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February 2024 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/2/2024  held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Susan, Emily, Glenn, and CoC Dalton were present. CM’s Robert and Chris arrived late. Elders Charles H and Larry J were present. Vice Chief Cheryl, 2C Alan, and 2C John were present.

  2. Members Nancy J, Clayton G, Ronnie H, Carol L, Carolyn D, Randy W, Lisa L, Starla C, Rick H, and Andy W were present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 2/1/2024 at 11:11 am)

  4. General Fund: $42,403.13

  5. Building Fund: $1906.61

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Old Business

  8. Online Votes

  9. 12/29 Approve December open meeting summary

  10. Emily-yes, Susan-abstain, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, 2C Alan (Susan)-yes

  11. 1/11 Cancel the January 2024 open meeting due to weather advisory

  12. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  13. Steve Jett: Benalign

  14. Benefits to retrain employees; the app is available through the Play and Apple Store

  15. It only costs money if you buy a product

  16. Telemedicine: 24/7 access: $7.95/ month

  17. Rx benefit & card: $0 copay for generics: $12/ month

  18. Outpatient labs & medical imaging services

  19. Accident Insurance

  20. Hospital expenses

  21. Critical illness

  22. Sick pay

  23. Dental/ vision plan

  24. Term life 

  25. Bill negotiation

  26. Credit planner: $5/ month

  27. Pet insurance

  28. Renters Insurance

  29. Device protection: $5/ month for up to 18 devices

  30. CoC Dalton: what would be the charge to the tribe?

  31. Steve J: no cost for using the app, only if you want to sponsor telemedicine and some items

  32. 2C John: if you have Medicare, will this come on top of Medicare?

  33. Steve J: it can, especially during the donut hole period

  34. If you use telemed, will you get to an actual doctor?

  35. Steve J: concierge first, then a doctor

  36. You can use that doctor every time if you want

  37. CoC Dalton: is this available to the public or does the tribe have to join?

  38. Steve J: tribe would sponsor it and then we’d send a member an application

  39. Does it cover weight loss surgery?

  40. Steve J: no, because there’s no insurance component

  41. There might be a discount in the hospital section

  42. Glenn: is there a charge for the tribe to sponsor?

  43. Steve J: no, but members could get benefits at under $20/ month

  44. CoC Dalton: we will discuss it and get with you; it sounds like a good plan

  45. 2C John: if the tribe were to sign up, can individual members purchase what they want?

  46. Steve J: yes, absolutely, correct

  47. Glenn: is there a minimum for the tribe to get access?

  48. Steve J: no

  49. CoC Dalton: do you keep personal data or do you sell it?

  50. Steve J: we don’t sell data

  51. When you sign up for a product, it goes directly to the companies

  52. New Business

  53. 2C John: have we looked into an interest-bearing account?

  54. Susan: no

  55. VC Cheryl: Mr. Mancuso could talk to the Chief to improve our finances

  56. Susan: have him here for a meeting

  57. VC Cheryl: him and Rick Elliott; start from there

  58. Receipts

  59. AC service: $40 paid by Glenn: Check 1073: B&G Fund

  60. Suggest we pump water from under the office to the sewer

  61. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  62. Committee Reports

  63. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  64. Water isn’t fixed; it’s been too wet to work on

  65. AC: had a man come fix it; he found a loose wire and recommended a sump pump

  66. Marion: can we level out the ground or do we need 2 pumps?

  67. Glenn: he said it was rusted under there & he’d put in for $1000 (labor)

  68. Unit is 3-ton and approx. $1800

  69. Marion: there’s no need to put more money into this one if we go to the mini-split; think we’d need 2 heads

  70. Glenn: yes, because of the distance

  71. Glenn: we’d buy the unit directly and he’d charge us to install

  72. Marion: can you bring back figures?

  73. Glenn: yes

  74. CoC Dalton: water under the building is a bad idea; think we should get the sump pump

  75. Glenn: I’ll get figures on it

  76. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  77. I want to start classes again, but no one shows up

