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June 2016 Open Meeting Summary 06032016

August 10, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 06/03/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Mark, Homer, and Rick present. CM Susan arrived later in the meeting.

  2. Open Forum held.

  3. May minutes read

    1. Mark motioned to accept; Dalton seconded

      1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  4. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $9167.03

    2. Building Fund: $3976.75

  5. Old Business

    1. Cemetery Trustees Update

      1. Wayne T’s email read stating Linda A, Richard T, Wayne T, and Joey W as trustees

        1. Wayne T: Elder Dan will be cemetery manager, Ms. Staples needs to be voted on for trusteeship

        2. Wayne T: there is a cemetery fund

          1. Dalton: can we get a copy of the trustees’ paperwork?

            1. Wayne T: sure

    2. Allowing Chief Hatcher Total Associate Membership Application Control

      1. Dalton: suggest to allow him to hand out and approve applications as he sees fit for Associate membership; they come to Council after one year for permanent membership

        1. Homer agreed, as did Mark

        2. Mark motioned to accept Dalton’s suggestion; Rick seconded

          1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  6. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Grants: Michelle

        1. SCAC: should hear back about grant 6/23-7/7

      2. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Ongoing: PSA’s, Ads, Save-the-Date cards

        2. Looking for Volunteers; get in touch with the committee

      3. Constitution: Dalton

        1. Newest copy of the constitution available for everyone to view

        2. Needs a ballot sheet and then it’s ready to send out for a vote

      4. Buildings & Grounds: Larry

        1. Discussed new locks and coded deadbolts for tribal office

          1. Dalton suggested putting the coded one on the backdoor for handicap

            1. Alan disagreed; backdoor is hard to get in if handicap is by themselves and in a wheelchair

          2. Mark motioned to put 1 keyless lock on front door and 1 deadbolt on the back door; Homer seconded

            1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

          3. Mark: rescind & amend my motion to add a deadbolt to the file room

            1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

          4. Larry: how many keys?

            1. Dalton: start with 12; Council, Chiefs, Donnie, Elders, maybe a few extras

      5. Drum: Rick

        1. Practice next week

    2. Receipts

      1. Tractor: $62.98 Check 1055

        1. Mark motioned; Dalton seconded

          1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

      2. Mower: $40.80 Check 1054

        1. Mark motioned; Dalton seconded

          1. Homer-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    3. Membership Fees: Dalton

      1. John T sent out an email to people with suggestions of changes to membership fees

        1. Example: everyone must pay at least $10/year

        2. Some people took issue with them because a lot of people who do the work of the tribe don’t need to pay more

      2. Dalton: do think there needs to be changes

        1. Examples:

          1. Charging a renewal fee for cards

          2. Paying for child cards since they are not usually done

            1. Mark: they pay $20 upfront with their application

              1. Dalton: I don’t care if they don’t pay for their first card

                1. Homer: does it cost a lot to make these cards?

                  1. Dalton: no, about $0.50-0.60 each; biggest expense is the printer, which lasts for years

            2. Rick: can see both sides; perhaps look at other organizations and see how they do it (example: masons)

              1. Dalton: difference is you weren’t born a mason

        2. Dalton: initial thought is John T’s proposals are good

          1. Examples of people who wouldn’t have to pay:

            1. 65+

            2. In tribal government 12+ years

            3. Donated $600-1000 (12 years’ worth of fees)

          2. Would change the expiration dates to 1-2 years to have a steady income

        3. Rick: Masons don’t blackball you if dues aren’t current; you just can’t participate

          1. Dalton: once your card expired or you became unreachable 3 times, you go to inactive and have 60 days to fix it, else you can’t participate, vote, etc

