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December 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/1/2023  held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Glenn, Chris, Emily, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Charles and Larry were present. Vice Chief Cheryl, 2C Alan, and 2C John were present. 2C Alan served as a proxy for CM Susan.

  2. Members Starla C, Nancy J, Clayton G, David B, Randy W, Ray A, Aaron F, Rebecca F, Carol H, Lisa L, Jennifer R, and Josh W were present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 11/28/2023 at 8:31 pm)

  4. General Fund: $42,645.30

  5. Building Fund: $1906.61

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00 

  7. Old Business

  8. Online Votes

  9. 10/8 Purchase materials to replace water pipe due to leak

  10. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  11. 11/6 Running internet cable with the PVC pipe

  12. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  13. 11/28 October Meeting Summary approval

  14. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  15. New Business

  16. Receipts

  17. $293.87 to Glenn Cook for cable connector and cable

  18. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  19. Check 865

  20. Committee Reports

  21. Building & Grounds: Glenn

  22. Thanks to all who helped this year

  23. Volunteer hours have been reported (emailed to Michelle)

  24. I didn’t find a leak before the pauwau; we may get an adjustment on the GSW&S bill

  25. Replace the water line to the circle, probably reroute it to campsites

  26. Rent trenches and run wifi to the circle, but we’ll need a cable box

  27. Benches: no time to put them up

  28. Hay: approximately 100 bales: come and get them

  29. Proposal to allot 10 loads of gravel each year (would like to see 15) until we get what we need

  30. It may take 2 years; spread it all over

  31. VC Cheryl: Rebecca Harper/ Sam Ward: soil report shows we’re in a flood area

  32. Before we put more dirt, there may be funds for nature-based solutions

  33. They could do a free survey to decide on the best thing to do

  34. CoC Dalton: how about we get the survey done and see what can be done with them

  35. Get the first $5000 of loads of gravel and Glenn and VC Cheryl can work together on it

  36. VC Cheryl: I’m trying to coordinate a mapping day to identify Dimery/ Waccamaw land and excavated sites

  37. I did a tour of the cemetery

  38. Pisgah Church Rd has houses there now

  39. David and Eliza were buried there

  40. 2C John: how is the heat and air?

  41. Glenn: I have not checked on it

  42. 2C John: do we need to spend money on it?

  43. Glenn: probably; I can talk to someone about it

  44. CoC Dalton: I motion to give B&G a $5000 budget to begin putting down gravel and Glenn and VC Cheryl to begin working on grants to help with it; Marion seconded

  45. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  46. 2C John: I’m concerned with the shape of the office and how people perceive it

  47. We need new windows, floors, refrigerator

  48. CoC Dalton: how much do the windows cost?

  49. Glenn: probably $300 each x 11 windows

  50. 2C John: what about the cost of a new kitchen floor?

  51. VC Cheryl: The subfloor probably has to be done too

  52. Elder Larry: you may be able to get linoleum for nothing in exchange for an ad in the PW book

  53. 2C John: check on materials cost

  54. VC Cheryl: and the bathroom

  55. Randy: I’ve seen so much wood thrown away at sites

  56. 2C John: can we completely get rid of the tub?

  57. Glenn: I will get prices on windows

  58. CoC Dalton: table the office until our next meeting

  59. 2C John: can we get a schedule on work on the longhouse so we can advertise?

  60. VC Cheryl: spring for sure; Carolyn will have a better idea when the students can be out to help

  61. Chris: I asked Austin about the price of using his tractor and he said no cost

  62. Glenn: tell him to bring it empty and let us use it again

  63. Arts & Crafts: VC Cheryl

  64. I was approached in mid-October about doing a presentation/ workshop at CCU, but they gave us little notice

  65. It has to be done during the academic year

  66. More people who do arts & crafts could help, like Rebecca F, Carol H, and Lisa L

  67. Lisa: I’ll be doing one at USC-Lancaster tomorrow

  68. Grants: Michelle & VC Cheryl

  69. SCAC final report for the school day event has been done; we’re waiting to hear back

  70. VC Cheryl: Natural Resources Conservation Fund & a climate grant

  71. One is through USDA and the restoration of flood hazards

  72. One is Anthropocene Alliance: $25k capacity

  73. Then you use that grant to go after a $100k project grant

  74. Each grant would lead to one big project

  75. The more we’re doing, the more it helps with federal recognition and getting some of our land back

  76. Open Space Institute:

  77. Protecting water, climate, parks, and more

  78. Elder Charles: if we get federal recognition, will we get land or a reservation?

  79. VC Cheryl: they look at historic land; we don’t have a treaty, but we have a settlement and money to offset some things like where houses were built on Waccamaw land

