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January 2017 Open Meeting Summary

January 30, 2017

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/13/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s Mark, John, and Robert present. 2nd Chief Cheryl served as a proxy for Susan and Rick; CM Dalton served as ACoC

  2. Condolences to Hank & Phil on passing of Kathy

  3. Oct Minutes read

    1. Mark motioned to accept; Robert seconded

    2. Mark-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl (Susan)-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl (Rick)-yes, Dalton-yes

  4. Dec Minutes Read

    1. Online vote with 2 changes

      1. 5(a)(i) should be Circuit instead of magistrate

      2. 5(b)(xii) should be beneficiaries instead of beneficial

      3. [Susan]-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl [Rick]-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes

  5. Online Votes

    1. Roof: Update: Sampson to finish it by Monday

      1. [Susan]-yes, [Rick]-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes

    2. Reimburse Chief Hatcher $500 for Bingo money he put in

      1. John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-abstain, Dalton-yes

  6. Old Business

    1. Cemetery Encroachment Update: 2nd Chief Cheryl

      1. Motion quashed because they argued the tribe was a corporation

      2. Notice to creditors has to be done within 8 months of first publication, but statute also says within 1 year of death

      3. Not sure the tribe qualifies as a creditor

      4. Quiet Title Action: judge thought this might be solution

        1. File in Circuit Court with attorney (not self or trustees)

        2. Have until 1/23 to file recording in register of deeds

      5. Elder Doug: do we have a cost from Terry Beverly?

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: $10k retainer because of litigation

      6. Elder Doug: What about arbitration?

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Mediation to resolve it; could lead to adverse possession in 10 years if we do nothing

      7. John: could we give them 0.25 acre & set boundary line with them

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: I’d suggest that too, but 0.25 acres isn’t worth $10k

      8. Ray: Can attorney put a stop on it & bring it to mediation to get them to abide by mediator’s ruling?

      9. Mark: if we filed, would it put pressure on the boys to work it out?

      10. John: would the lawyer be willing to take payments?

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: he would take $2k to start, but he wanted to hold off and ask other attorneys

      11. Richard: Mr. James has the same deed as we do, not survey, according to what was said in court

      12. Elder Dan: will the BIA or SCIAC not help?

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: we’re not under the same protection as federal tribes; state preservation offices maybe?

      13. John: goal is to define the lines; can we hire Beverly to talk to his lawyer?

      14. 2nd Chief Cheryl to get back with Council on Wednesday; Council make decisions Thursday/ Friday if necessary

      15. Dalton: we could try the Indian Law Center & our investors

    2. Investor Proposal by John

      1. Would be a promissory note

      2. Dalton: can you do a percentage on a note?

        1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: there’s a limit when SEC gets involved; percentages become equal to stocks/ dividends

        2. With flat rate, there’s a limit on the amount you can solicit

          1. John: is there a difference between tribal vs non-tribal?

            1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: we’d have to find out

      3. Council to continue discussing this online; tabled to February

  7. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Grants: Michelle

        1. Looking at several USDA grants & contacting Ms. Braught for ideas

      2. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Meetings are second Thursday of each month

        2. Need collaboration between PW Committee, B&G, Council before changes to circle are made

        3. 2017 Chair: Michelle

      3. Buildings & Grounds

        1. Meeting 1/14 at 12pm

      4. Parking Lot & Shuttle: John

        1. Put blurb on FB pages

        2. Ray talked to people in Mooresville to check for interest

        3. Also looked for interest in camping spots

          1. Mark: would need security on grounds if camping

    2. 2nd Chief Cheryl

      1. Did a Sample Segmentation from Saturday

        1. Shows breakdown of ages

        2. Need to revise to add Sunday numbers

      2. Need to revise the demographics form slightly

      3. Need to have Veteran’s Ceremony every year

        1. Address at Pauwau meeting

        2. Sometimes we run out of feathers; sometimes people don’t know where to go to get them




Mark motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned 7:38 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/30/17 at 2:42 pm.






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