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July 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/08/2022 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Marie, Chris, Susan, Glenn, and Robert were present. Elder Glenn T present. VC Cheryl and 2Cs Alan and John present. 2C John served as a proxy for CoC Dalton. Member Randi C present. Visitors Ken, Anita F, and Nikki S were also present.

  2. Financial Report

    1. General Fund: $15,868.44

    2. Building Fund: $3813.36

    3. Cemetery Fund: $336.00

  3. Online Votes

    1. 6/30 Approve June Meeting Summary

      1. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

  4. Ken H and Nikki S from SC Economic Developer's Association introduced

    1. Nikki S: Food system network- grow and buy local

      1. Presentation slides sent to Tribal Council by email

      2. A community food system- Farm to Table

        1. Increases jobs

        2. It’s a health intervention- food as medicine

        3. Resilience- the ability of the supply chain to bounce back

        4. Protects the land- soil and financial value

      3. SC can grow year-round

        1. It’s threatened by development (ex: housing complexes)

        2. Food hub network- buy, sell, distribute food

          1. It can tell you exactly what farm your food came from

        3. Agri-business is the majority of the state’s budget

          1. Created a network to help with skills, programs, and grants

        4. Organizations

          1. SC Food Policy Council and others

          2. Reaching into rural and underserved areas

          3. Can join for free at

          4. You’ll receive information and invites to events

          5. Food Summit (Greenville this year): $20 (includes lunch)

          6. Have a breakout group can speak with us

          7. Social media to reach rural and urban areas

    2. Ken: Advocacy Efforts

      1. Provide funding for a community garden

      2. SCDEA:

    3. Chief Hatcher

      1. You said SC is low in the health category. Was it racial or general?

        1. Nikki S: across the board

      2. Are you working with the Pine Hill National Network?


        2. VC Cheryl: they received money from COVID, but they monitor health

          1. Chief Hatcher: they have something similar

      3. How do you define a tribe?

        1. Nikki S: as a starting point, the list on the CMA’s website

          1. We build relationships with communities not necessarily defined by the government

      4. What can our tribe do to help, aside from going to meetings?

        1. Nikki S: we want input

          1. Local food purchase: can help with money to start

          2. We are looking for people to either grow or distribute/ sell

    4. VC Cheryl: do you help organizations with distribution

      1. We’re a fairly small tribe and geographically dispersed

        1. Nikki S: We’re more of a connector and get you connected with area groups

    5. Chief Hatcher: Suggestion: think you should attend a trie’s council meeting at least once

  5. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

        1. The sewer is in, just need 5 caps and plugs

          1. Chris H: will check my supplies

          2. 2C John: Is Donnie's sewer hooked up to it?

          3. Glenn: yes; Donnie, the office, and campers

          4. Glenn: Is there a bill for the track hoe?

          5. Chris: I told him to send it to you

        2. Workday to clean up the benches

        3. Glenn: Do I owe for using the campsite this weekend?

          1. Marion: motion to let Glenn use the campsite for free; Marie seconded

          2. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-abstain

      2. Arts & Crafts

        1. Chief Hatcher: Carol Harmon said she had a lot of materials, a sewing and embroidery machine that she wants to give the tribe

          1. We need to pick the items up

          2. Can ask Jeff to do it if Tribal Council agrees

          3. Glenn: I can get it

      3. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Looking for Head Man

        2. Working through budget

        3. Securing donations (ex: water)

        4. Checking price on P-o-P since Gary’s was bought out

        5. Cancel cut-off date: 8/31/2022

        6. Vendor apps are being given out

        7. Sell ads; form available for you to print

          1. Susan, Glenn, VC Cheryl, James P, Rabon’s paid

      4. Drum

        1. Nothing new; need to practice

      5. Files

        1. Working on ID cards

        2. Susan: Is there a meeting tomorrow?

          1. Glenn: at 6 pm, yes

      6. Newsletter: VC Cheryl

        1. Sent out 6/26 by email and mailed the following Monday because of stamps

          1. More went out by email this time than in previous newsletters

        2. Next newsletter: Debbie is asking that they print and email the newsletter themselves

          1. I told them it was a Tribal Council decision because it deals with membership information

          2. 2C John: motion to allow Debbie access to what she needs to send it out; Marion seconded

