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April 2010 Open Meeting Summary 04022010

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/2/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Opened at 6:32 with CoC Scott, and CM’s Neal, Dalton, Richia, and 2nd Chief Susan (Homer) present

  2. Read March minutes

  3. 5b(ii)- hot water heater not taken to dump yet; please donate

  4. 8a(i(1))- correct; soft expenses not covered

  5. Dalton motioned to accept the minutes; Neal seconded

  6. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Susan (Homer)- Abstain, Scott-yes (passed by quorum, 4yes: 0no: 2 absent: 1abstain)

  7. Financial Report: CoC Scott

  8. $8,647.29 in bank (doesn’t include printer repair bill- $200)

  9. Resolution RP-03-03-2010-001: Amendment to Change Article IV Paragraph 2 Subparagraph 2 of the Waccamaw Constitution as Ratified in October 2008 received its 2nd reading

  10. 2nd Chief Susan- why separate them (members) if the criteria is the same?

  11. Chief Hatcher- certain privileges that Indians get than non-Indians do not get

  12. 2nd Chief Susan- says based “on merit”

  13. Chief Hatcher- used to be “contribution,” which can be construed as money

  14. Dalton- would like a referendum to make abstention or absent vote a “no” vote in all cases

  15. Committee Reports

  16. Building & Grounds: Neal

  17. Brian and Neal pulled tipi poles up

  18. Got a trailer for the lawn mower

  19. Building & Grounds Committee Voting Membership appointed: Neal, Brian, Donnie

  20. Dalton motioned; Richia seconded

  21. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Susan (Homer)-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 5yes: 0no: 2absent: 0abstain)

  22. Gas: Chief Hatcher said tell them he will go in after meetings and pay the bill in full

  23. Landscaping after roadwork is complete

  24. Next month, people could donate trees in honor of people’s memory with small plaques

  25. Would like plum trees, an orchard

  26. PW Committee: Michelle

  27. List of current membership given to CoC

  28. Guidelines- give back to committee for another month

  29. Neal and Brian: Linda sends word that she would like to have a meeting in a couple of weeks

  30. Arts & Crafts: Brian

  31. Admin manual still needs Council approval

  32. Brian needs to print it out

  33. Application

  34. Susan thinks application needs to stay as is because if the committee revokes someone’s certification, that person can go to Council. If Council revokes the certification, the person has no other avenue.

  35. Brian: we have guidelines; guidelines to revoke; done as a team

  36. Richia: done as a majority?

  37. Susan: yes

  38. Dalton: “pending Council approval”?

  39. Susan: “approve/ revoke my certification”?

  40. 2nd Chief Susan called for a revote to leave as is

  41. Discussion continued

  42. Dalton: thinks the second sentence is redundant and to remove “further” from the third sentence

  43. Richia: need to leave it in for a warning

  44. Dalton motion: strike the second sentence and word “further” from the third sentence; Neal seconded

  45. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Susan(Homer)-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority- 5yes: 0no: 2absent: 0abstain)

  46. Susan to email new application for approval

  47. Criteria manual is ready to be voted on

  48. Ops manual is not ready

  49. Guidelines for misrepresentations

  50. Classes

  51. Chief Hatcher- If you disapprove someone, just tell them that, let them research the guidelines

  52. Next meeting April 16 or 17

  53. Application will be on tribal site as soon as things are approved

  54. Trying to get in touch with older approved artists

  55. Grants: Michelle