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July 2019 Meeting Summary

July 25, 2019


Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/12/2019  held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Alan, Susan, John, Marion, and Rick present. 2C Cheryl present.

  2. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $7,623.78

    2. Building Fund: $450.55

  3. Online Votes

    1. 6/27 Accept June Summary

      1. Alan-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-absent

  4. Old Business

    1. Donnie’s AC: ductwork incomplete

  5. New Business

    1. Receipts

      1. Fuel: $76.43 Check 751

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

        1. Work Day 7/13- bleachers

        2. Asked Chief for letterhead

      2. Arts & Crafts: nothing new

      3. Pauwau: Michelle & Dalton

        1. SCAC is giving us $4000 to help with the Pauwau

        2. Bleachers request: allow Glenn C to work on them now before budget is approved

          1. Marion motioned, Dalton seconded to allot up to $350 for bleacher work

            1. Alan-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

        3. Square: 3 ordered; Cost $21.60

          1. Glenn C will also allow us to use his

          2. Can send email receipts if people want on during Pauwau

          3. Sill need: volunteers, ads, stories/ pictures for program book

          4. John T: can we do ads on the website?

            1. Dalton: it would be fine; have to get in touch with Doug

              1. John T: was thinking more of a list of supporters with their website link

                1. Dalton: put it on the Facebook event and all who click the even will be able to click the links

          5. Patty B: up to when will you take money?

            1. Dalton: through the Pauwau

              1. Michelle: if you want it in this year’s book, 8/15

          6. John T: my wife may be interested in helping with the website

            1. Need to update Tribal Council on the website 

          7. John T: thoughts on something going on before Grand Entry?

            1. Susan: always things to do before Grand Entry: games, stories, survival skills

          8. Susan: 4 RV spots left

          9. Glenn C: Ms. Tina mailed her application today; she will be here 

          10. Chief Hatcher: have you done anything about food vendor pricing for Pauwau?

            1. Susan: it’s on the application to send us their menu with prices

      4. Drum: nothing new

        1. Susan: the UMC will give us $500 for the drum

    3. Elder Doug asked to use the office 8/10 for family reunion

      1. Dalton motioned; Alan seconded to allow Elder Doug to use the office for free on 8/10

        1. Alan-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

    4. 2C Cheryl

      1. Financial Report

        1. Need to show money for Neon

          1. Resend deposit slips 6/4-6/21

      2. Dalton: what’s happening with our retainer?

        1. 2C Cheryl: we have to ask for it

          1. Rick motioned; Dalton seconded to ask the lawyer for the retainer back

            1. Alan-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

      3. HH-VCC-06-12-2019-001: Hunka Membership Management: 1st Reading

        1. 2C Cheryl: it’s at the discretion of the Chief if they receive a card

          1. Glenn C: the card says they have no privileges

          2. Patty B: wouldn’t give them a card

          3. Rick H: think a card implies membership

          4. 2C Cheryl: would give them a certificate & have a ceremony

        2. Chief Hatcher: want to establish all Chiefs conferring on hunka memberships

      4. NeonCRM

        1. Marie is almost through the files

          1. Some don’t have a date for when their ID card was removed

          2. Expired cards as of 8/13/2012 should be inactive

          3. Dalton H: Inactive is 90 days & then removed (retired) if nott fixed

            1. Deceased Numbers should be retired

            2. Need a policy on membership status

              1. Dalton: status list: active, inactive, retired (includes deceased), resigned

                1. If someone loses their number because of status, they will get a new number

                2. John T: I think deceased should be its own category because their spirit is still part of the tribe

                3. Marion C: if someone loses their membership, do you throw the file away?

                  1. Dalton/ 2C Cheryl: no, we keep them forever

                  2. Susan: we keep the actual file

                4. Starla: what is the definition of good standing?

                  1. Dalton: up to date on dues, no under an order from Tribal Judge

              2. Dalton to write a letter out with list of statuses:

                1. Active: current

                2. Inactive: problem with 90 days to fix

                3. Resigned: didn’t fix problem with Inactive status or voluntarily resigned

                4. Retired: Were a member who passed on