          3. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

    2. Receipts

      1. Gas for the lawn mower: $26.00 (reimburse Glenn)

        1. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

      2. Fuel for the track hoe: $72.99 (reimburse Glenn)

        1. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

    3. Cemetery Fence Update

      1. Elder Glenn T: the posts are up; the fence will be worked on this week

    4. The Long Family (Abby and Sai (spelling?)

      1. We sell metaphysical, holistic, and spiritual stones

      2. Opportunities for the area

      3. Donate our services including coming here each month

      4. Want to put a group together to help with the upkeep of the cemetery

        1. 2C John: Are you licensed?

          1. Yes, and we can provide you with a list of our credentials

      5. We do a lot of education about our ancestors

      6. Chief Hatcher: Are you interested in letting our artists sell on consignment there?

        1. Yes, we would promote that

          1. We would need who made it, how it was made, and why it was used

    5. Marion: Requesting that the TRB be opened for 3 core applications (Betty L, Dona M, Carolyn M- all are honorary members)

      1. VC Cheryl: applications are completed, genealogy has to be checked, then goes to Tribal Council

        1. Marion: Can you make it dependent on genealogy approval?

          1. Marie: in the past, we have requested information that applications were dependent on, but never received it

      2. 2C John: motion to open the TRB to submit these 3 applications for genealogy approval and vote on at the August meeting

        1. Susan: we can look at them at the Files Committee meeting tomorrow night; don’t need a motion

          1. Get the preliminary work done tomorrow and vote on it in August

        2. 2C John: amend the motion to open the TRB to accept the files of Betty L, Dona M, Carolyn M, henceforth reviewed, and to be voted on at the next open meeting; Susan seconded

          1. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

    6. Anita F: how do I get a new card?

      1. VC Cheryl: due to time expired, you will need to reapply through the executive branch as an honorary member

    7. VC Cheryl

      1. Working with American Rivers:

        1. We are disenfranchised from rivers

        2. Chief Hatcher talks about our relationship with the earth

        3. There is a move to include and also a conversation to get back stolen land

        4. Screening in early October for no defense and want the tribe to part of it because we don’t want the Waccamaw River contaminated

    8. 2C John

      1. Need to decide what to do with the trailer after it is cleared out

        1. Most things in there have been in there for 2-3 years

          1. If I could get someone to haul it off, would it be acceptable?

          2. Marion: some things are donatable

          3. 1 pile for donation, 1 pile for trash

          4. Would like to get it done within 60 days

        2. 2C John: need to empty the building and make repairs before we do anything with it

        3. VC Cheryl: plan for September when it isn’t as hot

      2. CCU Archiving Project

        1. Looking for artifacts or newly created items as well as written history

    9. Chief Hatcher

      1. Pending donations for Arts & Crafts, suggest giving Glenn C money for gas & food

      2. Elected to be Chair of the SC Council of Chiefs

        1. I want to investigate possible fraud of COVID relief money and use the FOIA to do it

          1. Addressing it with the Secretary of State

          2. Susan: food distribution wasn’t offered to us but given to others

      3. Memorial service in Lancaster for Brent Burgin (worked for Native American Studies) on Sunday (7/10) at 1:30 pm

      4. Quilt of Valor given to Tap E Ya Bernie and 2 others

      5. Elder Doug is still sick and wants his memorial to be done on the grounds when the time comes

        1. Susan: motion to allow Doug’s memorial service to be held here and for Jewel to spread his ashes here is she wants; Marion seconded

          1. Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

    10. Glenn

      1. Need to keep in mind that we will have to get someone to cut the grounds; Donnie’s health is failing too

    11. Chief Hatcher

      1. We need to consider buying a new ID printer, depending on how it works with newer operating systems.

Glenn motioned to close the meeting; Susan seconded.

Marion-yes, 2C John (Dalton)-yes, Marie-yes, Robert--yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 7/23/2022 at 4:32 pm.


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