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September 2014 Open Meeting Summary 09052014

July 22, 2016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/5/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s Homer, Dalton, Susan, John, Robert, and Rick present. Dalton chaired the meeting for CoC Scott. 2nd Chief Phil served as proxy for CoC Scott

  2. August Minutes read

    1. Rick motioned to accept; Homer seconded

    2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  3. Financial Report: Alan

    1. General Fund

      1. Deposits: $1355.60  Debits: $2554.39   Balance: $11,645.86

    2. Building Fund

      1. Deposits: $65.00 Debits: $0.00 Balance: $1665.00

    3. John T: some members would like line-by-line deduction list

      1. Michelle: all checks written show up in minutes

      2. Chief Hatcher give password for bank accounts to John T

      3. Alan F: B&G items should come from the building fund

  4. Old Business

    1. Spousal Membership Application

      1. Larry Jernigan

        1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

    2. Tribal logo and trademark

      1. Susan: still working on

    3. Work Day items from 8/16

      1. Robert is staying on Council as well as Firekeeper

      2. Council to pre-read minutes before meeting

        1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

      3. Committees: stick to topic of report; more items can be added at end of meeting for discussion

      4. Agenda: shared with CoC, Dalton, Chief Hatcher, Susan in Drive

        1. Others can get it as well, just ask

        2. John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      5. Meetings are for Council business; Council controls the meeting

        1. John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

      6. Old Business List

        1. Move resolutions to Drive; pay Michelle $100 to set up account and scan items

          1. Chief Hatcher: $100 isn’t enough; pay by sheet

          2. Johnnie F: not easy job; tedious; be considerate of time

          3. 2nd Chief Phil: as state employee, what is a fair price?

            1. Johnnie: unsure now

          4. John T: keep track of time spent doing it & pay at end

            1. 2nd Chief Phil: come up with a minimum wage

              1. Chief Hatcher: $10/hour

              2. 2nd Chief Phil motioned $10/hr instead of flat rate

              3. Keep track of time; pay at end

              4. Rick H: put a cap on it

              5. John T motioned $10/hr for 2 days with a max of $160

                1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-abstain, Phil (Scott)-yes

      7. Alternator: Pay Rabon’s

        1. Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

      8. Purchase Cool Seal: $795.15

        1. Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

      9. Policy Letter Changes: Susan

        1. Camping on the Grounds: max 2 weeks, leave a week, return

          1. Susan: leave time is based on other camping forms

            1. If someone stays too long at once, you may have to evict them

            2. Rick H: 7 day leave is too long

            3. John-no, Homer-no, Susan-yes, Robert-no, Rick-no

            4. Chief Hatcher: what if leave time was changed to 24hours?

              1. John T: losing out on money if they are gone a week

              2. 2nd Chief Cheryl: compromise to 3 days

              3. John T: is it law?

              4. Rick motioned to change leave time to 24 hours

              5. John T: do they have to move camper out?

                1. Rick: some grounds just ask you to change spots

                2. Johnnie F: state park rules- beyond 2 week stay, Homestead Act kicks in; have to move all your belongings

              6. John T motioned a 2 week stay, out for 24 hours

              7. Susan motioned to stay 1 week, out 3 days, return for 1 week

              8. Mark A: members’ grounds; suggest stay for 2 weeks, out for 24hours

              9. Dalton motioned; Susan seconded to change leave time to 24 hours

                1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

        2. Camping on Grounds: change to no non-prescription drugs allowed

          1. Dalton motioned; Susan seconded

          2. John T: what about people who use prescription drugs for recreational use?

            1. Chief Hatcher: no control over

            2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

        3. Use of tribal logo: no member is allowed direct control of the logo 

          1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

  5. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Arts & Crafts: Susan (from Neal)

