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January 2018 Open Meeting Summary

January 26, 2018


Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/12/2018  held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s Susan, Mark, Dalton, Jeania, and John present. John served as ACoC.  2C Cheryl served as proxy for Robert and also for Jeania once she left. Elder Dan present.

  2. December minutes with changes to 5(c)(i)(6)(q), 5(c)(vi)(b) made

    1. Dalton motioned to accept; John seconded

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-abstain, Robert (2C Cheryl)-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes

  3. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $12,664.66  (as of 1/11/2018 on CNB site)

    2. Building Fund: $2086.94 (as of 1/11/2018 on CNB site)

    3. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  4. Old Business

    1. Waccamaw Family Day 2/17

      1. Alan: with 40-50 people, we can easily fo Low Country Boil with $200

        1. Mark: Rick wanted BBQ, but Low Country Boil is cheaper

      2. 2C Cheryl: have donated deer meat for burgers

      3. Mark: we can do tea, lemonade, water for drinks

      4. John: activities: cornhole

    2. Cemetery Update

      1. 2C Cheryl: meeting with attorney Tuesday at 2pm; Council needs to vote on how to proceed

      2. Chief: according to maps, cemetery is on Dog Bluff, but we think it’s on Jordanville Rd

        1. Deed was cut to Ms. Turner in 1987 and surveyed in 1987 that they wouldn’t accept

          1. John: they say we have 2 acres; we just don’t know where

        2. Chief: there’s a thing called adverse possession: no claim since 1987; we were there then with no dispute

          1. Elder Dan: some knew it was ours in 1950’s

          2. John: when was the first church there?

            1. Chief: 1800’s

              1. John showed new map proposal with 2 options for Council to review

    3. CoC Rick’s PW Concerns

      1. Elections done at the Pauwau

        1. Elections guidelines fall on the Elders to establish

          1. Michelle: which they did and Council dismissed

          2. Need Elders to write guidelines for elections for next open meeting

        2. Mark: concern about letting people vote at the PW is that some people will vote twice

          1. Susan: the Elders will see the ID# when they count the ballots

        3. Chief: At Pauwau, Elders are going to be on the gate, too busy to do anything else

        4. Susan: Rick said candidates should be able to politic  at the Pauwau

          1. Chief: can’t on the mic

      2. Free Passes to Pauwau

        1. Pauwau Committee and Governing Body get passes

        2. Susan: 4 passes each for Council meetings is a drop in the bucket compared to $10/hr wage set, not to mention work days at 3+ hours each; it says thank you

        3. Chief: it’s important to show respect

        4. 2C Cheryl: free passes can increase attendance- free people can bring along people who otherwise wouldn’t have come

        5. Charles H: everyone should pay

        6. All members free contradicts passes

          1. There’s already a method to let people in free

          2. Mark: this is our major fundraiser for the year and people know that

          3. Dalton: if the people who live close by aren’t showing up for any other events, $7 isn’t going to do that

          4. Chief: could raise membership fees by $7

          5. Mark: leave it as-is

        7. Dalton motioned to give CoC 20 passes for Work Days

          1. John: should have a form signed by their supervisor

            1. Michelle: we have it, have used it, rarely filled out

              1. John: With the form, CoC wouldn’t need passes

                1. Michelle: Most work is also given in exchange for membership fees. Do they want to exchange their membership fee or gate pass

      3. Getting enough people to handle the Pauwau

        1. Chris H wants to be Arena Director

          1. Mark: he should shadow our Arena Director to see how we want it done; go to other Pauwaus to for confidence and practice

            1. Susan: he needs to shadow ours & David C said he’s more than happy to help him

              1. John: once confident, you can take over

        2. 2C Cheryl: John A would like to stay on as MC and shadow John Blackfeather

        3. John: if interested in a position, let us know, so we can get you taught

        4. 2C Cheryl: we also need someone to help fill Ronnie, Bill, & Susie’s spots too

      4. Electrical issues with vendor circle

        1. Currently in a flood zone

        2. Suggestion was to move it to the back 40 to higher ground

        3. John presented a proposal on how it would look

          1. Chief: looks good with the drawing

        4. John: going to have to talk to the county because the map says the back 40 is also in a flood zone

        5. We also need to figure out how to pay for it

          1. Chief: we can’t use the land, but we can get a loan

            1. Usually put it in my name with a commitment from people to send $15-20/ month to pay for it

        6. Dalton: are you leaving the fire circle where it is?

          1. John: thinking closer to the building, but up to the firekeeper

        7. John: would you be okay with giving $3000 of Pauwau proceeds to the loan?

          1. Chief: no, because it may rain one year, we won’t make any money, and still have to pay out to demonstrators

      5. Susan: emails sent out for positions like HM/ HL

        1. Rick in Work Day expressed that the Pauwau Committee should bring the names to Council and then Council decide the demonstrators

          1. If we bring it to Council and they don’t like it, we can run out of time. This PW group has worked well together

        2. Dalton & Susan: to 2C Cheryl, I give you my proxy and ask that you vote your conscience on Pauwau issues

        3. John: who is ultimately responsible for finances?

          1. Chief: Tribal Council

            1. John: then why is there a problem? Rick is looking for due diligence

              1. 2C Cheryl: Council’s job is to approve/ not approve the budget, not micromanage the committee; things have to be done in a timely manner & while we wait for Council to say yes or no, demonstrators could book elsewhere

              2. Earl was brought up. Do you think that turning the Firekeeper position over to Robert during the Pauwau means he shouldn’t be paid?