  78. CoC Dalton: I suggest doing it via Zoom or recording it

  79. Create a YouTube channel

  80. Susan: they’d have to buy their own supplies

  81. Have a maximum number of students for one-on-one classes

  82. 2C John: have them prepay with no refunds allowed

  83. Dr. Dillian: would you be willing to do something that could link to the exhibit?

  84. Susan: I see other tribes doing things; what are we doing wrong?

  85. VC Cheryl: figure out what people are interested in

  86. Center around fire ceremonies

  87. Marion: with fire ceremonies, the Chief tries to make it educational

  88. Plan to have A&C for a couple of hours after lunch on fire ceremony days

  89. Grants

  90. VC Cheryl: Catalyst Grant: building on something

  91. Due in April; $25k (same as last year)

  92. It’s used for culture, environmental/ land issues, education, networking

  93. Then look at conservation funds

  94. We could become stewards of the land

  95. Met with Chief Creel- they are getting land donated to them

  96. From HUD for an assisted living facility

  97. Have to be smart about networking

  98. Forestry & Wildlife services through Clemson: Coastal project

  99. $500k max

  100. Identify our historical lands that are wetlands or in watersheds of the Pee Dee River

  101. Protect lands to avoid more flooding

  102. I found a 1789 survey that said Chief John’s land

  103. Upper Dog Bluff and a threatened area that connects us to the Marion side of the Pee Dee River

  104. Partnering with Indigenous East from tribes from MD to LA

  105. Michelle: The SCAC Grant deadline is 4/16/2024 this year

  106. Dr. Dillian: the 2 grants for the exhibit project will end soon

  107. Pauwau

  108. Chairperson for 2024: Michelle

  109. Looking for pictures of our older members

  110. Start selling ads/ memorial pages for the program book

  111. Working on demonstrators to finalize the flyer earlier

  112. The deadline to get things in is 8/15/2024

  113. Files

  114. Philip Davis (honorary to full)

  115. st we pump water from under the office to the sewer

  116. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes Dalton-yes

  117. Kayla Davis (honorary to full)

  118. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes Dalton-yes

  119. Jacoby Davis (honorary)

  120. VC Cheryl: I need verification on honorary votes taken by the executive branch

  121. Meeting 2/3 at 10 am

  122. Newsletter

  123. Susan: It’s not been done because the printer hasn’t been hooked up

  124. Reminder: Family Day 2/17/2024

  125. Susan: will 2C Alan cook and if so, what?

  126. BBQ, slaw, baked beans

  127. Glenn: I’ll get prices at Bojangles too

  128. Reminder: Fire Ceremony dates for 2024: 3/16, 6/20, 9/21, 12/14

  129. Marion: we need to have the grounds surveyed to pinpoint our property lines

  130. The GIS map doesn’t work; it doesn’t do with the surveyor’s plat

  131. Rick H: does the current deed have GPS coordinates?

  132. CoC Dalton: the plat should have it on there

  133. Rick H: if it’s at the courthouse, it should have coordinates on there

  134. VC Cheryl: no, there’s deed and land records and there’s plats

  135. Glenn: we need the map to pinpoint our corners

  136. VC Cheryl: we can go to the courthouse on Monday, Marion

  137. Reminder: Letters of Intent for the 2024 election are due ASAP but no later than 8/15/2024

  138. The earlier it is in, the more newsletters it will appear in

  139. Seats up: Glenn, Robert, Emily, CoC

  140. Marion: David H will be here 2/24-25, maybe 2/23 to work on the longhouse

  141. He would like to know if he can camp 

  142. Susan: we need to review our policy letters

  143. VC Cheryl: would it be helpful to get an intern student to sit down with us and go over them?

  144. 2C John

  145. Tribal lineage requirement to become Chief

  146. It seems like a contradiction; I think all members should be able to run for all offices

  147. One paragraph in the constitution says you have full rights to run for office; another paragraph says not everyone can run for all offices

  148. We need a referendum to change it

  149. VC Cheryl: it says elected, not the qualifications

  150. 2C John: the first constitution says core and non-Indian adopted members

  151. Lineal descendants wasn’t added until after the Fab4 incident in 2008

  152. According to Chief, Fab$ was the reason for adding lineal descendants and it was arbitrary

  153. CoC Dalton, VC Cheryl: no, it was a referendum

  154. 2C John: but it can be removed

  155. VC Cheryl: For example using the US Constitution: you could remove the 13th amendment and go back to slavery

  156. 2C John: you could

  157. 2C John: reasons

  158. Some other members might want to run

  159. Something could happen to the Chief and the VC

  160. What if they don’t want to the position

  161. Susan: if you change it to where anyone can be Chief, we’d have to change the name to Tribe of Aynor

  162. It will hurt our chances of federal recognition; we are founded on people of the Dimery settlement

  163. Rick H: are you going to keep shooting yourself in the foot?

  164. 2C John: is there criteria for federal recognition that it’s lineal to be Chief?

  165. Susan: we have to go by 25 CFR 83.7

  166. Elder Charles: how many core members do we have currently?

  167. CoC Dalton: last I looked, between 75-80%

  168. Rick H: how many core members have the time, capability, etc…?

  169. CoC Dalton: the same could be said for non-core members

  170. 2C John: I looked at the federal recognition and saw nowhere that it says lineal descendants

  171. CoC Dalton: if the most capable person to run for president is 18, would you let him run?

  172. 2C John: right now, we have inequality across the board

  173. VC Cheryl: the latest constitution clarified role qualifications and the balance of core and non-core on tribal council

  174. The reason for the responsive vote was when we nearly lost our tribe

  175. 2C John: a minute ago, you said it wasn’t the Fab4

  176. VC Cheryl: I think we need to discuss this during an executive session

  177. CoC Dalton: next time, there needs to be less rancor and more discussion

  178. You have the right to put forth a referendum regardless

  179. VC Cheryl

  180. I think we need to schedule an executive session to prevent further embarrassment

  181. CoC Dalton: I’m not sure it needs to be an executive session, but send me your reasoning and we’ll discuss it

  182. Elders

  183. Larry J: 2 samples of linoleum

  184. Recommend taking the refrigerator out, turning the bar around towards the stove

  185. Dr. Dillian

  186. 40 students between 2 classes making 20 panels for the grounds

  187. They will be here on 3/16 conducting interviews

  188. A geographer will create maps and enter them into the GIS database

  189. Using a scanner for documents

  190. Grand opening 4/16 at 3 pm: tribes in SC, VIPs, government officials, CCU, public media

  191. 4/17: Canadian Film Day: Trick or Treaty

  192. Free tickets

  193. Canadian VIPs

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, Chris-yes Dalton-yes

The meeting adjourned at 9:3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/19/2023 at 3:17 pm.


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