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April 2009 Open Meeting Summary 04032009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/3/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

1. Unofficial minutes read

a. Changes made

i. Attorney Snow given $1000

ii. Neal Richard also donated towards dirt

b. Motion to accept minutes with changes made by Robert; Second by Dalton

c. Jeanie-yes, Dalton- yes, Robert- yes, Homer- yes, Wayne- yes, Susan (Scott)- yes (passed unanimously)

2. Old Business

a. Brian and security

i. Donnie will price more cameras this week

b. Dirt- 7 loads were done for $500

c. Bank account- Elder Jerry Smith said our ID number was still in use

3. New Business

a. Resolution J-HH-01-10-2008-009 (Membership of Non-Core Persons) received its 3rd reading

i. Dalton motioned; Robert seconded

ii. Jeanie-yes, Robert- yes, Homer- yes, Wayne-yes, Susan (Scott)- yes, Dalton- yes (1 absent)

b. Reaffirm Online Votes

i. Camper on grounds- yes

ii. ASAP Please- yes

c. Please send all emails for CM Richia Powell to both work and home email addresses

d. Executive Session in March

i. Confirm $500 for dirt- 7 loads for Donnie

e. Financial Report

i. $4624.02 including the price of the dirt ($5124.02 without)

ii. Elder Jerry Smith: Feb- 16 Letters- $1335; March $1285

iii. Ronnie Floyd will bring in $100 donation from an art event

f. Keys- Elder Jerry Smith is ready to stamp them

g. On 3/18, Ronnie Floyd, 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher, Pat Hallman & family, & Others were at Huntington Beach State Park

i. The Park sent a form letter thanking us for our participation

h. Census 2010 is coming up

i. Get out in the community and let people know about it

ii. Should be a place to put your tribal affiliation on it, not just that you are Native American

i. Committee Reports

i. Building & Grounds (Neal Richard)

1. Trash has been hauled, fence has been fixed

2. Next project is getting Donnie situated, weed-eating, getting gas for mowing (possibly a running charge account (under $50 per month))

3. Ronnie will help with trees (Birch primarily, since they grow fast) if there is a landscape plan

ii. Arts

iii. PauWau

1. No response on drum

2. GoldenHawk (flutist) may demo for a free vendor slot

iv. Grants

1. SCAC grant went out on time and is available as a download for Council

2. Literary grant recently brought to my attention that requires a writer from outside the state

a. Was given the name and number of a writer in Texas who may help us

j. Events

i. 4/18 Yard Sale 7:30am; 9-2

1. 3 newspaper advertisements

2. $10 for 10ft; $20 for $20ft space

ii. Franklin Arts Museum at Springmaid Beach- Ronnie

1. Says we can have a spot

4. Chief Hatcher</