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April 2021 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/2/2021 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Susan, Marie, Glenn and CoC Dalton present. VC Cheryl, 2C John, and Filekeeper Starla present. Kevin Dyda, Dr. Wendy Trott, John A also present.

  2. March meeting summary

  3. Marion motioned to approve; Marie seconded

  4. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  5. Financial Report (as of 4/1/2021, 1am)

  6. General Fund: $18,419.57

  7. Building Fund: $4,598.29

  8. Online Votes

  9. 3/12 Give Chief Spell $200 for training us on drum

  10. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  11. Old Business

  12. Resolution: JT-08-07-2020-001 Subject: Tribal Council Candidate Requirements

  13. Glenn: Amend resolution to include VC Cheryl’s online proposed changes

  14. Glenn/ 2C John: felony conviction- 7-10 years instead of 5?

  15. Dalton: different between felonies (some are worse than others)

  16. Hopefully the background check (automatically shows 10 years) will uncover all wrongs and people will know about it

  17. Dalton: ok with 7 years

  18. VC Cheryl: background check is 10 years; a person could change in 10 years

  19. Dalton: Some Native leaders are felons (ex: Peltier, those who defended not having the pipeline)

  20. 2C John: you could just remove it for now and add it later

  21. Dalton: I don’t want to force it in or out, but I want people to think about it

  22. Glenn: If it’s not in there as a check for us, do we want someone to run the tribe without it who is a felon?

  23. Kevin D: Where I am: 7 years+ is checking to see if someone has reformed- accepted back, but watched

  24. Any violence (except self-defense and defense of family), fraud, theft, sex offenders

  25. Dalton: can we get a written rundown of your program requirements? (to Kevin D, VC Cheryl)

  26. Kevin: yes

  27. VC Cheryl: you can also spell it out in the resolution

  28. 2C John: I would eliminate it or just put in there as 7 or 10 years

  29. They could get an exception from the tribal judge

  30. VC Cheryl: the judge would have to say it violates something in the constitution

  31. 2C John: and just say felony; people can challenge it if it arises

  32. Marion: motion to include background checks

  33. Marie: you don’t even have to say felon; it could just be general

  34. Dalton: the motion needs to be more specific

  35. Dalton: Come back to later in the meeting

  36. New Business

  37. Receipts

  38. 3/17 Coquina, Tractor fuel, Lawn mower & tractor maintenance, Sewer electric: $1461.40

  39. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  40. 3/24 Sewer conduits: $36.09

  41. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  42. 3/29 Sewer Electric Box & Food for Fire Ceremony: $174.59

  43. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  44. Receipt total paid by Glenn: $1672.08

  45. Committee Reports

  46. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  47. Thanks to Starla’s sister and Donnie for help with the equinox

  48. Worked on sewer and electric; ran water lines, had to replace box on the pole with a larger box

  49. Bought fertilizer for the circle; Donnie gave Miracle Gro and seeds

  50. Thanks to Donnie for helping leveling some of the dirt

  51. Pauwau: Dalton

  52. Nominated 2021 Chair: Michelle

  53. Contacting Demonstrators & Vendors

  54. Still using safety measures

  55. Fundraisers

  56. Host Hotel: Quality Inn & Suites NMB

  57. Items in office inventoried to judge how much more to purchase

  58. Drum: Glenn

  59. Chief got a grant for training with Chief Spell

  60. Will probably train a couple times here and and couple times at Edisto

  61. Campground: John and Glenn

  62. Coquina: need to finish 3 more spots and the parking site

  63. Also slanted the camping parking to get longer RV’s in without them getting stuck

  64. Dalton: are we getting the whole drive setup to keep from bogging down?

  65. Glenn: you won’t have to worry about bogging down

  66. 2C John: GSW&S is coming what day? (to Glenn)

  67. Glenn: he said it would be 4 weeks, so it should be this week

  68. Files: Starla

  69. Next meeting 4/17 via Zoom

  70. Marion: I would like to nominate Debbie Johnson to full member

  71. Glenn: She has been here since 2019

  72. Marion: motion to open the tribal roll book to change Debbie Johnson to full member; Glenn seconded

  73. 2C John: Is all of her paperwork in order?

  74. Dalton: can we get her paperwork checked by the next Files committee meeting and table this until the next open meeting?

  75. Marion: table the motion

  76. She will be core

  77. John A: does the Files committee determine who is core?

  78. Dalton: Files committee checks for a complete file before it proceeds to Council

  79. Glenn: she can do the newsletter (print, produce, mail/ email)

  80. Marion: she’s a former school teacher

  81. VC Cheryl

  82. My granddaughter (Kayla (sp?)) got scrubbed from the roll; she’s turning 18 soon

  83. Would like to resubmit her application

  84. she can’t apply for funding from SC Indian Development Council for school without membership

  85. Dalton: you may have to talk to Chief; think her membership when she was under 18 was under her father (who went inactive)

  86. Waccamaw Conference with Winyah River Alliance:

  87. Talked about connection to Waccamaw River

  88. More awareness of Indigenous People and land

  89. Getting our name and story out there

  90. Finally testing for PFAS

  91. Will be on a call 4/7 with EPA to discuss PFAS, what they cause, hotspot locations

  92. Wealth over health has to change

  93. PFAS need to be classified as a contaminate

  94. Lakota are considering an alliance with us

  95. Kevin D: it is being discussed with Council, elders, cultural preservation officers

  96. Ceremony if approved

  97. Read CFR 36 (Parks, Forests, Public Property)

  98. Politicians tell you what you want to hear

  99. New administration has a Native as Secretary of Interior (Haaland)

  100. VC Cheryl: sent a template to the State Preservation Society to give to other tribes to indicate their ancestral land

  101. Kevin D: there are grants for state-recognized tribes for this

  102. 4/27 Horry County Museum will have a Waccamaw exhibit from 3-5 pm

  103. Dalton: return to JT-08-07-2020-001

  104. View changes and discuss by email

  105. Table for now (2C John lost pc power)

Marion motioned to adjourn; Glenn seconded

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 4/6/2021 at 1:03 pm.