            1. Once you’re on the roll, you can be contacted by BIA for federal recognition

            2. Other agencies will accept associate membership for full benefits

            3. It’s important to remember that membership fees were originally about participation, not about money

          2. Rick: propose looking at other tribes that have working fee system

          3. Tabled until Chief Hatcher is available

    4. Membership Application Update (child turning 18)

      1. Jonathan Hudnall (pending membership agreement)

      2. Homer: are grandchildren members or can we give them an app?

        1. Dalton: they are already members if they are children of current core members

    5. Chief

      1. SCIAC meeting

        1. Western & Eastern band of Cherokee are trying to do away with all state recognition; SCIAC trying to preserve it

      2. CMA meeting

        1. Group recognition bill died in the House because the legislative session ended

        2. Next year: Hunting & fishing licenses for all recognized Indians & ability to use game parts on crafts

      3. How are we going to handle Associate memberships now with constitution?

        1. Dalton: we ceded power to you

      4. Chief: Who is replacing John T?

        1. Dalton: waited until you got here; constitution changes not in effect yet

      5. Chief: Membership Fees

        1. Dalton went back over earlier suggestions

        2. Chief: Rick- ideas?

          1. Rick: can see both sides; we have to have something we can take back if they don’t pay

            1. Look at other tribes’ or organizations’ working policies & go from there

        3. Chief: Homer- ideas?

          1. Homer: mixed emotions; people have to get off their butt to help

            1. Why should you get your share if you didn’t contribute?

            2. The $10/ year minimum suggestion isn’t bad

        4. Chief: Mark: ideas?

          1. Mark: need a policy to bring in fund for projects

          2. Chief: there’s nothing to stop people from donating, even if they do volunteer

            1. Just feel it’s arrogant to ask those who do volunteer to give more

          3. Susan: have to remember that some people are paid up through Waccamaw Bucks

        5. Chief: Elder Dan: ideas?

          1. Elder Dan: $10 can hurt some, but donations are great

        6. Rick: look at it like a house: have to put in money to make it a great house

        7. Susan: can complicate federal recognition

          1. Chief: how?

          2. Dalton: it could affect percentage of core to non-core

          3. Susan: can we drop people after recognition?

        8. Chief: we have some who live right here in Aynor who won’t come to a meeting or even vote

          1. Rick: what are your feelings about looking at other tribes?

            1. Chief: in some tribes, you pay, else you’re out immediately

        9. Rick: concerns on federal recognition if we got rid of deadweight?

          1. Chief: you have to meet their standards; they don’t decide who is on the roll

      6. Federal petition looked over & genealogy certified

        1. Susan: would like internet access out here; can pull up census records

          1. Michelle: we could scan each file to Drive

          2. Dalton: simplest way would be for a centralized file for all genealogy

            1. Susan: would use the computer to update the genealogy book with the newest members

          3. Susan motioned to have Chief look into DSL cost, taxes, and contract length; Dalton seconded

              1. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

              2. Chief Hatcher to check on DSL at HTC

        2. Chief suggested getting 1 file the way you want it to look for BIA & get 5-10 people to go through files

          1. Dalton motioned to create a committee to handle this process and remove the restriction on Council members serving as the Chair for this committee; Mark seconded

            1. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

            2. Susan to serve as chair

      7. Chief: would like to send a copy of the new constitution to the BIA

        1. Susan: cost of printing & mailing to eligible voters was $386

      8. Dalton: sent Lindsey S an email about the newsletter; I will do it this time

        1. Letters of Intent need to go in it; send by email to Dalton

    6. Susan

      1. Pauwau Vendor Booths (Information))

        1. Commission for the Blind

        2. Social Security Administration

        3. Veteran’s Administration

      2. Arts & Crafts

        1. Suk: need volunteers to help build

          1. Shingles: 25 sq. ft. (one-half the suk)

          2. 10 Willows, with 3”, 10ft long PVC pipe to hold them

          3. Approx. $351 for both

        2. Chief if we take PVC, put it in the ground with cement, place the willow, will it still rot?

          1. Rick: yes, around the cement

          2. Mark: place rebar in the ground so it won’t touch the ground

          3. Rick: perhaps use 4” PVC, use sealer, soak the willows

            1. Will check on different ways

          4. Chief to write out the budget to give to Brookgreen Gardens

          5. Susan: any problem cutting willows off the property?

            1. Larry: no

      3. Susan: nominated Rick Hudnall for CoC; Mark seconded

        1. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes

        2. Rick: issued a big thank you to John T for all the work he did

      4. Dalton: reminder: there are a few copies of the new constitution on the table; it’s also available by email


Mark motioned to close the meeting; Homer seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 07/6/16 at 1:00 pm.


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