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September 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/02/2022 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Glenn, Marie, Chris, Marion, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Becky S, Larry J, and Charles H present. VC Cheryl and 2C’s Alan and John present. Members Nancy J, Starla C, and Anita H present.

  2. Financial Report (as of 9/1/2022 at 11:28 pm)

  3. General Fund: $17,320.91

  4. Building Fund: $3450.13

  5. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  6. Old Business

  7. 8/25 Approve August Meeting Summary with changes

  8. 3.a.ii.1. Marion seconded instead of accepted.

  9. 4.J.1. It Should be both golf and mothballs

  10. Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-y, CoC Dalton-yes

  11. New Business

  12. Committee Reports

  13. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  14. Received a permit to get a load of stone for the ditch

  15. All flagpoles are down; should we replace them?

  16. CoC Dalton: what would be the cost?

  17. Glenn: $200 each roughly; I will look at it more

  18. Marion: they can go up to $2000 each

  19. Elder Charles: I have pieces you can weld together to make a pole if you want them

  20. Filling in the ditch; they suggested we cover it as we go to prevent people dumping trash there

  21. 2C Alan: will the county or state provide signs?

  22. Glenn: unsure

  23. Nancy J worked on the flower beds

  24. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  25. Nothing new

  26. Grants: Michelle

  27. Mini-grant opportunity from Elsi Beavers & E. Lois Carver Educational Fund due 9/30

  28. Directed towards K-12; Amount is $2500

  29. VC Cheryl is helping with a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) statement

  30. Susan is helping with data for the number of students we’ve had

  31. Pauwau: Michelle

  32. Looking for Head Man

  33. Bostic: $800

  34. David Perry

  35. Budget ready for Council Approval, other than Head Man

  36. Susan motioned to accept; Marie seconded

  37. Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, CoC Dalton-yes

  38. Securing donations (ex: water, paper products)

  39. Vendor apps are being given out

  40. Susan- 40 apps have gone out

  41. 2C John: have you talked about t-shirts for CCU volunteers?

  42. Susan- if you give one to one set of volunteers, you have to give one to all

  43. Program Book

  44. Susan- $1000 in ads so far

  45. An email blast went out for volunteers on 9/1

  46. Next meeting 9/8/2022 @ 6:30pm via Zoom

  47. Drum: Glenn

  48. We practiced on Sunday after the memorial service

  49. Doing a presentation at the Convention Center on 9/12/2022

  50. Files

  51. 2C Alan: please set up a point person for honorary applications

  52. They should go to Michelle

  53. Susan: After they are honorary for a year, Tribal Council has to nominate them for full membership, right?

  54. CoC Dalton: they can come in on their own

  55. Susan: That requires us to open the roll book, right?

  56. CoC Dalton- yes

  57. CoC Dalton: Chief Hatcher asked me to come up with a policy letter

  58. VC Cheryl: one issue- if their certificate expires and they aren’t nominated, they need to be extended or reapply (start over)

  59. CoC Dalton: honorary is at the discretion of the executive branch

  60. Marion: looking back through the minutes, there wasn’t a vote on Deborah Johnson Bannan for full membership

  61. CoC Dalton: I will listen to the recordings

  62. Marion: I can be here next Saturday at 2 pm for a meeting

  63. Michelle: requesting permission to use the tribal laptop to integrate names that didn’t show up in Sharepoint (mostly honorary and spousal)

  64. Susan motioned to allow; Glenn seconded

  65. Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, CoC Dalton-yes

  66. Newsletter: VC Cheryl

  67. The last piece was the letters of intent; Carolyn mailed them

  68. Should we filter an email to honorary?

  69. CoC Dalton: email blast to all

  70. Receipts

  71. $56.56 fuel

  72. Glenn: there are more at home; need to go by Sunhouse and pay it

  73. Glenn motioned to pay the fuel bill; Chris seconded

  74. Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, CoC Dalton-yes

  75. Cemetery Fence

  76. 2C John: nothing since last month

  77. Michelle: they working toward the gate last month

  78. CM Susan

  79. I met with the Columbia VA rep (Tony?); they are reaching out to Native American veterans

  80. There are pamphlets in the office

  81. They are requesting an information booth during the pauwau

  82. Glenn: Is it solely for Native American vets?

  83. Susan: yes

  84. VC Cheryl: if I can get the materials, I am manning the SCIAC Booth during the pauwau and at Santee

  85. 2C Alan

  86. Fire Ceremony this month

  87. Marion: fire will be tended all day on 9/17/2022 and through the noon cemetery on 9/18/2022

  88. Member Nancy J

  89. Can I get some ant poison for the flower beds?

  90. Glenn: I will get some tomorrow to spray

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Marie seconded.

Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, CoC Dalton-yes

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/24/2022 at 10:24 am.

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