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October 2017 Open Meeting Summary

November 17, 2017


Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/06/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s John, Mark, Dalton, Susan, Robert, Jeania, and CoC Rick  present. Elders Glenn, Dan, Doug, and Ronnie present.

  2. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $7434.19  (as of 10/5/2017 on CNB site)

    2. Building Fund: $1286.27 (as of 10/5/2017 on CNB site)

    3. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  3. Online Votes

    1. 9/14 September Minutes

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    2. 9/17 Roof repair

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    3. 9/20 Sprayer Vote

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    4. 10/2 Fix bathroom in tribal office

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

      2. Thank you to Larry J for his work

    5. 10/2 Postpone Council Work Day

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  4. Old Business

    1. Elder Position

      1. Chief Hatcher: Becky S was recommended and I nominate her

        1. Becky S to be interviewed by Council at December meeting

  5. New Business

    1. Solstice: John T

      1. Wanted to discuss solstice because it’s being done 2 weeks late

        1. Robert: they said a storm was coming

          1. John: then don’t have it 2 weeks late, cancel instead

        2. Rick: I leave it to the Firekeeper

          1. John: should it be his decision?

            1. Rick: yes, he runs it

        3. Dalton: we have no one else to do it. Question is are we going to forbid him from doing it?

        4. John: it’s Council purview; it should be done close to the day of the solstice

          1. Robert: a storm was coming

          2. John: if we were a true Indian tribe, the Firekeeper would still be doing it

          3. Mark: second time it was moved because of a funeral

            1. John: 90% of the tribe didn’t go to the funeral; still could have done it

            2. Rick: Mr. Williams was glad we moved the date

          4. Mark: going forward, it needs to be done close to the date

            1. Robert: a storm was coming

            2. Mark: I understand this one

              1. John: Council should decide on postponement

            3. Rick: Robert, what do you think? Should it be a Council or Firekeeper call?

              1. Robert: it should be the Firekeeper’s call

              2. Dalton: could you call about postponements before postponing?

                1. Robert: yes

              3. Dalton: it’s a religious thing; I, personally, don’t want Council involved

          5. Dalton: to me, it’s letting the Firekeeper use the tribal land and when Council will allow him to use it

          6. John: the fire is part of heritage/ tradition

            1. Dalton: I care about heritage, but don’t want to endorse religion

          7. Chief Hatcher: In ancient times, Firekeeper kept fires going and it wasn’t religious

            1. It should be done on the day it’s supposed to be done

            2. John: a 2-week postponement doesn’t make sense

          8. Rick: you argue we make the day inconvenient and that it’s not always the day of the solstice

          9. Chief Hatcher: Robert could do the religious part at his house on the day of the solstice; a public ceremony can be done later

          10. Elder Doug: it’s a spiritual ceremony, not religious

          11. Jeania: it was understandable for that time; it should be done the day of even it’s just at your home and cancel altogether if it’s going to be late

          12. John: should postponing be a Council decision?

            1. Dalton: I asked that earlier; Robert said yes

            2. Rick: if you aren’t going to be here, you don’t need to vote

              1. John: no, it’s a Council decision; that means all of us

              2. Dalton: John’s right

            3. Dalton: I asked Robert if he would be ok if we postpone, not the same as telling him to not tend fire. There’s nothing on these grounds Council shouldn’t be included in

          13. Chief Hatcher: Solstice/ Equinox ceremonies are dictated by Manyskins and done on the days it’s supposed to be done; Council makes decision on public ceremony date

          14. Rick: it’s a spiritual ceremony to me

            1. Chief Hatcher: during Pauwau, it’s a uniting ceremony

    2. Fuel Receipts: $88.20 Check 590

    3. Fundraiser: John

      1. We need to do a fundraiser & need ideas so we can discuss them all

      2. 10/14 Trail Ride: Larry J

        1. $10 includes dinner

      3. Becky: no firearms on the grounds

        1. Rick: we’d have to talk

      4. Elder Doug: yard sale the first week of April for Special Needs Fishing Day

      5. Jeania: why can’t BINGO be done here? Start out small

        1. Chief Hatcher: it’s highly regulated; you have to buy equipment

          1. Jeania: use cards, offer coffee/ snacks

            1. Chief Hatcher: you can’t offer money that way, only prizes

        2. John: are churches/ clubs regulated?

          1. Chief Hatcher: it’s done under license and regulated

      6. John: we could do a yard sale every weekend

        1. Mark: and offer concessions

      7. Rick: Mark & John to look into flea market; Larry into trailer ride

    4. Committee Reports

      1. Arts & Crafts: Susan

        1. Nothing to report

      2. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Program is ready for Council approval

          1. Mark motioned to accept the program book & send to printer; John seconded

            1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

        2. Mark: are you buying t-shirts this year?

          1. Michelle: we checked into prices; range $3-6/ shirt

            1. Susan: Glenn C sent prices too

              1. Glenn: 300 shirts would be about $1500

        3. Benches being built 10/7

        4. Susan

          1. All RV spots taken

          2. Vendors: 10 confirmed, 2 non-native

          3. John: are we selling things during School Day?

            1. Susan: problem is that vendors can’t open until the program is over; we can’t either

            2. John: my thought was can we sell things or donated items?

              1. John showed his woodburning crafts

                1. Susan: you need to get certified

              2. Susan: we should do it next year

          4. Chief Hatcher: we have the county’s exemption for fees

      3. Drum: Rick

        1. Still planning on playing during School Day

    5. 2nd Chiefs

      1. Chief Hatcher: 2c Sievers has applied for another job which may keep her out of the state, but we need to get ID cards to people

        1. Jeania: think she may have a problem with the laptop

          1. Dalton: it could be a Windows 10 issue; John’s donated laptop was Win7

      2. Chief Hatcher: 2c White apologized for not being here; he will be here a week ahead for pauwau

    6. Chief

      1. Chief Harris (Catawba); they wait on us to do things before they do it

        1. Asked for their support on hunting & fishing licenses

      2. Bills

        1. To stop further group recognition: to keep 900 white people & 2 Native Americans from forming a group, allowing them to register as a minority company, compete for educational funds, etc…

        2. Federally: considering taking it out of BIA & giving it to Congress

          1. Criteria hasn’t changed & we want it too

            1. Would have to show ancestry back to 1689 & doubt anyone of any race could

          2. If anyone knows the Indians in their state, it should be the state & the federal government should listen to them

          3. Congress only needs a majority vote

      3. Work Day 10/7

      4. All-Star BINGO in Garden City

      5. Introduced Chief Thompkins of Chicora

      6. Cemetery: stake 10ft from fence and 15ft from gate on trailer side

        1. It looks like they’re taking land, not giving

        2. Mark: they can’t settle the estate without signing off

          1. Chief Hatcher: we could sit on it

      7. Update on Tap-E-Ya Bernie

        1. He can’t walk, but he can talk; paralyzed on the right side

          1. Elder Doug: can we go get him for Pauwau?

            1. He’s in Augusta


Mark motioned to close the meeting; John seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 11/16/17 at 5:01 am.




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