  80. Pauwau: Dalton

  81. Outbrief date to be set soon, probably around 12/12 depending on schedules

  82. Volunteers will be emailed

  83. Start working now towards 2024

  84. Looking for pictures of our older members

  85. Start selling ads for the program book

  86. Will be discussing allowing 75% of vendors as Native & 25% appropriately signed non-native vendors because some vendors have passed away

  87. Native vendors would get the first spots on the circle

  88. 2C Alan: ask Mike Benton if he would like to join

  89. CCU Archiving Project: Jennifer R

  90. I’ve got boxes of cultural items; you can see the index in Drive

  91. I talked to the CCU library; they are not accepting new collections for 2 years

  92. I can archive the project at home but will need help with the cost of materials

  93. Glenn: create a list

  94. I archived them with Rebecca F and others who want to join

  95. 2C John: did Christine leave?

  96. Jennifer R: they said she’s no longer there and didn't know she was working with us

  97. They have an Horry County archivist who didn’t seem interested

  98. Files

  99. The next meeting will be 1/13, so no ID cards or certificates will be printed this month

  100. Membership Updates

  101. Tracey G (for full membership)

  102. Carol L (honorary to non-core full member)

  103. Sara R (honorary to non-core full member)

  104. David H (honorary to non-core full member)

  105. David B (honorary to core full member)

  106. Sara Baskin-Sands (honorary to core full member)

  107. Susan B (honorary to spousal member)

  108. VC Cheryl: the apps that say “non-core native” need more information of other native tribes or go for “adopted non-native” and not need other items

  109. COC Dalton: I suggest changing them to adopted and switching to non-core native if they submit the information; Marion seconded

  110. Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  111. 2C Alan: new files to look at:

  112. Emily Kirkland (honorary)

  113. Sara Mason (honorary)

  114. Jennifer R (honorary to full)

  115. Tim Harwell (honorary): needs a better picture; app given back to 2C Alan

  116. Longhouse Project

  117. VC Cheryl emailed David; he has been sick

  118. 2C John

  119.  I’m curious why we don’t move our banking account to a bank that gives interest

  120. Like Allied Bank or ask CNB if they have interest-bearing accounts

  121. VC Cheryl: I had a conversation with Mike about an endowment fund and better managing our money

  122. I would like set up a time in January for him to come to a meeting and discuss it

  123. It’s time to revisit the constitution and Chief eligibility requirements

  124. Example: having to be core to be Chief

  125. VC Cheryl: if you do that, it will shut the door on federal recognition

  126. Tribal basis is on the core genealogy of the original tribe

  127. It could potentially jeopardize state recognition

  128. VC Cheryl

  129. I spoke with Rick Elliott about a business plan and hope to work on it in a couple of months

  130. We need to look at long-term goals

  131. Marion: reminder, the solstice is 12/16

  132. CoC Dalton

  133.  I would like us to start working towards Special Needs Fishing Day again

  134. Glenn: I will talk to Rick H and see what we can come up with

  135. Elders, have you voted on a new CoE?

  136. Elder Larry: no

  137. CM Chris: this Sunday: parade, going to bring a trailer here and get hay

  138. Put a banner around the trailer and maybe the drum

  139. The parade is at 3 pm, will probably be here at 1 pm

  140. Elder Larry: 10 months for us to get one here

  141. Chris: we could also talk to schools during their homecoming

  142. CM Glenn

  143. I plan to go to Santee next Friday and get help with the Turkey Shoot

  144. Chris: Crossway Church on Hwy 701 has one

  145. Starla: stress to people about ads- it doesn’t have to be for a business; it can be a memorial page or anything

Marion motioned to close the meeting; 2C Alan (Susan) seconded.

Emily-yes, Susan (2C Alan)-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 12/29//2023 at 12:07 am.


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