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August 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 8/05/2022 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Marion, Robert, Chris, Marie, Glenn, and CoC Dalton present. Elders Glenn T, Becky S, and Larry J present. VC Cheryl and 2C’s John T and Alan F present. Members Debbie B, Wendy T, Nancy J, and Starla C present. Anita F also present.

  2. Financial Report

  3. General Fund: $15,852.37

  4. Building Fund: $3,152.08

  5. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  6. Old Business

  7. Online Votes

  8. 7/24 Approve July Meeting Summary

  9. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-abstain

  10. Applications for Betty Lyles, Dona Mitchell, Carolyn Mallard

  11. Susan motioned to accept all 3 applications; Marion seconded

  12. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  13. New Business

  14. Glenn

  15. We had a problem last month with people hearing on Zoom. Do we want to invest in a microphone/ sound system?

  16. A friend wanted $2k, but we can probably do for $1k

  17. He wanted $7500 for full sound and video

  18. We could give the guy a tax write-off

  19. CoC Dalton: we have a projector we could use

  20. 2C Alan: talk with Phil W; he has connections

  21. Susan: I’ll speak with TV13 too

  22. Committee Reports

  23. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  24. Marion: we need to think about hookups for electric vehicles

  25. Arts & Crafts

  26. Glenn: Carol H donated items; we have to pick them up, perhaps during the Santee Pauwau

  27. VC Cheryl: there was a lady who made items and offered to come out to do classes on shirts and skirts

  28. We could use part of the old trailer for it

  29. Susan: we would need power there

  30. Glenn: some power on the line; not 200 amps

  31. CoC Dalton: we have 2 window AC units, but would need someone to pick them up

  32. Susan: there was talk of a computer center, museum, etc…

  33. VC Cheryl: we need a plan

  34. Susan: one room with 2 desks, AC center. part museum

  35. Susan: I also have a sleeper couch I might be able to donate for pauwau

  36. Discuss more during the workday

  37. Grants: Michelle

  38. SCAC granted us $5200 this year

  39. Pauwau: Michelle

  40. Looking for Head Man

  41. Glenn: asked Bostic, but he wants $800 + Room

  42. Chris H: will ask Little Turtle

  43. Working through budget

  44. Securing donations (ex: water)

  45. Marion: will check with Food Lion about water

  46. Checking price on P-o-P since Gary’s was bought out

  47. Cancel cut-off date: 8/31/2022

  48. Vendor apps are being given out

  49. Sell ads; form available for you to print

  50. VC Cheryl: the pauwau is listed at but the link is wrong

  51. We need to put the flyer on websites

  52. Drum: 2C Alan

  53. 9/12, 9 am: play at the convention center in Myrtle Beach

  54. Honor Guard, Carson dancing

  55. VC Cheryl: has anyone talked to Rick H?

  56. Susan: Chief Hatcher sent him an email

  57. Files: Dalton

  58. CoC Dalton: probably going to sponsor Chad P for full membership

  59. Newsletter: Debbie B: winter edition

  60. Send us the content by 8/18

  61. Challenge Chief Hatcher to get his in first; easier to work around because of length

  62. Thanks for letting us distribute them

  63. Who will be sending information to us?

  64. CoC Dalton: Susan or Michelle

  65. Debbie B: how many are we looking at?

  66. Susan: they should all go hard copy because of the ballot insert

  67. Me: roughly 250 active voting members

  68. Debbie B: how much would it cost?

  69. Vice Chief Cheryl: still 1 stamp

  70. Susan: I’ll send her the ballot

  71. CoC Dalton: I’ll send you a spreadsheet

  72. Receipts

  73. Money for tribal council stipend: $125: Check 833 General Fund

  74. Fuel: $45.48: Check 1064 Building Fund

  75. Marion motioned to return money to Glenn C; Marie seconded

  76. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  77. Vice Chief Cheryl: has the Donnell Foundation check been received; it’s been a couple of weeks

  78. Susan: not yet

  79. Tribal Secretary note: it was deposited on 8/10/2022 in the amount of $500 to the Building Fund

  80. Cemetery Fence

  81. 2C John: all installed except for the gate as of Tuesday

  82. Vice Chief Cheryl: the trustees could probably get one of the state historical signs (like the one for leading to the tribal grounds on Hwy 501)

  83. 2C John

  84. Does Elder Becky S accept the Chief of the Elders position?

  85. Elder Dan H is taking a leave of absence

  86. Elder Becky S: yes

  87. Received a letter from a school; unsure of what they want

  88. Thought it would be a lecture, but the age group is 4-12

  89. Maybe hunting, trapping, etc…

  90. Susan: I already sent her school day information

  91. VC Cheryl: we usually set how/ what our presentations will consist of

  92. 2C John: will let her know about school day

  93. CCU Archive Project

  94. Glenn motioned to give 2C John an office key; Robert seconded

  95. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  96. VC Cheryl

  97. SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  98. Lunch & Learn event; free

  99. At the Courthouse in Columbia on 8/26

  100. No Defense Film: PFAS Documentary

  101. trying to put together a screening

  102. CCU wouldn’t do it; Horry County Council won’t

  103. Maybe veterans with connections to organizations can suggest a venue

  104. Reaching out to Chief Creel to raise awareness

  105. Impacted by the Charleston base

  106. Any input would be helpful

  107. CoC Dalton: banquet rooms in hotels

  108. Susan: will look around

  109. Starla: keep me informed; grew up on MB Air Force Base

  110. Susan: do you have rights to the viewing?

  111. Vice Chief Cheryl: one of the people in it would speak through Zoom if he can’t make it

  112. Susan: if I found a place, how soon could you show it?

  113. Vice Chief Cheryl: plan for 10/6/2022

  114. Susan: for how many people?

  115. Vice Chief Cheryl: 100-150 including CCU students

  116. 2C Alan

  117. A company in Stump Hill wants us to do a presentation

  118. We need to decide on a price for an event like this

  119. Susan: she wanted us in October, but that’s too close to pauwau

  120. CoC Dalton: also, why isn’t she calling the Lumbee (they’re closer)

  121. 2C Alan: I’ll decline it

  122. VC Cheryl: we aren’t a traveling Indian show or carnival

  123. State Museum

  124. Our small group is coming up with ideas

  125. CoC Dalton

  126. Aynor Hoe Down Parade: 9/17

  127. Susan: Santee Pauwau is that weekend

  128. 2C John: didn’t Elder Larry & Nancy J ride horses?

  129. Michelle: their paperwork says no horses

  130. CoC Dalton: if you know anyone that wants to participate, let us know

  131. Glenn C: Conway Christmas Parade

  132. Costs us; have a mobile home chassis if we need it

  133. Elders

  134. We need golf balls around the building; a rattlesnake was found here

  135. Glenn: I have some Snake away (Off?)

  136. Straw: Elder Larry J donated $100

  137. Susan: if you’re volunteering for pauwau, you have to sign in & out with Dalton to receive credit

  138. VC Cheryl: make sure it’s in the newsletter

  139. Starla: the drum arbor is looking bad; donating $200 to repair it

  140. Chris H: campsite 9 or 10

  141. Glenn: I’ve got you

  142. CoC Dalton: are Elders doing the gate this year?

  143. Elder Larry J: I’m doing horses

  144. CoC Dalton: make sure to get volunteers

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Marion seconded.

Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 8/25/2022 at 12:27 pm.

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