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August 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 8/4/2023 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Chris, and Glenn were present. CM Robert arrived late. CM Susan led the meeting.

  2. Elders Charles H, Larry J, and CoE Becky S were present. 2C’s John T and Alan F were present. Chief Hatcher was present.

  3. Members Lisa L, Starla C, Emily W, David B, Jennifer R, Aaron F, Rebecca F, Cody F, David H, Jerri H, and Kevin D were present. Steve W was also present.

  4. Nancy J resigned from Council. Emily W was sworn-in to Council.

  5. Receipts: $75.39 for fuel

    1. Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes

    2. Check 1070 B&G Fund

  6. Financial Report (as of 8/03/2023 at 11:26 am)

    1. General Fund: $35, 151.71

    2. Building Fund: $3203.42

    3. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Old Business

    1. Online Votes

      1. 6/8 Allow David Hines to camp on the tribal grounds during the Summer Solstice

        1. Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-abstain

      2. 7/11 Approve June 2023 Open Meeting Summary

        1. Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-abstain

  8. New Business

    1. CCU Archiving Project

      1. 2C John: it’s Jennifer R’s forte and she wanted to help

        1. Zoom had a bad connection

        2. Jennifer R will send slides & Michelle will attach them with the summary

        3. Tabled until we have a better connection

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

        1. Gate for the PW

          1. Steve texted a price for a 10x12 ft fence at $200

          2. To build a gate (pipe, tubing, etc…): $1100

          3. Tractor Supply: check for corral gates, and buy posts for the ends ($1000)

          4. I suggest the corral gate because it can be used for other things

          5. Glenn motioned to get corral gates and 4 posts to be put up; Chris seconded

          6. Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes

          7. Elder Charles: I have one to donate with some damage

        2. AC parts: fan motor: will hold until next month

        3. Donnie is working on the tractor with Chief Hatcher

        4. Bathhouse: we need to put prices together; create a rough drawing

          1. 2C John: were you looking for boxes?

          2. Glenn: the state is going to help with a grant

          3. I suggest putting it behind the Backwoods Survivalists spot during the PW

          4. 2C John: will that facilitate sewage?

          5. Glenn- not at the campsites

        5. Work Day 8/5 at 8:30 am to work on AC

          1. 2C Alan: Water was deep under the AC; can we run a trench?

          2. Glenn-yes

        6. Chief Hatcher: Council, come up with 4-5 projects and get volunteers out here

        7. Chris H: I may be able to get a loader bobcat to move stones

          1. Later texted: $250/ day

      2. Arts & Crafts: Susan

        1. I did a class at CCU

        2. Two more in September & October

      3. Grants: Michelle & Chief Hatcher

        1. CCU grant was approved

        2. SCAC: School Day grant for $1530

        3. CMA grant: $1500

        4. Other grants for $3000 and $1000

        5. $20k grant applied for

      4. Pauwau

        1. Working on the budget

        2. Ads: Randi C has called people from past books

          1. Reminder: cutoff date is 8/15 so we can get it into the book and make sure things will fit properly

        3. Looking for pictures of older members

        4. Volunteers will wear a wristband

        5. CCU Volunteers: Susan

          1. Tanja wants to put our logo on a gel bracelet that CCU buys to give to their people

          2. They wouldn’t be making money off the logo

          3. Susan: proposal to let CCU make commemorative gel bracelets; Glenn seconded

          4. Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes

          5. 2C John: can’t we make some and sell at $5 or so?

          6. Elder Larry: I think it’s a great idea

      5. Drum: Nothing new this month

      6. Files: Work Day 8/5 at 12 pm

        1. Susan: I think honorary members should wait a year before becoming full members

          1. Glenn: a year’s wait gives Council time to see if they contributed

          2. 2C John: if they’re out here working every weekend, I think they should become full members

      7. Newsletter

        1. Make sure it goes out by email and hard copy

        2. Need SoP for newsletter

    3. Longhouse Project: David H

      1. I want to come down 10/28-29 and begin work with signs from Dr. Dillian

      2. There will be more excitement if people see it in progress

      3. Chris will help out

    4. Chief Hatcher

      1. I heard nothing back from Council or trustees about the cemetery bylaws

        1. Read the bylaws to Council and audience: 1st Reading

        2. 2C John: we need to state monetary funds have to be in a separate account that requires two people to withdraw from

        3. Read Wayne T’s email understanding of the trustees to Council

      2. Membership

        1. The executive branch should be able to bring honorary to full member nominations at any time, but Council can sit on it for a year

          1. Susan: the nomination is to get the paperwork for full membership, not to automatically make them full members

          2. Susan sent the regular application to 2C Alan

          3. Susan: I think we should give them a timeframe to get it back instead of chasing it down

          4. Susan: if an application is missing things, do we send them back?

          5. Chief Hatcher: 2C Alan sends them back

        2. Chief Hatcher: I would like Council to take our membership total/ 6- roughly 50 people that they can call and listen to troubles, interests, etc…

          1. We need a proposal for it

        3. The City of Conway wants to have October Day and would like drummers

        4. Land in TN: there is a proposal to us to buy it back for what we have in it

          1. We need to do something with the land if we’re going to keep paying taxes on it

          2. Tabled until September

    5. Elders

      1. Larry J: I have Sno-Cone and Popcorn machine

    6. Susan: Cub Scouts would like to camp 9/15-17

      1. Glenn: that is the weekend of the Santee Pauwau

        1. I would like someone to be out here with them

        2. The following weekend is the solstice

        3. Susan: I’ll contact them to see if they can reschedule it

Glenn motioned to close the meeting; Chris seconded.

Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 8/22/2023 at 12:13 pm.


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