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September 2013 Open Meeting Summary 09062013

July 12, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/6/2013 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CoC Scott and CM’s Dalton, Homer, and John present.

  2. CoC Scott: A podium has been added to the room for questions and comments.

  3. August minutes read

    1. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

    2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  4. Financial Report: Alan

    1. General Fund: deposits: $3033.75, debits: $390.18, balance: $5219.79

      1. $2000 of deposits earmarked for dance raffle

    2. Building Fund: deposits: $830.00, debits: $255.00, balance: $1985.85

  5. Online Votes

    1. 8/10 Transfer money from TD Bank to General Fund to cover dance raffle

      1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  6. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Grants: Michelle

        1. Waiting to hear from Lowe’s Education Grant

      2. Buildings & Grounds: John T

        1. Planting, Work Day 9/7 at 7am

        2. John T: is there electricity in the other trailer or how much would it cost?

          1. Answer: none at the moment; cost would be $200-250 per month

        3. John T: do you mind if I paint it?           

          1. Answer: no

        4. John T: and underpin it or how much it would cost?

          1. Darlene: cost about $1100 to do hers

        5. John T: would be nice if we could find someone to paint a mural on it

      3. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Need Council to confirm 2nd Chief Cheryl as a voting member

          1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

        2. Meeting 9/11 at Shoney’s in Conway at 6:30pm

        3. Asking members for donations of water, paper products

    2. Aynor Hoe Down: Scott

      1. Sept 21 with 12x12 spot costs $60 and would allow us to tell people about the pauwau and Natives

        1. Joey W and Wayne T donated money to pay for table

        2. John T to help with Hoe Down

      2. Oct 19 is Aynor’s 100 Anniversary Festival and would be free

    3. Policy Letters

      1. Associate/ Honorary/ Spousal Membership

        1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

        2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      2. Reviewing Files

        1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

        2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      3. Family Day & Other Events

        1. John motioned; Dalton seconded

        2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      4. Making Loans

        1. John motioned; Homer seconded

        2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      5. Members Files

        1. Would remove spouse/ children

        2. Tabled for Constitution Change

      6. Spousal Membership

        1. Should say ‘reapply’ in last sentence

          1. Chief Hatcher: not sure why they’d have to reapply

        2. Tabled for now

      7. Use of the Tribal Grounds

        1. Should say ‘injury’ not injure

        2. Chief Hatcher: make it a deposit & give it back if they clean up

          1. Alan mentioned costs (Water, electric, etc…)

          2. Chief Hatcher: doesn’t include office, just the grounds

          3. Dalton: make it a deposit for members, fee for nonmembers

        3. John questioned legality of the harmless clause

        4. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

        5. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      8. Use of the Tribal Office

        1. Chief Hatcher: don’t think anyone should use office w/o a member of government here because of files

        2. Dalton: remove specificity in ‘bring your own products’

        3. Change to ‘bring products you will need’

        4. Darlene: costs seem backwards- office is worth more, should at least be equal

        5. Dalton: $75 deposit ($25 returned, $25 for utilities, $25 for official who stays to watch files); $150 for nonmembers

        6. Chief Hatcher: think you could also say ‘no use of the office’

          1. Dalton: could do members only

        7. Tabled for now

      9. Money for Flowers

        1. Dalton: no problem with first part; remove part allowing people to ask for donations (doesn’t need to be there)

        2. John motioned; Homer seconded

        3. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      10. Camping on the Tribal Grounds (Excluding Pauwau)

        1. Dalton: change donation to fee

          1. Also add it to list of Waccamaw Bucks items

        2. No alcohol or illegal drugs

        3. Added: except medicinal?

        4. Rick H: if it’s hot outside, who’s policing them turning AC on?

        5. Tabled for now

        6. Also separate campers from RV’s

      11. Membership Fees

        1. Add fee to last sentence

        2. Chief Hatcher: don’t think it’s tax-deductible because it’s a fee

          1. Make them responsible for notifying us

          2. John A: reading from fundraisers.org, think it is

            1. Chief Hatcher: kids go to school; we can sell arts as native crafts

            2. John T: should tax-deductible be in there?

              1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: should be in there for transparency