              3. John: we need to see your process

              4. Dalton: you need to plan for the eventuality that you don’t approve any names

                1. The committee begs people to come to meetings. 2 Council members and a 2C are on the committee. It’s not hidden from the government.

                  1. Goal is to plan and execute the pauwau; Council has other things to handle

              5. John: send us minutes as to why they are chosen

                1. 2C Cheryl: you’re missing the point; that’s micromanaging every detail- it’s no longer a committee

                2. Susan: Rick doesn’t want to pay $400 + room for HM/ HL; food costs  + hotel would leave them with next to nothing

                3. 2C Cheryl: it essentially implies that you don’t trust the committee to do its job

              6. Dalton: budget needs to come sooner, but without names, revise every month as necessary

        4. Chief: how many have been to a Pauwau? (hands raise)

          1. Which is best? (some say ours)

          2. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

          3. Alan: if Council puts faith in the committee and approves the budget they have to trust the people on the committee to do their job, else put new people in

          4. Chief: If they brought you 3 names, how are you going to know who those 3 people are?

            1. If you don’t like their pick, you send the Chair a message and then that name doesn’t come back again

            2. Approve the budget, not the names

          5. Mark: we’re looking at lowering costs; man counted 27 cars that left Sunday because drum wasn’t drumming

            1. Dalton: that was 1 incident at 1 Pauwau

          6. John: if they screw up, they shouldn’t come back

            1. Chief: that could happen to you too

              1. John: helps to have the budget early

        5. Mark: need 2 drums: Edisto gets paid the same for School Day as Pauwau

          1. John: you’re paying for half a drum

          2. Jeri H: blanket dances for guest drums & Burke would like to come back to be HM

      6. Susan: Chief mentioned no second grand entry on Saturday

        1. Because Chiefs, dignitaries leave; MC will still call their names

          1. Susan: just do flags

      7. Friday night grand entry for vendors

        1. Jeri H: doesn’t make sense

  5. New Business

    1. Antifreeze for tractor: $12.00 Check 522

    2. Appoint Mark as bookkeeper

      1. Dalton: do you know how to do it?

        1. Mark: my wife will help me; I didn’t ask for it; Rick asked me too

        2. John motioned to accept; Dalton seconded

          1. Jeania (2C Cheryl)-yes, Susan-yes, Robert (2C Cheryl)-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, John- yes

    3. Committee Reports

      1. Arts & Crafts

        1. Nothing to Report

      2. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Nominated Chair: Michelle

        2. Need Council to approve Glenn C as a voting member to replace Georgia

          1. Jenaia (2C Cheryl)-yes, Susan (2C Cheryl)- yes, Robert (2C Cheryl)-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton (2C Cheryl)-yes, John-yes

        3. Meetings are second Wed in Jan/ July & second Thurs in rest of the year

        4. Looking for volunteers & older pictures

      3. Drum

        1. Practice soon with Glen, Alan, Phil

          1. Chris H: son & I will too

    4. Misc

      1. Glen T: concrete idea: try before the next meeting

      2. Susan: Larry J called about a horse trail: wanted to do horse barrel ride

        1. Charge admission, charge for food

        2. John: need someone to write up something more detailed about it

      3. John: Chris H: sewage grinders: they do finance

        1. Get us an estimate with details

    5. 2nd Chiefs

      1. Membership File: Bryan Turner: expired 2016

        1. Glen T: what does that mean for Bryan?

          1. Dalton: it’s currently in limbo

          2. Mark motioned to accept the file as full; Dalton seconded

            1. Jenaia (2C Cheryl)-yes, Susan (2C Cheryl)- yes, Robert (2C Cheryl)-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton (2C Cheryl)-yes, John-yes

      2. Send me an email with address/ phone change, or expired card issue

    6. Chief

      1. Are you caught up on ID cards?

        1. 2C Cheryl: no; some things are in wrong files & not working on new files

          1. 7 files that I don’t have a physical file for

      2. Have volunteers willing to write for a grant but need a proposal from Council allowing it

        1. Would like it to be in the area of language: hopefully done online, learn 10 or so words / week

      3. Meeting with candidates running for governor (at separate times), needs lots of tribal members to attend

      4. Alan & Joey: plan to get chairs of committees of the bills to move through the legislature

        1. Bill to stop further group formation

        2. Hunting/ fishing licenses

        3. Game/ animal parts

        4. Native American Advisor on CMA

        5. Write 1 paragraph letter to the state reps in support of these

      5. Management: there’s a tribe that throws people out when they don’t like what people do- we can’t do that


Mark motioned to close the meeting; John seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/26/18 at 12:38 am.


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