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March 2009 Open Meeting Summary 03062009

May 24, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/6/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor


Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM

Council Present: Dalton, Robert, Richia, Jeanie, Scott, Iris (Homer), Susan (Wayne)


  1. February meeting minutes read and accepted as noted by votes: Dalton-yes, Robert–yes,  Richia–yes, Iris–yes, Susan–yes, Jeanie–yes, Scott–yes (passed unanimously)

  2. Old Business

    1. Craig Talbot

                                                               i.      SC Coastal Animal Rescue  (Dave Morten) possibly linking to our site

1.      Dalton motioned; Iris seconded

2.      Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Iris-yes, Susan-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed unanimously)

3.      Patriot’s Point Demo- still haven’t heard from the gentleman; will continue to inquire

4.      Ministry Expenses- chainsaw- was paid

5.      3/18 South Strand Wildlife & History Day

  1. Resolution DH-01-09-2009-001 (Rules Governing Online and Phone Votes) received its 3rd reading

    1. Richia motioned; Iris seconded

    2. Iris-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia- yes, Susan- yes, Jeanie- yes, Scott- yes (passed unanimously)

  1. Resolution J-HH-01-10-2008-009 (Membership of Non-Core Persons) received its 2nd reading

  2. Resolution J-SH-09-10-2008-001 (Service of Legal Documents) received its 3rd reading

    1. Susan motioned; Robert seconded

    2. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Susan-yes, Iris-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed unanimously)

  1. Reaffirm Online Votes

    1. Gate- yes

    2. Lawyer- yes

    3. Constitution- yes

    4. Key to gate- governing body, grounds committee

                                                               i.      Idea to number keys, charge for lost keys, keep a key log

1.      add to policy book

  1. Brian- Security and cameras- could get 5 cameras for $200, but money better spent on                          putting Donnie on grounds

    1. Iris agreed to save money at the moment

    2. To put Donnie on the grounds, dirt will need to be put on the grounds first

                                                               i.      Donations were taken from Becky & Jerry Smith, Buster Hatcher, Hank White, and Reba McCaffrey for dirt

                                                             ii.      Donnie believes he can get a trailer       

1.      Vote taken to allow him to live on grounds contingent on contract

a.       Dalton-yes, Iris-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Susan-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed unanimously)

    1. Brian also mentioned an event on 3/28: “Life on a Farm”

  1. Bank account discussed for People’s Alliance at HCSB for online donations

    1. Buster motioned; Richia and Jeanie seconded

    2. Iris abstained, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Susan-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority with one abstention)

  1. Buster- give Attorney Snow $800

    1. Susan motioned; Iris seconded

    2. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Susan-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes, Iris-yes (passed unanimously)

  1. Financial Report- Iris- $4554.45 unrestricted funds available

  2. Letters of Commitment- Jerry- 16 letters

  3. Pauwau Committee- Linda- have had one meeting; next meeting 3/10 6:30pm at Linda’s home

    1. From the gathering- Curt and Gary will come back for the Pauwau to relieve the drummers and only require gas money

    2. 4/18 Community Yard Sale- $10 for a 10ft space

    3. 4/18 Bake Sale; Chicken Bog/ BBQ would be nice too

  1. School Day- Susan- 11/5-6 with the same setup as last year

    1. Pictures of ’08 on her myspace page

  1. Linda- Art Certificates: Becky Smith, Iris Ewing, Neal Richard, Brian Evans, Patricia     Brinson

  2. Grants Committee- Michelle- SCAC grant nearly complete; deadline is 3/15. Those who have information due to her need to get it to her no later than Wednesday

  3. Building & Grounds- Neal- ideas to get everyone involved

    1. Larger tribal office

    2. Nature trail with flowers native to the area

    3. Sign

    4. Will take the Chairperson position


Meeting closed at 9:29 PM


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 3/6/09 at 11:25 PM.



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