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October 2021 Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/1/2021 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marie, Marion, Chris, and CoC Dalton present. 2C John, VC Cheryl (also proxy for Glenn), 2C Alan, and Elder Larry present. CM Robert joined at 7:30pm.

  2. Financial Report (as of 9/29/2021, 11:46pm)

    1. General Fund: $16914.41

    2. Building Fund: $4175.52

    3. Cemetery Fund: $1848.96

  3. Old Business

    1. Online Votes

      1. 9/10 SCAC funding vote for documentary

        1. Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

      2. 9/23 Approve September Meeting Summary

        1. Marion-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  4. New Business

    1. Receipts

      1. Need to transfer $167.88 from general fund to Building fund

        1. Glenn paid for fuel from B&G debit card

        2. Marie motioned to transfer; Marion seconded

          1. Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Dalton-yes

          2. Secretary Note: Transfer submitted 11/14/2021, 12:55am

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Chris

        1. Working on getting materials at/ below cost for sewer project

          1. 2C John: Was that just the 3 buildings or the campground too?

          2. Chris: 3 buildings & dump station; 400 ft of pipe

        2. Marion: cleaned up around trailers

      2. Pauwau Michelle

        1. Meeting 10/13

        2. T-shirt balance to be paid Monday

      3. Drum: Alan

        1. Virtual Pauwau 10/2

          1. Chris: Carson will be there

          2. VC Cheryl: Trevor too

          3. Michelle: 9:30am, right?

          4. VC Cheryl: meeting at 9:30am; filming with CMA 11:30am

      4. Campground: 2C John

        1. Nothing new yet

      5. Files: Dalton

        1. Productive meeting last month

          1. Think everyone is on the same page now, so we can compile everything in one spot

        2. Next meeting 10/16 via Zoom at 7pm

    3. 2nd Chiefs

      1. 2C Alan

        1. Meeting last month with museum; 20-30 people there

      2. VC Cheryl

        1. Museum is planning on doing a total gallery renovation over a few years

          1. Virtual Museum to help educate by 2026

          2. Work with the museum, Dr. Dillian, Dr. Rich for accuracy

        2. Canoe project is ongoing

          1. Looking for global submission

        3. Appreciation Dinner on Indigenous People’s Day 10/11

          1. 2C Alan: need a head count on that

          2. VC Cheryl: students doing documentary

          3. Follow-up on exhibit

          4. Will probably talk to more people

        4. Newsletter

          1. Now finished

          2. Need a number of people with email addresses

          3. Michelle: I have roughly 150

          4. 2C John: Are elders on the list?

          5. Michelle: for those I have email addresses for, yes

Marion motioned to close the meeting; Marie seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 11/14/2021 at 12:55 am


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