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January 2020 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/10/2020 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Marion, Alan, Susan Robert, CoC Rick present. 2C Cheryl served as proxy for Dalton.

  2. Ms. Elizabeth Chavis Jacobs from Census 2020 spoke

  3. Census Questionnaire: invitation to do by phone or internet; also paper

  4. Used for grants, redistricting, infrastructure projects

  5. Only 10 questions to answer at

  6. Constitutional requirement; must be completed by 4/1

  7. Susan: has My Tribal Area been updated lately?

  8. Ms. Jacobs: put your full tribal name in (200 characters of space online)

  9. Susan: can we set up a day to do it here at the office?

  10. Ms. Jacobs: that falls under Questionnaire Assistance Center

  11. Each one has a code for every person

  12. Glenn C: you said race; is there a wrong way to identify yourself?

  13. Ms. Jacobs: put American Indian; it helps with numbers in the area

  14. 2C Cheryl: numbers might be low because there’s an impression it’s only used for federally-recognized tribes

  15. Financial Report: Not available

  16. Online Votes

  17. 1/4: Accept December Summary

  18. Marion- yes, Alan-yes, Susan-absent, Robert-yes, 2C Cheryl (Dalton)-yes, Rick-absent

  19. Old Business

  20. Policy Letter: Planting Trees

  21. Marion: we don’t need plaques

  22. Susan: you could put the plaque in front of the tree

  23. Rick: or hang it on a limb

  24. Rick: what type of trees?

  25. Marion: Indigenous trees

  26. Rick: I suggest pecan trees

  27. 2C Cheryl: suggest fig trees

  28. Rick: stay away from trees that are bushy at the bottom

  29. Susan: suggest persimmon trees

  30. Glenn C: keep it easy to weed eat around too

  31. Alan: how much area isn’t cleared?

  32. Chief Hatcher: think about 2 acres

  33. Alan: don’t want to get overrun with them either

  34. Susan: grapevines; pecans- the sap falls off; be careful with parking

  35. Rick: suggest plum

  36. Susan: suggest walnut

  37. 2C Cheryl: or both walnut and pecan

  38. Alan: put them on the backside

  39. Rick: should we set aside an area for memorial park?

  40. Susan: a memorial garden: use plants, not trees because they’re easier to manage

  41. Use a 20x40 area

  42. 2C Cheryl: use with an arbor; put trees on either side

  43. Susan: or 4 trees total

  44. Marion: do we want trees period?

  45. Susan: trees along the roadway, not on the arbor

  46. Rick: also on road beside RV spots; going to take work

  47. Clear out the underbrush

  48. Susan: leave some for privacy

  49. Larry J: Red tips are low maintenance; evergreens

  50. Rick: pecan trees, 40 feet apart?

  51. Glenn C: read up on it, but at least 40 feet apart

  52. 2C Cheryl: think pecans would be best in back area to avoid problem with trees

  53. Sugar Maples are good for driveways

  54. Rick: motion to plant trees down the road 40 feet apart

  55. Susan: is the individual responsible for the upkeep of the plants/ trees?

  56. Rick: leaning towards the garden area; fill in from there (behind fire circle, etc)

  57. Policy letter: add that they go in memorial area and that the individual is responsible for its upkeep for as long as it is alive

  58. Let John T finish it and finish it next month

  59. Alan F: did they ever do work on Donnie’s trailer?