                5. Judgement: under order from Judge

        2. Neon CRM is in process of being set up; first is membership

          1. Set up payment processor; fee: credit cards 2.6% + 0.30/transaction

            1. Check draft: 1% +$1/ transaction

            2. Set up as a valid non-profit

          2. Susan: do we have to be linked to Quickbooks?

            1. 2C Cheryl: it syncs to Quickbooks, but Dori isn’t using Quickbooks

            2. Dalton: see if we can use Square as our processor

              1. 2C Cheryl: read samples from list; Square isn’t on it

              2. Dalton: use current database structure

    5. Patty B: another genealogy class 8/4, 9/15 at 1pm

    6. 2C Cheryl: Indigeonous Women’s Alliance: cooking BBQ 9/7

      1. Is everyone ok with women drumming?

        1. No complaints voiced

    7. Chief Hatcher

      1. Patty, are you going to go back & certify the core people?

        1. Patty B: I can

        2. Chief: I will have you look at Hatcher & Dimery books

          1. All additions will go through Patty B

        3. Patty B: I have research on paper, Susan will check for errors, then I will compile on big genealogy book of core

        4. Chief Hatcher: we need to put book numbering on ID too

        5. Chief Hatcher: what about non-core?

          1. Patty B: you don’t need anything; just keep % 's right

            1. Chief Hatcher: would like Starla V & Patty B to keep count of core/ non-core percentage

        6. Susan suggested going back to 2017 & give people 6 months to fix expired cards

          1. Allow them to pay past dues & we will renew the card

            1. Patty B: I’ve seen it work some in libraries

        7. Chief Hatcher: we don’t have a historian doing work; we need an active one creating articles

        8. Rutland/ Chavis Cemetery in Norway, SC

          1. Around 1864, a man was buried on his own land and then more people were buried there with stones to mark the graves

            1. About 2 years ago, Mr. Barr bought the land. His house overlooked the graves, so he bulldozed them down

            2. Pat Hallman’s relatives are buried there & he’s now stopped from going to the cemetery

            3.  State law says it’s a felony to desecrate a graveyard

              1. 2C Cheryl: H3806, 2019,  session 123, Gilliard et al

                1. Preservation of cemeteries

            4.  It’s illegal to stop people from visiting a cemetery

        9. 501c (3) can do business with surplus stores

          1. Unless you’re Native, then you have to live on a reservation

        10. Award: Carolina Celebration of Freedom

          1. Need to write letters about issues we care about

            1. Letter should say you are a citizen

            2. Dalton: use billboards if not too expensive

        11. Gov. McMaster: we were supposed to meet, but his advisors/ staff said he had a meeting with NAACP, Hispanics, but wouldn’t have time for use

        12. Marie & Starla V did lots of work; found wrong addresses in files

          1. Call people; send letters: John T, Marie, Starla

            1. 2C Cheryl: Neon CRM will send mail merge with individual names on letters

            2. Susan: use Facebook page/ messenger

            3. Dalton: send mail through tribal secretary

        13. Tubby West passed away

    8. John T

      1. Rent RV campsites as-is: $35/night

        1. Concerns: credit card payment

          1. Need camping prices on website with pictures

          2. Establish a method of reservation

            1. Email; call to confirm

          3. Need a contact list of people taking reservations

          4. Do a test run

        2. Dalton: talk to a travel agent for advertising

        3. Volunteers: John, Glenn C

          1. Let John know if you’re interested

        4. Pricing: RV & tent

        5. Check on insurance policy

          1. Chief Hatcher: get an attorney to write a letter releasing us of liability

        6. Susan: the only time they can’t be here is during Pauwau

          1. Dalton: or increase the cost during the Pauwau

        7. Glenn C: 14 sites available

        8. John T motioned to move forward with camping and make adjustments as we go; Marion seconded

          1. Alan-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

          2. John to initiate WIP Campground Setup

          3. Chief Hatcher to check on insurance

          4. Rick: do we need a license? Check with county first

      2. Membership Renewal Coordinator

        1. We should be taking in $875/ month in fees; willing to call or email them

        2. Are we willing to remove them for lack of payment?

          1. Dalton: by 8/1, $50/year or $5/ month, no penalty for not paying until renewal date

          2. John: would like a $50 card renewal fee/ 2 years


John motioned to close the meeting; Alan seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 7/25/2019 at 4:43 pm.


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