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August 2010 Open Meeting Summary 08062010

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 8/6/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Craig Talbot presented tobacco to CoC Scott

  2. Meeting opened at 6:39pm with CoC Scott and CM’s Dalton, Neal, Richia, and Homer present.

  3. July minutes read

  4. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

  5. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

  6. 5yes: 0no: 2absent: 0abstain (passed by majority)

  7. CoC to Council: when you receive minutes by email and find a mistake, email Michelle back with that mistake so the correction can be made. For time efficiency during the meeting, you would only have to come in and approve the minutes.

  8. Financial Report- 2nd Chief Iris

  9. Current Bank Balance: $3865.39

  10. Total Bare Bones Requirement through Oct. 2010: $2098.00

  11. 2nd Chief Iris: this office building is not a storage unit. A group of us spent a day out here getting it cleaned up and it needs to stay that way. This is an office building.

  12. Committee Reports

  13. Building & Grounds: Neal

  14. Donnie now has a Washer & Dryer and spare parts

  15. Treated for yellow jackets at cemetery

  16. Work Day before TV crew comes

  17. Bushes to plant

  18. Linda to donate 2 orange trees and crepe myrtle

  19. Richia to donate sage

  20. Arts & Crafts: Brian

  21. Susan taught all feathers (Iris: not veteran’s feathers)

  22. 3 people present for meeting

  23. Decided to leave artist certification as-is

  24. Mr. Moore brought up new law signed by President Obama and how it gives Chiefs more control to arrest people selling Native American art that should not be

  25. Think rules are done for certification

  26. Went to Wachesaw; she talked about coming there 2-3 times per year; will contact again

  27. Grants: Michelle

  28. SCAC Fellowship Grant deadline 10/1, but we cannot apply yet

  29. Elder Hank: Melanie hasn’t received anything through Food Lion

  30. No grants can be done yet because of court case and Secretary of State’s order

  31. PauWau: Linda

  32. Proud of her committee

  33. Neal: on-site dumpster: $300 deposit, Fri-Wed, $135, $35 per ton

  34. Exterminating $400: Wayne Turner

  35. 2nd Chief Susan talked to Harland Richardson (drum/ emcee) 5 rooms for 3 nights

  36. Vendors: She spoke to a vendor that knew of Harland and said we would not need a second drum

  37. Chief Hatcher: make sure Bill and Suzie are here

  38. Elder Hank: what about Rick Bird?

  39. 2nd Chief Iris: We want comparison prices from all (rooms, nights, etc…)

  40. Rodlyn: we have to think of the spirituality of it; want people who respect it

  41. 2nd Chief Iris: I agree, but I think it’s stupid to not comparison shop

  42. Elder Jerry: Last year, John didn’t charge us for Eastern Bull

  43. Homer: When John came back, people commented how glad they were to see him back

  44. Linda: PW Committee, listen to the people

  45. Brian: We got away from using John and we lost a lot of dancers. We have to think about that too

  46. Chief Hatcher: This is the biggest pauwau in SC; probably on the biggest on the east coast. If you stop chasing the spirit, it will suffer

  47. Mr. Moore: PauWau TV: he’ll run ad free-of-charge

  48. Plenty of work for volunteers

  49. 2nd Chief Iris: Robert will need help getting mixed hard woods for Pauwau this year

  50. Online Votes

  51. Attorney Deposition

  52. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes, (Robert-yes)

  53. Membership Files

  54. Please do not use white-out on the application; take the time to use another application.

  55. Michael Porter

  56. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

  57. Pamela Stahl

  58. Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes