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October 2014 Open Meeting Summary 10032014

July 24, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/3/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Rick, Dalton, and Scott present. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for Susan.

  2. Sept Minutes read

    1. Rick motioned to accept; John seconded

    2. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott- abstain

  3. Financial Report: not available due to pc/ password problems

  4. Online Votes

    1. 9/10 Use previous elections’ ballot format

      1. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

    2. 9/17 Accept Neal Richard’s resignation as A&C Chair

      1. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  5. Old Business

    1. Tribal Logo & Trademark Status

      1. 2nd Chief Iris: Susan says it’s still being worked on

  6. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Arts & Crafts

        1. Meeting here 10/5 @ 2pm to elect new chairperson

        2. Looking for a place to sell in MS

          1. Personal sales- not fundraising

        3. Neal found a museum in MB

      2. Grants: Michelle

        1. Starting to look at endowment funds

      3. Building & Grounds: John

        1. Thank you to volunteers

        2. Work day 9/22 on RV spots

        3. Work Day 10/4 on RV spots- inspection upcoming; cleanup

        4. Roof cool sealed x4; old office coated

        5. Selling pond scrap metal to pay for chemicals to treat the pond

        6. Old office on hold until after Pauwau

        7. Cemetery fund: $370.02

          1. Wayne T taking care of all cemeteries

          2. Still looking for donations to keep minimum balance of $350

        8. Propose additional work day- 3rd Sat. of month- for cemetery upkeep; will coincide with Council work day

        9. People aren’t thanked enough; presented Rick with a necklace

        10. Rick: Is there a flood zone on the circle?           

          1. John: majority of property is in flood zone

          2. Rick: What is the tribe’s liability on personal property bought for tribal business?

            1. If it broke, does the tribe fix it?

            2. 2nd Chief Iris: It depends on how it broke & what it was

            3. John: We’re not to code at the circle

            4. 2nd Chief Iris: we’ve brought loads of dirt in

      4. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

        1. Vendors: 10 now

        2. Payouts for Pauwau in advance in case of rain

          1. Insurance, pest control, drum, dance raffle, Head man/ lady. Demonstrators, hay, hotel, program books, dumpsters, port-o-potties

          2. Scott: bank account frozen until after Pauwau

        3. Chief Anthony Davidson- RV Spot, cooking for volunteers

        4. Chief Locklear- RV spot

        5. Doug: What is the amps on vendor spots?

          1. Scott/ Chery: same as last year; 15

        6. Dance Raffle: 10/8 draws Sat/ Sun respectively; $300 last draw both days

        7. Setup: GoldenEagle to help; 10/29 9am

        8. Need hardwood for fire

        9. Need volunteers

        10. John: Research on cooking- permit required?

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: already negotiated between Chief Hatcher & DHEC

          2. Mark’s friend can cook

            1. 2nd Chief Iris: Waccamaw Warriors are not an official tribal entity; pay for their spot

              1. Then donate or keep their funds

              2. John: tribe is getting the money; you want the Pauwau committee to look good

              3. 2nd Chief Iris: If he donates all the money, he gets a free spot. Donate just a % to an outside entity, pay for a spot, donate to warriors, pay the fee. If warriors are going to donate, that’s fine.

              4. John: If he donates to the tribe to the building fund

              5. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Warriors doing fundraiser for B&G with no fee

              6. John: Can we sell peanuts & popcorn?

                1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: yes

                2. 2nd Chief Iris: Native American food

                  1. Mark: frybread

        11. John: T-shirts: are we doing them or not? (because he can)

          1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: you’re bringing up committee items during a Tribal Council meeting

        12. Billboards were paid for by the Hog Heaven fundraiser

        13. Dalton motioned to freeze the bank account with exception of regular monthly bills until after the Pauwau; Scott seconded

          1. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

        14. Homer: Who’s going to be Firekeeper?

          1. Scott: Earl, Robert, John C

        15. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Amy Dixon is looking to book rooms; wants to sell ads in newsletter

