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September 2018 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/7/2018 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC CM’s, Robert, John, Dalton, and CoC Rick present. Elders Dan, Doug, Ronnie, and Becky present. Financial Report General Fund: $11,799.15 Building Fund: $1,969.12 Online Votes 8/23 Accept August Meeting Summary with change Robert-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes Old Business Cemetery Update Rick to Elder Dan: we need a current list of trustees Resolution: DH-04-06-2018-001 Subject: Exemption of membership fees for age, length of service, or large donations: Third Reading Not enough response online to discussion Dalton: a lot of the responses were things already approved John T :Rick’s suggestion was to simplify

Announcement from B&G Chair Glenn C

Reminder there is no work day this Sat 8th due to Santee Pauwau. But there is plenty on weedeating that needs done. If you go out just call or text me. Thanks everyone.

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