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March 2016 Open Meeting Summary 03042016

August 7, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 03/04/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Mark, Rick, Homer, Robert, and CoC John present. Susan arrived later in the meeting.

  2. Prior to each open meeting, there will be an open forum period for members to speak for up to 3 minutes to facilitate better communication between Council and members

    1. Members are encouraged to provide solutions to problems

    2. Council will go over comments during the meeting if possible, by email or during the next meeting if not

  3. February minutes read

    1. Mark motioned to accept; Homer seconded

    2. Rick-abstain, Dalton-yes, Mark-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, John-yes

  4. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $9995.36

    2. Building Fund: $3420.24

  5. Old Business

    1. Cemetery encroachment: trying to talk to new owners of land

      1. Cheryl talked to Hilda; in 1987, 2 acres of land was donated to the church; surveyor paid to mark off the 2 acres, but James wouldn’t sign off & map not registered. The markers got moved & put up, so it’s possible James is right. Get in touch with the family, decide on 2 acres, mark it off, & everyone sign off on map

    2. Policy letters:

      1. Use of tribal logo: last looked at in Aug 2014

      2. Camping on the grounds: stay up to 2 weeks

        1. No charge for camping while coming to do tribal work

        2. No tent camping fees

      3. Use of the tribal office: $50 ($25 deposit, $25 rental)

        1. Mark: cleaning fee should go to the person having to clean it

      4. Use of the tribal grounds: $100 ($50 deposit, $50 rental)

        1. Dan: will need to post an hours sign

        2. Dalton: do it as $200 in 2 hour increments

      5. Spousal membership- tabled

      6. Membership files: tabled

    3. Genealogy protocols

      1. What goes in file: application, genealogy chart, membership agreement (if applicable), all pertinent documents

  6. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Rick

        1. Roof & driveway worked on

          1. Needs another coat; still leaking

        2. Stockpiling dirt

        3. Need to work on small lawnmower; get price

          1. Rick motioned to let Donnie take the tractor in for evaluation for repairs at Rabon’s; Dalton seconded

            1. Dalton-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes

        4. Mark: please remove leaf piles at cemetery

        5. John: cemetery fund: $411.20

      2. Arts & Crafts

        1. Susan: John Abrams’ certification needs to be signed by Phil

        2. 3/23 UNC Rock Hill Native Studies; still have empty wall space

        3. Classes: going to set up schedule; will be a charge to cover materials

          1. Mark: gourds out in building

          2. John: can you videotape classes?

            1. Susan: yes, but charge for tapes

        4. Chief Hatcher: game parts bill to be introduced for all game parts

          1. If you are certified and want to use game parts, let Susan know; compiling list

      3. Grants

        1. SCAC: looking for updated biographies from our artists

        2. Accommodations Tax: $16k; have to give 2 presentations to committee

        3. Chief Hatcher: think the prison program should be a statewide program with John Abrams in charge

          1. John A: Chaplain of Prisons will come to CMA meetings

      4. Pauwau

        1. Contracts received back

        2. Next meeting 3/9

        3. Would like at least one Elder there each month

        4. Need to decide on program book cover theme; send us suggestions

        5. Chief Hatcher: be particular with vendors you invite

        6. We will have exclusive use of the park this year

        7. Elder Doug: Pee Dee Pauwau April 2 in McColl

      5. Constitution

        1. Revamped constitution given to Council; will email newest constitution to Council

        2. No Constitution committee meeting in April

    2. Drum: played at Loris Middle Multicultural Arts Festival

    3. Membership apps & Fees

      1. Process developed by Iris

      2. John: see a logistics problem if the files have to be sent to Scott

      3. Log files when received

        1. Dalton: send copies to genealogists

        2. Chief Hatcher: should only have to check book for missing names

        3. Susan: check file for missing items; send back if not complete with a standard form stating what’s missing

        4. John: would like to see tracking numbers (receipts) for files

      4. Jeania: received 2 incomplete files from Johnnie

      5. Membership fees (Jeania’s proposals)

        1. John will work with Jeania, Dalton, Michelle

        2. Jeania: think there should be an annual due date

    4. Inactive Status

      1. Dalton motioned to remove the following due to lack of responsibility & membership dues; Homer seconded

        1. Karen Jacobs

        2. Phillip Davis

        3. Kayla Davis

      2. John A: leave them on roll to maintain quantum for recognition

        1. Homer: has to be some personal responsibility

        2. John A: tribe should be treated as a family, not a group or club

        3. Chief Hatcher: Jeania should have the % with her each month

    5. Receipts

      1. $82.07 check 678 to John Turner for Family Day

    6. Chief

      1. SCIAC &  NAAC meeting today

        1. Introduced 356 (former s611)

        2. Proposal to designate commissioner as native

        3. Bill for free hunting & fishing

        4. Bill for all game parts

Mark motioned to close the meeting; Susan seconded.

Meeting adjourned 7:58 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 04/01/16 at 5:49 am.


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