      5. Sewer Pump Project: Mark

        1. Waiting on money

      6. Drum: Rick

        1. Nothing new

      7. Constitution: Dalton

        1. Dalton was elected chair

        2. We decided to have quarterly face-to-face meetings & do the rest online

        3. Meeting 10/22 at Ryan’s @ 6pm; open to all

        4. Want to be completely done by end of 2015

    2. Resolution: DH-08-01-2014-001: Waccamaw Bucks Changes

      1. Dalton: withdrawing it

      2. Seriously considering making Waccamaw Bucks go away altogether

      3. Will let Scott handle rewriting volunteer work for free gate passes

    3. Fuel Receipts: $65.25 Check 611

      1. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

    4. Tractor: $40 Check 612

      1. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

    5. 2nd Chief Iris

      1. Retiring 12/31/2014

        1. Asking Council permission to mentor Jeania and turn the database over to her upon retirement

        2. Database built by Iris personally

        3. Dalton: It can be recreated from ASCII file

          1. Motioned to accept Jeania as the new filekeeper

            1. Rick: does she want it?

              1. Jeania: yes

            2. John: does her running for Council affect it?

              1. 2nd Chief Iris: you have to approve her because of privacy

            3. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

          2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Is there anything she needs to sign because of privacy?

            1. 2nd Chief Iris: think it’s a good idea; not done before because it was mine.

              1. 2nd Chief Cheryl to write the policy

    6. Length of Stay on the Grounds

      1. Permission for Mark to move his RV to spot for 1 month

        1. No problem with 2 week storage: John; Dalton

        2. John: motion to waive RV policy for duration of work through Pauwau

          1. John-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-abstain

    7. Rick: Special Needs Fun Day

      1. Work with Horry County Disabilities

        1. Bring children out for games, horseback rides

        2. Waccamaw Warriors to adopt a child for a day

        3. John, Rick going; let him know if you can too

    8. John: think there needs to be a fundraising committee to gather ideas; more than one Pauwau a day

      1. Upcoming election: where are they stored/ who has access?

        1. Michelle: My house; me. Can put things in, cannot take things out without breaking the box

      2. Meetings- members’ meeting?

        1. Michelle: Council, open to the members

          1. John: an annual members’ meeting?

            1. 2nd Chief Iris: Articles of Incorporated- 1 per month

              1. Members are allowed input

      3. Solstice: 6-8 people (according to Donnie)?

    9. Dan: why can’t the demonstrators get their own room?

      1. Michelle: If we didn’t pay for the room, the asking price would be dramatically higher than the cost of the room

      2. Rick: do we shop around? (it always seems to be the same people)

        1. 2nd Chief Iris: best price; some give money back

    10. Charles Hughes: come to pauwaus; meetings twice a year, would like to turn in my application

      1. 2nd Chief Iris: you can turn it in now; however the roll book is closed

    11. Donnie: ants  still here; need to treat again

      1. Frank: Why is a commercial man treating vs a tribal man?

        1. 2nd Chief Iris/ Scott: there were lower bids

        2. Frank: If we weren’t going to give consideration to Wayne, we should pay him for all his volunteer hours

        3. 2nd Chief Iris: as members of a legislative body, we said we’d look after all members; not just 1. Bids= tribal public’s money

        4. Frank: giving my views; not to be challenged by CM’s

        5. 2nd Chief Iris: he’s always given 1st choice; his work is good. We signed a commitment to represent all equally & fairly

        6. Rick: do we have to take the lowest bid? Look at history of the company, references

          1. Mark: agree with Rick; with that price, probably only coming once

        7. Hank: always amiable with 2nd Chief Iris for 20 years

        8. Rick: revisit: revisit vendor fees/ donations next month

        9. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Pesticides should be part of B&G, not Pauwau

          1. 2nd Chief Iris: Wayne had a contract to keep grounds up

            1. Donnie: he didn’t get paid one year

        10. Scott: Council is in charge of everything internal

          1. People get a say at meetings instead of whispers in groups or outside our meetings



John motioned to close the meeting; Dalton seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 11/24/14 at 3:15 am.









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