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July 2021 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/9/2021 held at the tribal office

  1. CM’s Susan, Marion, Glenn, and CoC Dalton present. CM Marie and 2C John participated via Zoom. VC Cheryl, 2C Alan, and Filekeeper Starla present.

  2. Financial Report (as of 7/9/2021, 12:58am on the CNB site)

  3. General Fund: $16,124.69

  4. Building Fund: $4475.81

  5. Cemetery Fund: $288.00 (CNB) + $1560.96

  6. Old Business

  7. Online Votes

  8. 6/9 Up to $500 for accommodations to meet Mr. Land concerning federal recognition research

  9. Susan-abstain, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes

  10. 6/27 Approve June meeting summary with change to cemetery fund (CNB + pre-CNB)

  11. Susan-yes, Alan-yes, Marion-abstain, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

  12. New Business

  13. Receipts

  14. Stamps for 2C Alan: $13.08

  15. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

  16. Check 819: General Fund

  17. Lawn Mower Blades and belts

  18. Susan-yes, Marion-abstain, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Dalton-yes

  19. Paid by B&G debit card

  20. Fuel

  21. Wait for accurate total

  22. Chief Hatcher

  23. Terrence Lily Littlewater gave presentation

  24. Feasibility of building a campground on the grounds

  25. Summarized for Tribal Council on the handout

  26. Moved to a mobile lifestyle; converted a bus into a home

  27. VC Cheryl: Brian E wanted camping with cultural items

  28. 2C John: bathhouse and different ordinances to follow

  29. Liability Insurance and dumpster required

  30. Would need a manager on-site

  31. Possible to have vendors or a farmer’s market on the weekends

  32. Chief Hatcher: could charge $30/ night

  33. Ms. Littlewater: or $25 for those not using electricity

  34. Glenn C: crunching numbers for campground with 20 sites

  35. Feasible, but looks like $70k

  36. 2C John: would have to be rezoned

  37. Size of the sites and emergency vehicle accessible

  38. Brad Land & Matthew Land

  39. Researching area; want to assist with federal recognition

  40. Got history from 1501-1725, late 1757

  41. Different calendars (English & French/Spanish)

  42. Can see a line from the Dimery settlement to 1924 & Dimery school

  43. Causey Dimery murder trial of 1921

  44. There was a concerted effort to push Native & people of color away from their land

  45. 2C John: Has anyone researched Natives from England, France, Spain?

  46. Brad L: yes; gotten into French history

  47. Chief Hatcher: criteria E in the CFR- looking for first historic time

  48. Appears to be the issue right now

  49. Brad L: working with British archives & getting record digitized

  50. Have seen anglicized versions of names

  51. Chief Hatcher: will it help us meet criteria E?

  52. Brad L: working with Dr. James Merrill who did one for Catawba

  53. Chief Hatcher: I need historian credentials; think criteria E is the problem

  54. Brad L: don’t think it will be a problem at all

  55. Brad L: Larry Ivers: T