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December 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/02/2022 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CMs Marion, Robert, Chris, Glenn, Susan, Marie, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Larry J and Becky S were present. Chief Hatcher, VC Cheryl, and 2C Alan were present.

  2. Members Emily W, Nancy J, and Starla C were present. David H present. Members Carol H, David B, and Anita H were present via Zoom.

  3. Resolution: DH-12-02-2022-001: Certification of the 2022 Tribal Election

  4. Marie voted to accept with change to Cheryl’s name and adding an “f” to Chief; Robert seconded

  5. Susan: concerns; this was the lowest voter turnout we’ve had

  6. 2C Alan: part of the problem was USPS and some people never got a ballot

  7. Marion: we all need to write our Congressmen about the USPS

  8. Susan: I think we need to go to email and extend voting to allow people to vote at the pauwau

  9. Marie: and post it on Facebook so people know

  10. Chris: ask in the email if they will be voting in-person

  11. Glenn: let people vote absentee

  12. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  13. CoC Dalton swore in Marion C, Chris H, Susan H, Chief Hatcher, and VC Cheryl

  14. Financial Report (as of 11/30/2022 at 11:40 pm)

  15. General Fund: $28,446.44

  16. Building Fund: $2883.15

  17. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  18. Old Business

  19. Online Votes

  20. 10/12: Approve use of the office for class on moccasins and ribbon shirts with Aki

  21. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  22. 11/28: Approve October 2022 Meeting Summary

  23. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  24. New Business

  25. Receipts

  26. For RV & electric: $616.15 to Glenn C

  27. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  28. Check 1067

  29. For PW: $1992.26 to Glenn C

  30. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  31. Check 503

  32. Committee Reports

  33. Building & Grounds: Glenn C

  34. Send in volunteer time

  35. Clayton J donated 7 bags of mulch

  36. RV work where Chief’s site sits is done

  37. Need my box back eventually

  38. Need to hook up water to Chief’s RV spot and dump station

  39. Phil W wants 4 more receptacles

  40. Dirt leveled down in the front

  41. Chief Hatcher: you can get a tax credit for volunteer hours

  42. If you want receipts for your time, tell the Chief the number of hours and dollar amount

  43. Grants: Michelle

  44. SCAC final report needs to be done when the link appears in the portal

  45. Pauwau: CoC Dalton

  46. The budget is attached; some receipts still coming in

  47. Volunteer appreciation dinner & Outbrief on 12/4 at El Cerro

  48. Glenn C: a few inquiries on dance payouts: people not in regalia

  49. Someone jumped over hay bales to get in the circle and then had no regalia on

  50. Chris H: people don’t keep regalia on during the rain

  51. CoC Dalton: John A told people to take regalia off and at times to come in the arena without it

  52. Chris H: think if they disregard the circle, they shouldn’t win

  53. Glenn C: think a letter is appropriate; not let her dance next year if unacceptable

  54. Susan: we can look at pictures

  55. Glenn C: we cannot have 2 campers hooked to 1 RV spot

  56. Chris H: one light on that circuit wouldn’t blow it

  57. Marie: you could have told us and we could use our generator

  58. Michelle: Anyone who wants a RV site needs to let us know they are coming to be sure they have a spot

  59. Chris H: She can use my spot next year

  60. CoC Dalton: we will discuss it further and come up with a policy letter

  61. VC Cheryl: practicality with empathy

  62. Anita H: I didn’t like all the people in cowboy hats and jeans in the ring

  63. Susan: it was during intertribal

  64. Drum

  65. Drummed for School Days

  66. Chief Hatcher: how do we handle boys and girls who want to drum on school day?

  67. Glenn C: it depends on whether you want to stay traditional

  68. Chief Hatcher: call the other drums and come up with a policy

  69. 2C Alan: in Cheraw, Keepers of the word were there with regular drum

  70. Susan: we got a call from a female drum in GA; brought it to the PW committee who thought it was too close to PW

  71. The GA drum then thought it was too far to drive

  72. Chief Hatcher: traditions change

  73. Susan: we could use female drums on Family Day or fire ceremonies

  74. Files

  75. Marie: Motion to make Emily W and Lauren M full members; Marion second

  76. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  77. Newsletter

  78. Looking for someone to step in and take over

  79. Susan: Lindsey S said she would

  80. CoC Dalton: I’ll reach out to her and see if she wants to do it by herself or with others

  81. CoC Dalton: if the drama over the newsletter wants to go to the next step, it should go to the tribal judge

  82. VC Cheryl: there should be a step before that

  83. CoC Dalton: like to the Elders

  84. VC Cheryl: I took a day reconfiguring one company’s policy for the tribe

  85. I suggest CM’s buddy up with new members and mentor them

  86. Going straight to the tribal judge is deflecting

  87. Chief Hatcher: keep in mind they have to break a policy for it to be taken to the tribal judge

  88. Fire ceremony: 12/17/2022 at sunrise

  89. Glenn C: Turkey Shoot

  90. Need to make sure it’s okay with the firearms resolution

  91. Would we be interested in doing this?

  92. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  93. CoC Dalton: it’s something you want on paper and read 3 times

  94. Marie: Are you looking for donations for prizes or is the tribe paying for it?

  95. Glenn C: the tribe would have to pay for it

  96. VC Freddie from Santee would help us

  97. VC Cheryl: make sure it stays within the guidelines

  98. Glenn C: Horry County says no permit if we don’t have vendors

  99. Santee was making $2000/ night

  100. Susan: they were making it mostly off food

  101. Elder Larry J: do not during pauwau because of the horse

  102. Susan: I propose we let him pursue this; Marie seconded

  103. Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  104. Glenn C: city police had no objections

  105. We have noise ordinances to follow

  106. Would like to start October 1

  107. VC Cheryl: Amend the firearms resolution

  108. Glenn C: one house gun that everybody shoots with; we supply the shells

  109. David H: make sure the insurance policy covers it

  110. CoC Dalton: in PW: archery and axe-throwing

  111. Susan: go to Bass Pro Shops for prizes/ donations

  112. VC Cheryl

  113. Environmental Justice (EJ) Grant & Grant Writing Development

  114. We are in an EJ zone

  115. Climate: help mitigate change with flooding

  116. Community garden: food source

  117. Move from High-emission use- electric charging stations

  118. Reforestation (carbon credits)