        1. Certifications to Phil W, Darlene W, Rick

        2. Next meeting: Sunday after Oct. tribal meeting

      2. Grants: Michelle

        1. Looking at Housing Repair grants

      3. Buildings & Grounds: John T

        1. Thank you’s to volunteers

        2. Working on vendor/ RV spots

        3. Roof patched: needs 1-2 more coats of cool seal

        4. All blinds, windows, kitchen cleaned

        5. Storage shed inventoried by Lori O

        6. Need to reseat boards in ceiling

        7. Kitchen floor/ countertops to be improved through donations

          1. Stain window seals, change windows

        8. Need gutters to drain water off walls; cost approx. $371

        9. Office trailer: still looking at doing something with it; start with walls

        10. Eventually laminate office floor through donations

        11. $474.90 in receipts for items tribe needed; would like reimbursement

        12. RV spots: budgeted $1000+ $500 donation

          1. Cost approx. $600

            1. For power: $173/ seat optimum (15, 30, 50 amp)

              1. Think 3 for now; add more later

              2. $525 with wiring

              3. Chief Hatcher: approve money now so it can be done before Pauwau

        13. Dalton: first on receipts

          1. Rick motioned; Robert seconded

            1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

          2. Dalton: pay for electrical changes: $1300

            1. 2nd Chief Phil motioned; Robert seconded

              1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

          3. Susan: take receipts out of general fund; electrical changes to be taken from building fund; Robert seconded

            1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

            2. Receipts: $474.90 Check 605 general fund

            3. Electrical Changes: $1300 Check 1042 building fund

        14. Cemetery Fund: $450.01

          1. Wayne T: need weed killer- $152; $75 covered by Wayne

            1. $77 from cemetery fund

        15. Fence down from around pond; Wayne T wants posts & scrap wire in exchange for chemicals

        16. Work Day 9/6

      4. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

        1. Last meeting 8/13

        2. Billboards ready

        3. Vendor applications went out 9/1

        4. Raffles: 50/50, beaded purse, craft

          1. Johnnie F: will donate 2 pound cakes

        5. Program Book complete & ready for Council approval

          1. Cover done by Lindsey S

        6. Ads: $1450

        7. Camping during Pauwau, with Policy Letter changes, do we need to make changes to our form?

          1. Susan: Policy Letter isn’t for Pauwau time

        8. Funds: in-kind contributions- Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Costco, Food Lion

        9. Eliminating Genealogy booth this year since the roll book is closed

          1. Mark: what about people who need to sign the roll book?

            1. Michelle different booth

            2. Cheryl: Iris will have the roll book

        10. Volunteers: certificates for 8 hours or more; less than that, you receive a letter

        11. Meeting prior to Pauwau for heads of each section for better communication

        12. River Talk: Susan

        13. Cecil Chandler: Cheryl & Ronnie to be on Carolina Co Live

        14. Website updated

        15. PoP ordered and hotels arranged

        16. Food: volunteers to cook

        17. See Cheryl to volunteer

      5. Sewer pump project: letter sent out

      6. Drum: Rick: meeting 9/6

        1. Have CD now

          1. Do we need to swap them out or can we make copies?

            1. Susan: not sure

        2. Edisto will help us learn

        3. 2nd Chief Phil: ask permission to sit with them & learn

      7. Constitution: Dalton

        1. Dalton motioned to remove tribal Council restrictions from this committee; Homer seconded

        2. Mark: why does it have to be all Council members?

          1. Dalton: it doesn’t

        3. Voting members: Dalton, Susan, Cheryl, John, Scott, Mark, Michelle

          1. Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

            1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

    2. Resolution: DH-08-01-2014-001: Waccamaw Bucks Changes: 2nd Reading

      1. John T: can non-members get Waccamaw Bucks & use it for application fee?

        1. Susan: no

      2. Chief Hatcher: cost money for ID cards, newsletters, stamps

      3. Rick H: they only get a chance to gamble ($500 raffle)

      4. John T: Wayne would have made $60 donation, but didn’t because of gate fees

        1. Chief Hatcher: Waccamaw Bucks as a requirement for donation makes it no longer a donation

      5. Rick H: seems like we’re more interested in making money off people in the tribe

        1. Chief Hatcher: old days, he bought all paper, ink, stamps, etc… it adds up

      6. Chief Hatcher: okay with adding a gate pass & doing away with the two free ones

        1. Susan: people work that you may never see

        2. Susan: they pay for people’s membership fees & new ID cards

          1. We don’t have a renewal fee on ID cards

      7. Mark A: penalizes people who can’t come out & work

      8. Chief Hatcher: membership comes with privileges

    3. Receipts

      1. Donnie: lawn mower: $70.47 Check 606

      2. Fuel: $74.36 Check 607

      3. Homer motioned; Rick seconded to pay both

        1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

    4. John T: Pauwau: T-shirts- cost $2.50 each to make

  6. 2nd Chiefs

    1. Cheryl: Life Recovery with sweat lodge in vicinity

  7. Pauwau: need display dimensions

  8. Chief Hatcher introduced Ed Johnson (former Council member) and Chief Lewis (FL)

  9. Chief Lewis

    1. Seminoles are Waccamaw; escaped slavery

    2. Have family in High Hill, Mt Olive, Holly Hill cemeteries

    3. Will volunteer just because we’re family

    4. Bring tribes together to help prevent diabetes, help become a self-sustaining entity

    5. More people means stronger tribe

    6. Veterans Program: Dori A looking into

    7. In court since 1974 over Disney being on their land

    8. Want to form unity between Chiefs, create food growth system

    9. Want to establish bank, hospital, electrical grid

      1. Money is easy; coming together is more difficult

  10. Chief Hatcher: wrapped up 30-day item on project; timeline sent to Council

  11. Sheila H: Ride to Reverse Diabetes with Dennis Banks: 9/23-24

    1. 9/20: Gathering of all religions in DC with People of the Earth

    2. 9/25: Petersburg Prison Pauwau: requires form

  12. Pauwau: Program Book approval: 2nd Chief Phil motioned; Homer seconded

    1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-no, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Phil (Scott)-yes

  13. Homer: Will Cemetery fund include both cemeteries?

    1. Wayne T: yes

  14. Homer: Will program books be sold at the gate?

    1. Cheryl: think they should be; discuss at meeting

    2. Mark A: at drink booth too

    3. Michelle: money must be kept separately for accounting

  15. John T: solstice 9/21

  16. Rick: formation of Waccamaw Warriors

    1. Open to members

    2. Temp. Chair: Rick, John T, Mark A; election in 2015

    3. Make additions to grounds, fund raisers, education

    4. John T: provide encouragement for more people to become active

    5. Rick: networking with other tribes

  17. John T apologized for sounding short in emails



Homer motioned to close the meeting; Susan seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/28/14 at 4:15 pm.

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