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April 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/7/2023 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CMs Marion, Susan, Glenn, Marie, Chris, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Becky and Ronnie were present. Chief Hatcher, VC Cheryl, and 2C Alan were present.

  2. Members present by Zoom included: Aaron F, Rebecca F, Cody F, Jennifer R, Elder Larry J, Nancy J, Clayton G, Carol H, Kevin D, Starla C, Jeanie W, Lisa L, Joshua W, David B, Susan B

  3. Financial Report (as of 4/7/2023 at 12:12 am)

  4. General Fund: $29,050.25

  5. Building Fund: $3267.00

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Old Business

  8. Online Votes

  9. 3/14 Whiteboard and Table for PFAS during Water Week at the Horry County Museum

  10. Susan-absent, Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

  11. 3/17 Approve March Open Meeting Summary with change

  12. Change 4-b-i-5: Martin Service to Martin Sarvis

  13. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

  14. New Business

  15. Receipts

  16. Fuel: $43.50

  17. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

  18. Glenn will pay with the B&G card

  19. Committee Reports

  20. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  21. Dirt: not heard back from Sarvis since we got a price

  22. No work day on 4/8 due to the Easter holiday

  23. Cemetery: remove old fencing and put it up where it should be

  24. Marion: All chairs were put together

  25. Art & Crafts

  26. VC Cheryl: there is a bill in the legislature to revise the Indian Arts & Crafts Act

  27. We need people to write their congressman

  28. It will specify the term Indian to be just federally recognized tribes and its effect on the rest of the Natives

  29. The deadline to comment is 4/14

  30. Chief Hatcher: Caro lH has a lot to donate and Jeff will go get it, but he wants one of the lawnmowers she’s donating

  31. CoC Dalton: what are their condition?

  32. Carol H: both are in working order; one has new blades

  33. Chief Hatcher: is there a particular time to come?

  34. Carol H: come at your convenience

  35. Chief Hatcher: are you going to be part of the Arts & Crafts Committee?

  36. Carol H: I hope so

  37. Susan: Must have 3 items to show to get certification

  38. Susan motioned for Jeff to go get the donated items, including lawnmowers, and allow him to keep one lawnmower; Marie seconded

  39. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

  40. Grants

  41. Michelle: waiting to hear back from SCAC on the School Day grant

  42. VC Cheryl: we received notification that we got the CCU $10k grant

  43. For the longhouse, signs, gardens

  44. VC Cheryl: we are working on another $25k grant through Earth Design

  45. For charrettes, plant identification, design

  46. Pauwau

  47. Working on budget

  48. Need a story on the history & traditions of the drum for the program book

  49. Discussing sending people on the Gate Pass List wristbands ahead of time to indicate they have paid

  50. Requesting Junior HM/HL attend a pauwau meeting to know what is expected of them

  51. VC Cheryl: Trevor spoke to a Pepsi representative who wants to be our official sponsor

  52. We would get drinks at wholesale prices

  53. Marion: How many cases did we buy?

  54. Glenn: 25 Pepsi, 25 Mountain Dew, unsure of rest

  55. Pepsi also has Aquafina water

  56. Files: Marie

  57. No meeting on 4/8 due to the Easter holiday

  58. Susan: we need to decide on a renewal fee

  59. Marie: it should be covered up front too

  60. Marion: motion to charge a $10 ID renewal fee; Susan seconded

  61. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

  62. Newsletter: Susan

  63. I’m talking to Lindsey

  64. The next newsletter is due in June

  65. 2C Alan

  66. Statehouse emails from the Chief: write your state representatives and senators

  67. VC Cheryl

  68. When is the best time for Indigenous Lobby Day at the statehouse?

  69. I need to check the legislative calendar

  70. It could be done through the SCIAC

  71. It also gives us a chance to introduce new things

  72. Chief Hatcher

  73. 3 bills at the statehouse

  74. Columbus Day- statewide, it would no longer be a day

  75. Free hunting and fishing licenses to tribes and groups

  76. Your ID card would act as your license

  77. Susan: one to stop the SoS from claiming new Indian tribes that have not gone through the CMA process

  78. Contact your state senators and representatives

  79. Susan

  80. 4/20: CMA is meeting at the tribal grounds with Council, Elders, members, etc…

  81. 4/19:CCU movie viewing of Beans

  82. Last year CCU did an interview with Steven Capparelli (sp?)- Horse movie

  83. Beans is about a 78-day armed standoff in 1990 Quebec

  84. 2 Mohawk Indians vs the government

  85. Panel discussion with the director (Tracey Deer) from 5-6 pm in the Singleton Ballroom

  86. VC Cheryl

  87. 4/11: I’m speaking on a panel at CCU: a sustainability symposium at 2:30 pm

  88. Intersectional Environmentalism: shows how we’re all connected environmentally

  89. Last month: I had the opportunity to present at the PFAS talk until we got the section saying SC does NOT regulate PFAS

  90. 99% of the people in SC have been exposed to PFAS through groundwater and drinking water

  91. There is an increase in cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, and a decrease in vaccine efficacy associated with PFAS

  92. European Chemical Health Agency (ECHA):

  93. They are about to ban 10k items; the US is only banning 6

  94. Facebook group: Clean Water SC:

  95. An educational site

  96. DHEC, Waterkeepers Alliance, Riverkeepers

  97. All rivers in SC are contaminated and some are very high

  98. Chief Hatcher: What do we do about this?

  99. VC Cheryl: tell the legislators at the state level that we want to set limits and we want clean water

  100. Chief Hatcher: draft me a letter so we can get it out

  101. Stop the use and manufacturing of the items and hold people and corporations accountable

  102. Susan: I was told to talk to my VA doctor. I did and they gave me a paper that said I needed to see my VA doctor

  103. VC Cheryl: we need education first

  104. Get people motivated to contact their state government

  105. 4/22 is Earth Day

  106. I encourage all to watch the movie Dark Waters

  107. CoC Dalton

  108. For those who didn’t know, VC Cheryl was quoted in a White House press release