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February 2019 Open Meeting Summary

February 27, 2019


Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/1/2019  held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s,   Dalton, Susan, Marion, Alan, and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Ronnie, Glenn, Becky, and Dan present. 2C Cheryl present.

  2. 2C Cheryl sworn-in as Vice Chief by CoC Rick.

  3. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $ 15,054.66

    2. Building Fund: $350.55

  4. Online Votes

    1. Carport for equipment

      1. Alan-yes, Susan-absent, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

        1. Susan: suggest sending vote to full governing body for more ideas before closing the vote

    2. 1/27 Approve January meeting summary

      1. Alan-yes, Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  5. Old Business

    1. Cemetery Update: 2C Cheryl

      1. Deed still not received; it has been settled, follow-up with lawyer this week

    2. Hallman Cemetery in Columbia: tombstones bulldozed, people not allowed to visit gravesites (which is illegal); would be a civil case

      1. News picked up on it

      2. Rick: what is the size of the cemetery?

        1. Chief Hatcher: 5-6 tombstones

  6. New Business

    1. Receipts

      1. Glenn C: Gas receipt & ID card receipt: $71.80

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

        1. The battery to charge the backhoe is gone; need to check with Mr. Charles to see if he has it

        2. Created a calendar with work days, committee meetings to be put in a frame & kept at office

        3. Need to clean around the area carport will go

          1. Rick: where Donnie’s car is at is where the carport will go

            1. Alan: does it affect anything if we decide to move the trailers?

              1. Rick: no

            2. Rick: everyone ok with the location? It can be moved around

              1. Will call the guy as soon as the site is ready for it

      2. Arts & Crafts

        1. No report

        2. Chief Hatcher: we need to do something about it

          1. Susan: let Tribal Council certify artists

            1. The only people who can say something should be certified are those who are certified

          2. Chief Hatcher: let’s talk about it online

          3. Rick: we could have a workshop on certification

            1. Susan to head meeting some time in March

      3. Pauwau: Dalton

        1. Volunteers: let us know you want to volunteer and interested area

        2. Pictures: change out old article pictures and update profile pictures

        3. Send stories now for the program book on lore, family history, etc…

        4. Meetings are the second Thursday of the month

          1. Susan: can we change it to Wednesday this month because of Valentine’s Day?

            1. Michelle-yes, 2C Cheryl-yes, Glenn-yes, Starla-yes

            2. Post created on Facebook notifying everyone of the day change for Feb.

        5. Starla: need more people selling ads, even just 1 each

      4. Drum: Rick

        1. Looking for 1/2 inch rawhide, may have to buy larger hides and cut it to restring drum

          1. Susan: try moscowhides or centralhidesandfurs

          2. Marion: how much do you need?

            1. Rick: roughly 90-100 ft at 1/2 inch

    3. Glenn C

      1. Business Card designs: 3- logon on 2, eagle on 1

        1. 500 for $8.50

        2. Council to note any changes on the paper provided

      2. 11/16 wedding: would like permission to use the grounds for the wedding & offer RV spot to people driving long distance

        1. Dalton: camping/ RV spot: $35, tents: $5

          1. Susan, normally would go by the policy letter, would disregard it for this

            1. Alan: some people wouldn’t get a RV spot without Glenn’s (and committee) work

          2. Marion: motion to allow the wedding to take place on the grounds & offer free RV site to those attending who need it; Alan seconded

            1. Alan-yes, Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

            2. Rick: if campers want to donate, they can

    4. Starla: ID cards

      1. Read a letter from her to Tribal Council

      2. Rick: motion to make replacing card $15; Susan seconded

        1. Alan-yes, Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

          1. Rick: motion for policy to take effect on 3/1/2019; Susan seconded

            1. Alan-yes, Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

      3. Susan: this information (in the letter) was always in the first part of the newsletter

    5. Dalton

      1. Official communication: we discussed last month making it email

        1. Marion: how would that work for voting?

          1. Dalton: for voting, allow 1 vote per email address; others can print off a copy of the ballot or request an absentee ballot

