put up a shop

        3. Homer: who would run it?

          1. Brian: Brian would run it

      4. Homer: feathers: 2nd  Chief Iris said they would get a feather when they signed the roll book

        1. 2nd Chief Susan : they shouldn’t get a card till they sign the roll book

        2. Deborah Creech: have them available at the pauwau when people sign the book

        3. Brian: going to have to have money to buy feathers

        4. Chief Hatcher: ID card holds privilege. I wouldn’t give them either till the book is signed

        5. 2nd Chief Susan : Since we’re playing catch-up, make a feather, for everyone who has signed the book

        6. Homer: how many different feathers do we have at the moment?

          1. 2nd Chief Susan: government, tribal member, merit, and veteran

        7. Chief Hatcher: suggestion for motion: tab with part of notary seal and their signature

          1. 2nd Chief Susan: sticker has to be thin

          2. Motion to allow Buster & Susan to work it out

            1. Neal motioned, Homer seconded

            2. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

              1. 6 yes: 0no: 1absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

    3. PauWau: Scott & 2nd Chief Susan

      1. Meeting 7/28 Shoney’s 7pm

    4. Grants: Michelle

      1. Nothing new to report, but time to start to looking at new opportunities

  6. 2nd Chief Iris’ email via Scott

    1. Resolution Notebook to be maintained by Tribal Secretary

      1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

      2. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

      3. 6yes: 0no: 1absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

    2. Two-drawer file cabinet to used at home by Tribal Secretary to file tribal records

      1. Neal motioned, Robert seconded

      2. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

      3. 6yes: 0no: 1absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

    3. 2nd Chief Iris to assume the Treasurer Duties (put Reba on LoA)

      1. Dalton motioned, Homer seconded

      2. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

      3. 6yes: 0no: 1absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

    4. Mark Ammons & T-Card extension

      1. Buster proposed we don’t issue T-cards

        1. Send letter first, attach to roll book, then send ID card

        2. Need 2nd Chief Iris’ input

  7. Reaffirm Online Votes

    1. Electric line

      1. Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Scott-yes (Jeanie-yes)

    2. Seed, fertilizer, weed killer

      1. Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Neal-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes, Homer-yes (Jeanie did not vote)

    3. Lending out the drill

      1. Homer-yes, Scott-yes, Dalton-yes, Neal-yes

  8. Firekeeper

    1. Dalton- doesn’t believe we should tell people who to believe in

      1. “this guy, yes” or “this guy, no”

      2. Shouldn’t be a Council decision

    2. Scott: in the past, John went to Earl, got trained, came back as the tribal firekeeper

    3. Homer: needs to be officially recognized for firekeeper. Not believing in Robert, but in the Native American way

    4. Buster: accept, not appoint; perhaps bad wording

    5. Homer: still needs to be an official firekeeper

    6. Dalton: fine with accept; not with appoint

    7. Richia: chosen to do certain things; can’t be voted into that position

    8. Brian: y’all have to officially give the title to Robert “Waccamaw Tribal Firekeeper”

      1. Neal motioned

    9. Scott: looks like a play on words; using an analogy- using “Waccamaw” on Arts & Crafts certifications, requires certain criteria

    10. Neal motioned, Homer seconded- Waccamaw Tribal Firekeeper to be Robert

      1. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-abstain, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

        1. 5yes: 0no: 1absent: 1abstain (passed by majority)

      2. Up to Robert to apprentice someone

  9. Chief Hatcher

    1. May have to reconsider Wed training because of Susan’s surgery

    2. Trying to get Henry Brown to sign the bill; keep sending letters

    3. TV documentary- Linda, Dan (Brian to take)- let Buster know when ready to tape

    4. Letters to judge (change of venue granted)

    5. Vice Chief Frank Pie’s funeral yesterday

    6. Alabama meeting about state recognition- trying to do away with it; saying that only the federal government can do it

      1. No update yet

    7. Pauwau in Clemmons 7/10 and Nottoway Pauwau 7/24

  10. Scott & Donnie: Washer/ Dryer has to be stackable

    1. Work on for next month


Dalton motioned for the meeting to end; Scott seconded.


Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 8/2/10 at 12:31pm.









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