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July 2011 Open Meeting Summary 07082011

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/08/2011 held at the Aynor Senior Center in Aynor

1. CoC Scott, and CM's Homer, Neal, and Dalton present. 2nd Chief Iris was proxy for Jeanie; 2nd Chief Susan was proxy for Robert.

2. June minutes read

a. Homer motioned to accept; Dalton seconded

b. Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Dalton-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Jeanie)-yes, 2nd Chief Susan (Robert)-yes, Scott-yes (6yes, 1absent, passed by majority)

3. Financial Report: 2nd Chief Iris

a. $13,903.40

b. Discussed budget; need to prorate items & deduct priorities (deck, floor, Donnie's trailer, bathroom, attorney)

1. Chief Hatcher: priorities: Donnie's trailer, showers & bathrooms (have blocks), develop more RV spots & upgrade their electricity (to rent out)

a. Office & Donnie's trailer are not sufficient

2. Get in touch with people moving houses on road here

c. 2nd Chief Iris to crunch budget & redistribute

4. Online Votes

a. Attorney & Arbitrator: Dalton-yes, [Richia-yes], Neal-yes, Homer-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Jeanie)-yes, 2nd Chief Susan (Robert)-yes, Scott-yes

b. Floor & wood: Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Jeanie)-yes, 2nd Chief Susan (Robert)-yes, Scott-yes

c. End Date to announce candidacy 8/31: Dalton-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Jeanie)-yes, Scott-yes

5. Committee Reports

a. Grants: Michelle

1. SCAC- veto overridden; may apply for funds again in March

2. Chief Davidson mentioned two things to look into

a. USDA to help with buildings

b. NFL sponsorships

b. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Susan

1. all contracts sent, hotel letter sent, program book being worked on

2. 3 ads * 20people= $6000

3. Meal tickets, tri-fold flyer, Roy Glass (flutist)

4. Next meeting 7/13 @ 6:30pm

c. Arts & Crafts: 2nd Chief Susan

1. Donnie has friend with 2 kilns & wanted to know if anyone was interested in using them

2. Next meeting 7/15

3. Arts & Crafts to showcase separate from yard sale

d. Building & Grounds: Neal

1. new floor in tribal office

2. sweat lodge went ok during Longest Walk

3. 14 projects at the moment

6. Resolutions

a. DH-07-08-2011-001: Tribal Newsletter Costs & Delivery Methods received its 1st reading

1. 2nd Chief Iris: add number of newsletter per year; quarterly

2. 2nd Chief Susan: realize this is for 2 sheets of 11x17

3. Chief Hatcher: could put that $10 option on application & make it $17

a. 2nd Chief Iris: don't think it should be part of application

1. 2nd Chief Susan: put insert with ID card

2. Dalton: set up communication for non-member distribution

4. 2nd Chief Susan: 1 newsletter per household address

5. Chief Hatcher: probably ok to increase application fee after 20 years

a. make things simple to them manageable

6. Cheryl: Don't we have birthdates for kids?

7. 2nd Chief Susan thanked Dalton, Michelle, 2nd Chief Iris

b. SB-07-08-2011-001: Tribal Secretary 2011 Budget Proposal received its 1st reading

c. DH-07-08-2011-002: Election of a Sergeant at Arms received its 1st reading

1. changes will have to be made