              2. John A: it’s incentive for people who may otherwise not pay

          3. Dalton: change it to ‘if paid before 8/1, it’s $50

            1. “The member has the option to prepay a year. If they choose to do so and they pay before August 1, their fee will be $50. 2013 fees can be paid any time prior to Aug 1, 2014 and receive the $50 rate”

          4. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

            1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      12. Use of the Tribal Logo

        1. Dalton: change ‘used’ to ‘made’

          1. John A: wouldn’t go with a timeframe; be glad someone’s putting name out there

            1. Make stipulations about changing logo and what-not

            2. 2nd Chief Phil: wouldn’t go with $1

              1.  Go off what they sell- 2-5%

          2. Chief Hatcher: not sure how you’ll manage it

            1. Just because someone says they get 100 items, they could get 200

          3. John T: why wasn’t there any discussion over last couple months on this?

            1. Michelle: Susan sent emails to Council asking for input

          4. Dalton: John A’s asking for it to be low enough for people to make a profit

            1. Darlene: could have t-shirts made & here in 2 weeks

              1. Dalton: Aug 1 was cutoff for Pauwau 2013

                1. Committee works hard all year and has told everyone for months that there was cutoff

                2. They shouldn’t have to come up with someone to do this job too

              2. Darlene: what if I buy the shirts, tribe pays for the booth, & tribe gets the money?

                1. We’d discuss at Wed’s meeting; everyone’s welcome

                2. Johnnie F: willing to pick up & deliver the shirts

              3. Scott: looking for policy; not profit & loss

              4. Change part about changes to logo

            2. Dalton: 2-5%?

        2. Last sentence should read: “It can only be used with consent of tribal council.”

        3. Tabled for now

    4. 2nd Chief Cheryl

      1. Presented forms to modify for our use

        1. Membership Fee Discount

          1. Area of Concern: asks people to disclose other assistance

          2. Dalton: why does it just ask for 1 program (Program Participation section)

            1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: no need to qualify further

        2. Volunteer Service Hours Log

          1. Turned in by the member & returned to Council

          2. John T: who keeps up with the log?

            1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: each member is responsible

          3. 2nd Chief Cheryl: could be modified for line-by-line signatures by Chairperson/ supervisor

            1. Dalton: at bottom, let member & person it gets turned into sign there

    5. Elder Doug

      1. Firekeeper: consider training John or another person?

        1. John C is certified and Rick H would like to train

    6. Donnie’s fuel receipts

      1. Fuel: $78.61 Check 1525

        1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

    7. Chief Hatcher

      1. Ms. Carolyn: ½ acre land to donate

        1. Need to help her empty sheds

        2. Think Susan wanted pots/ pans, Washer/ Dryer out for tribe

        3. Ms. Carolyn will call Susan to set date

      2. Online votes: right now, they are for emergencies and time-sensitive things

        1. Think that has to change- you have to be able to work

      3. Res. J-HH-09-06-2013-002: Appointment of Elders

        1. Would make Charles Creech an Elder

        2. Need to spell Creech correctly on form

        3. Dalton motioned to accept with spelling change; Homer seconded

        4. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      4. Res. J-HH-09-06-2013-001: Exemption of Membership Fees for Anyone Serving in the Tribal Government

        1. Homer: add Firekeeper to list?

          1. Chief Hatcher: no problem with that

        2. Dalton motioned to accept with change; Scott seconded

        3. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      5. Waccamaw Bucks

        1. Add camp fees to list

        2. Added names to list based off 2012 Volunteer Sheet

          1. List given to Chief Hatcher by Michelle

        3. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

        4. Homer-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      6. Smudging

        1. Need someone to do it if we plan to do it

        2. Should we do it?

          1. Most everyone in room: yes

        3. Scott: being smudges is a choice

        4. Darlene: would need to clear room quick for those who can’t breathe well

          1. Scott: smudge room, open windows to allow it to cover office

      7. Drum donated by Rick H

        1. Want everyone to sign it

    8. John C’s Statement

      1. “Filled with honor; humbled to be here. Apologize for family’s past transgressions. Can’t express feelings to be here; thank-you for letting me be here. Rethought my life over last few years”

      2. Chief Hatcher: we want the building to be smudged each month & during pauwau

        1. John C agreed to do it

        2. John C also agreed to train apprentices


Dalton motioned to close the meeting; Homer seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/19/13 at 2:35 pm.




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