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May 2010 Open Meeting Summary 05072010

June 5, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 5/7/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Opened at 6:32 with CoC Scott, and CM’s Dalton, Homer, Robert, Neal, and Richia present.

  2. Elder Doug was thanked for bringing drinks

  3. April minutes read

    1. Further discussion of amendment to SB-09-12-2008-001 requested by Richia

      1. Tabled for now; living document can be changed

    2. Dalton motioned to accept the minutes; Homer seconded

    3. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority; 6 yes: 0 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

  4. Financial Report: Iris

    1. $7512.50 in bank

      1. Does not include this month’s bills or Donnie’s tractor bills

  5. Resolution RP-03-03-2010-001: Amendment to Change Article IV Paragraph 2 Subparagraph 2 of the Waccamaw Constitution as Ratified in October 2008 received its 3rd reading

    1. Homer asked for clarification

    2. Bernie: be prepared for challenge

      1. Dalton read 4a from April minutes

      2. Bernie suggested researching other tribes’ criteria

    3. Richia motioned to change it to “majority requiring 4 yes votes”

      1. Dalton seconded

      2. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-no, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 5 yes: 1 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

  6. Committee Reports

    1. Grants: Michelle

      1. Nothing new to report

    2. Building & Grounds: Neal

      1. 2 work days

        1. Cable along road

          1. Bernie: has to be marked- signs or markers

        2. 28 Azaleas should bloom around spring

        3. Wayne and Billy Joe Hellem provided material & labor

          1. Made deck and ramp for Donnie for free

        4. Vines for dreamcatchers on the grounds

        5. Dead tree on grounds taken down

        6. Tree stump- can it be cut down?

        7. Old truck- scrap metal?

          1. Depends on who has title rights

        8. Crape Myrtles offered to us

        9. Want grounds to look good; 200 azaleas

        10. Nature trail- if people use it- bird houses, benches, walkway

      2. Richia: Donnie needs agitator for his washer, a dryer

        1. Neal: Donnie needs things to keep in stock here: grease gun, grease, oil; he needs underpinning, approval for lawnmower belts, tractor blades

          1. Robert says man was paid already to do underpinning

          2. Neal to check prices at Goodwill and Repair stores

          3. Homer: rails needs to be finished

      3. New door on inside

      4. Scott: Get a list together of inside and outside chores to be done

      5. Clay Talbot, Wayne, Billy Joe, Scott, Neal, Brian, Donnie for Work Days

      6. Agri-South for blades

    3. Arts & Crafts: Iris

      1. Had a meeting

      2. Susan will set time for feathers and will still do veteran feathers

      3. Distribution list discussed

      4. Traditional and non-traditional debated

      5. Should be no more back-up after tonight- last 3 certifications should make it current

      6. Mr. Moore was mailed his certification

      7. Linda presented Richia her artist certification & Bernie took pictures

      8. Mr. Barber reminded people of the Brigman-Hatcher reunion on June 13

    4. PauWau: Linda

      1. Had a good PW meeting

      2. Susan created Waccamaw Bucks to use as food coupons and flyers to be put out

      3. Next meeting 5/12 at Shoney’s

      4. Agrees with Richia that the Resolution about voting memberships needs to be looked at more

      5. PW Guidelines read

        1. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

        2. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 6 yes: 0 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

  7. Online Votes

    1. Admin Manual

    2. Plants

  8. Membership Files

    1. Bobbie JC Torres

      1. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 6yes: 0 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

    2. Malia Courtney-Ann Atkinson

      1. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 6yes: 0 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

  9. Scott for Chief Hatcher

    1. Federal Recognition

      1. Not seen bill yet; Congressman was called overseas. Staffer to do it.

      2. Will probably be best to go back to DC

    2. Tuscarora PW- next weekend- 5/14

  10. Linda requested money for printer ink

    1. $70 (color and black)

    2. Richia motioned; Dalton seconded

      1. Dalton-yes, Richia-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 6yes: 0 no: 0 abstain: 1 absent)

  11. PW book

    1. Richia: approval needs to be done by Council

      1. Standards need to be higher

    2. Doug

      1. Wants to show a PW book from another tribe

      2. Says to remove politics from our book

      3. Put Malia on Waccamaw bucks


Homer motioned for the meeting to end; Neal seconded.


Meeting adjourned 9:23 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 5/10/10 at 2:04pm.

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