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October 2018 Open Meeting Summary

October 22, 2018


Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/5/2018  held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC


  1. CM’s,  John, Dalton, Susan, Jeania,  and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Ronnie, and Becky present.

  2. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $11,573.45

    2. Building Fund: $1,969.12

  3. Online Votes

    1. Accept September minutes

      1. Susan: absent, John-yes, Jeania-absent, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    2. Pump Groundskeeper septic tank

      1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  4. Old Business

    1. Cemetery Update

      1. Case settled, need to register paperwork, get map soon

    2. Electrical Update

      1. Glenn C: nothing yet, work tomorrow; set platform for new panel box

  5. New Business

    1. Susan

      1. Best Chance Network: requested to come out next year

        1. Do medical screenings

      2. Census 2020: recruiting people: apply at census2020.gov/jobs

      3. Quilts of Valor: fill out form Susan created & she can fill it out online for you; or you can fill it online yourself

    2. Receipts

      1. Fuel $53.96 Check 705

    3. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

        1. Work Day 10/6 @ 8:30am: weedeat, panel box

      2. Arts & Crafts: Susan

        1. One app that needs to be reviewed

    4. Pauwau: Michelle & Dalton

      1. Program Book needs to be approved

        1. Jeania-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

      2. Looking for Volunteers

      3. More trifolds ready

      4. Aynor Hoe Down was canceled; they refunded the money

      5. Bill Judge would like to document a few people at the Pauwau

      6. Susan: sent an email to iheartmedia for PSA

    5. Drum: Rick

      1. Meeting again

      2. Will play during School Day

      3. Convention on the 29th

      4. Accepting new drummers

      5. Dalton: can you fill in at the Pauwau?

        1. Rick: possibly

  6. Constable Membership

    1. Eric Morgan: make honorary

    2. Joseph Carter: make honorary

    3. Check ID cards on all Constables

  7. Chief

    1. Indian Development Council: meeting 29th at Convention Center

      1. Colorguard: Ronnie, Shane, Susan, Alan

      2. Rick, Glenn on drum

      3. Carson to dance

      4. Chief Harris to carry Eagle staff

      5. Mayor of MB to be there

    2. Provide opening prayer for meeting with Michael Avenatti on 13th

    3. CMA: everyone has a right to talk to the Governor, but Indians have to get together & agree on an agenda, which CMA is trying to set

    4. Churches can buy surplus items for cheap, but Indians have to live on reservation to qualify

    5. Women on drum

      1. Northern drums allow it

      2. Some people will not want to participate if we allow it

      3. Susan: what about ceremonies that won’t allow women to participate (example: pipe ceremony)?


<Tribal Secretary had a seizure at this point; no further notes>


Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 10/22/18 at 2:16 am.


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