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January 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/14/2022 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Susan, Glenn, Marie, and CoC Dalton present. VC Cheryl, 2C Alan, 2C John, and Chief Hatcher present.

  2. December 2021 Meeting Summary

  3. Susan motioned to accept; Marie seconded

  4. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

  5. Financial Report (as of 1/14/2022 at 4:15 pm)

  6. General Fund: $12,746.09

  7. Building Fund: $3795.30

  8. Cemetery Fund: $1848.96

  9. New Business

  10. Committee Reports

  11. Arts & Crafts

  12. Chief: I’d like to see Arts & Crafts committee create rank feathers

  13. Pauwau: Michelle

  14. Michelle nominated as Chairperson

  15. Need a seventh voting member

  16. Budget work underway

  17. Program Book should be complete

  18. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  19. Pipe is out there to do sewer

  20. Need to find a day to work with CM Chris on it

  21. Susan: since funding for the pipe was removed from the general fund, would like to reimburse it

  22. Files

  23. Met 12/18 and divvied up ID numbers into sections of 40

  24. Call those 40 to get correct contact information and get people up-to-date on membership fees

  25. Marie: I volunteer to send certified letters to those with bad phone numbers/ email addresses

  26. Newsletter

  27. Debra J: setting up procedures, but want to do something else and let Carolyn, Betty, and Dona do it since they’ve done this type of work before

  28. CoC Dalton: I propose setting up a committee for the first year

  29. Think something was lost in translation; it doesn’t need Council’s approval to go out

  30. Debra J: I was never given procedures

  31. CoC Dalton: the committee would be you, Carolyn, Betty, Dona, and others

  32. VC Cheryl: I wouldn’t mind helping out

  33. Debra J: Slack would work

  34. Debra J: didn’t know if Council had to approve it

  35. CoC Dalton: it doesn’t need approval; only need to get the labels from the Filekeeper

  36. Chief Hatcher: I think Council should approve it first

  37. VC Cheryl: to keep it timely, have a committee point-of-contact with Council

  38. Chief Hatcher: Council can appoint a liaison/ representative

  39. Glenn: thought it was set to go out at Solstice/ equinox dates

  40. CoC Dalton: technically quarterly

  41. Glenn motioned to set up a newsletter committee; Marie seconded

  42. Marion: needs to go out Feb, May, Aug, Nov (ahead of solstice)

  43. CoC Dalton: the solstice/ equinox dates are on the website calendar under upcoming events; just go to the month you’re looking for

  44. VC Cheryl (to CoC Dalton): will you be setting up processes for them?

  45. CoC Dalton: no, the committee will work that out

  46. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

  47. Conservation Easement at Little River Neck

  48. Olivia: in 2019, I wanted to see if we were interested in using the land at Little River Neck

  49. Make it a place we could do ceremonies at

  50. VC Cheryl: I took some pictures while we were out there

  51. Olivia: it will probably become a state park

  52. It was land Waccamaw did use; located between Cherry Grove and Bird Island

  53. VC Cheryl: it could benefit the tribe if we took people there to do different events

  54. Similar to School Day, not necessarily a Vision Quest

  55. Chief Hatcher: obviously the land wouldn’t belong to the Waccamaw; trying to figure out our relationship

  56. Examples: open to all public, open to Native Americans

  57. Who gives access?

  58. Olivia: fine with it being open to NC/ SC tribes

  59. Cultural easement could let the tribes own it

  60. Chief Hatcher: what would you require of us?

  61. Olivia: what would you use it for?

  62. Explore it to see if it’s something you want to use

  63. Chief Hatcher: we wouldn’t be able to call the shots on it unless a cultural easement was placed on it beforehand

  64. Next step?

  65. Olivia: come out to see if it’s something that will work for you

  66. Chief Hatcher: we’ll have to get the state involved to help with purchase

  67. Dr. Dillian: we’ve been excavating since 2010 on that property near the entrance to the causeway that demonstrates Waccamaw ancestry going back easily 5000 years

  68. Chief Hatcher: do you think us signing off on this with CCU could help influence DNR?

  69. Dr. Dillian: I’m not sure, but will ask

  70. Chief Hatcher: I think Indians in the state would benefit more than the tribe itself if DNR signed off on it being used for a vision quest

  71. VC Cheryl: some of the conservation moves today are to restore it to its natural habitat

  72. Example:trees were replaced with Loblolly Pines

  73. Restoring could mean healing

  74. Museum Exhibit: Dr. Dillian

  75. Getting wonderful press and feedback about the exhibit

  76. Plan was for it be up for 1 year, but the museum has no immediate plan to take it down

  77. It has been nominated for 2 awards; will keep you posted

  78. We are able to present it to Chicago and SC conferences

  79. The goal is we can teach people what we did through collaboration

  80. Chief Hatcher: back in 2005, there were no official Indians in SC

  81. Now people know who we are and we are grateful to CCU

  82. Vice Chief Cheryl:

  83. Glad that Dr. Dillian, Olivia are here and thankful for the work Debbie has done

  84. Will send Slack invite to the Newsletter channel

  85. Will also create a Membership channel to keep people informed

  86. Chief Hatcher

  87. Thank to everyone who puts their heart and soul into this tribe

  88. Let’s make a concerted effort to clean up internal issues before federal recognition

  89. Susan

  90. 2/26 Boone Hall Fire Healing Ceremony at 12pm-4pm

  91. Looking for 10 Native vendors, but they want people to pay for insurance and have 2 licenses

  92. People with a tribal ID can get in free

  93. Glenn

  94. Kevin purchased a CD to help the drum out

  95. Marion

  96. Is Family Day still 2/19?

  97. Chief Hatcher: yes

  98. I ask that Carolyn M, Betty L, and Dona be given full membership applications; Marie seconded

  99. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Marie seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/26/2022 at 2:06 pm