        2. Rick: spend approx $275 to send out one-time letter explaining voting changes- email, in-person, absentee

          1. Could try an automatic voicemail system with voting information

          2. Susan: include information we talked about for federal recognition, send 1 letter

          3. Chief: have to be prepared: what happens if you send out 500 letters and only 2 respond?

            1. Rick: can deal with people on a case-by-case basis

            2. Chief: you’ll have some who say they never received the letter

              1. Susan: they go into inactive & have 3 months to respond

          4. Program to dial out

            1. 2C Cheryl: Phone Tree

            2. Glenn C: can text a landline, but there’s a fee

    6. Rick: Council Homework

      1. Think of items to put into letter for Chief Hatcher to draft

    7. Alan

      1. We have 18 functions/ year (meetings, Pauwau, solstice/ equinox, etc…); think to run for office, you should attend at least 1/3 of them

        1. Dalton: in order to put requirements on who can run for office, you have to change the constitution & can add in background checks then too

          1. Rick: single-check: $20; unlimited: $150-200

          2. Susan: check Net Detective

            1. 2C Cheryl: if someone wants to run for office, put the cost on them

            2. Rick: would like to see background checks on new memberships

              1. We will talk more about it, possibly create a committee to discuss it

    8. Dalton to work on firearms resolution

    9. Rick: Hemp program sounding good, going to Catawba to check out their program

    10. Business cards: add website, maybe QR code

    11. 2C Cheryl

      1. Working with CCU in anthropology & geography with Dr Dillian (spelling?)

        1. Meeting Thurs for petition- shared items in Drive

        2. Will work with Ben Burrows- historical deeds

        3. Going to research in Georgetown as well

      2. Thanks to all who donated last month; will have an Awareness Dinner to talk about his condition next month

    12. Susan

      1. On conference call with people from the Cancer Van/ Best Chance Network

        1. Needs a concrete pad to sit on, may need to change location (possibly school)

        2. Can only do 25 appointments each day

          1. 2C Cheryl: use a golf cart to transport people

          2. If we have more than 25, they may set up another date

          3. Rick: will check on the price of concrete for 40x40 area

          4. Alan: perhaps have health fair event

            1. Dalton: put the pad up beside RV spot 1

              1. Susan: lengthwise from the gravesite

    13. Chief

      1. Introduced Tubby, Toby, Shiela, and Harrison West

        1. Tubby: Frank’s wife is in ICU

        2. Also introduced Paula & Jerry Cribb

      2. Arts & Crafts: Public Law 101.644: can sell art as native

        1. Our certification allows you to sell it as Waccamaw art

      3. Letter sent to Standing Bear, waiting response

      4. Tribal Roll Book: 2 people served time as honorary members: Marie

      5. Tuesday: have a talk at CCU on federal recognition

      6. TV15 interview done by Chief Hatcher & 2C Cheryl; unsure of air date

      7. Genealogy files have to be certified

        1. Suggest issuing certification to our 2 genealogists

        2. Chief: are anthropology & genealogy the same?

          1. Marion: similar, but will have my wife contact you

          2. 2C Cheryl: there’s a Board of Genealogists that requires a fee, course with case study, and portfolio

      8. Family Day: 2/16

        1. Post to website

      9. Friend from Longest Walk 3 will donate a van to the tribe; think we should give it to Donnie

      10. Moving out of CMA and into Governor’s office- legislation being drafted by Mr. Clemons

      11. Close gaps on contacting people and consequences

        1. Draft letter

        2. Bring suggestions to next meeting

        3. Dalton: make voting mandatory, at least by mail-in ballot

          1. Modify current membership agreement

          2. Rick: calls count as 1 attempt, letter counts as 2nd attempt, then send certified letter

            1. Dalton: except it’s not in the last 30 days

            2. Susan: it moves them to inactive status for 90 days- they could get their act together

    14. Elder Doug

      1. Want to allow women on the drum

        1. Chief: you see it as standing up for women; I see it as standing up for tradition

    15. Glenn C: keep Mike’s father, my brother, 2C Cheryl, Trevor, & Chris Hatcher in your prayers


Dalton motioned to close the meeting; John seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/27/18 at 1:03 am.


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