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September 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/1/2023 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Susan, Emily, Glenn, Robert, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Charles, Ronnie, and CoE Becky were present. 2C’s Alan and John and VC Cheryl were present. Chief Hatcher was present.

  2. Members Dr. Dillian, Randy W, Starla C, Jennifer R, Carol H, Aaron F, Rebecca F, and Cody F were present. Guest Stephen W was present.

  3. Files given to Michelle and Council:

    1. Stephen C, Kevin D, Chad P, Mike B, Dr. Dillian, Dr. Clary, David P

  4. Dr. Dillian

    1. Outdoor Exhibit Updates with David H and the Longhouse

      1. Drs. Clary and Dillian will make signs

      2. CCU Sustainability Grant: $7000

      3. SC Humanities Grant: $5000

      4. Catalyst Grant: $0

        1. VC Cheryl: they said we were only able to address a small portion of the need but were happy we applied

          1. 2024: create a new proposal for funding

      5. NEH grant: 6 months to hear something back

      6. Classes in the spring focused on the exhibit with student assistants helping

      7. 4/16: opening day: date set because of Canadian Film Day on 4/17 with some VIPs

    2. Permission to submit the museum interviews to StoryLore as part of the Library of Congress

      1. VC Cheryl: Is there the possibility of holding additional interviews?

        1. Dr. Dillian: yes

      2. Jennifer R: Does the tribe have copies of the IRS forms?

        1. Dr. Dillian: I’m not sure the tribe does, but we do

      3. CoC Dalton: does Tribal Council approve of additional interviews from the tribe?

        1. Marion-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

    3. Requesting another CCU information booth during the PW

    4. Use museum materials for the PW

  5. Financial Report (as of 8/30/2023 at 1:13 pm)

  6. General Fund: $35, 055.13

  7. Building Fund: $3136.12

  8. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  9. 2C John: Are any of the accounts earning interest?

    1. Chief Hatcher: no

  10. New Business

    1. August Meeting Summary

      1. Marion-abstain, Dalton-abstain, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

    2. CCU Archiving Project: Jennifer R

      1. Slides were sent with the August meeting summary

      2. Book recommendations

        1. VC Cheryl: Braiding Sweetgrass

      3. 2C John: I talked to Jennifer R about taking over the CCU archiving project and she said yes

    3. Receipts

      1. $15.80 to CoE Becky for certified letters

        1. Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

        2. Check 848

    4. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: CM Glenn

        1. The A/C is working, but I don’t have the receipt today

        2. Gates: put in a request at Tractor Supply for a donation

        3. Benches: need to work on them, same with picnic tables

        4. CM Marion did work at the cemetery

        5. CoC Dalton: did you get a chance to look at the prices on the shipping containers I sent?

          1. CM Glenn: still looking at the prices from other projects

          2. CoC Dalton: I thought we could set up permanent spots yearly

          3. CoC Dalton: would a shipping container work for the bathrooms?

          4. CM Glenn: you would save on just the shell

          5. Randy W: call my company on pricing

          6. CM Glenn: they’re just doing rentals right now

          7. VC Cheryl: Mike over on Pee Dee Hwy might have something

          8. CM Glenn: once we get the permit, we will need male, female, and ADA-compliant bathrooms

          9. Chief Hatcher: Mr. Hembree said he would help with funding

          10. CM Susan: there’s a place in Florence that also has them

          11. CoC Dalton: so does Conway

        6. Tractor on Hwy 90: it’s already been sold

      2. Arts & Crafts: CM Susan

        1. I have 2 classes for CCU coming up

      3. Grants: Michelle

        1. Chief Hatcher: nothing from the $20,000 grant

        2. Michelle: SCAC: $1530 for School Day

      4. Pauwau: CoC Dalton

        1. Working on budget

        2. Looking for pictures of our older members

        3. Program Book should be ready by 9/14 to proofread

        4. Storage containers arrived for T-shirts; need to inventory shirts

        5. CoC Dalton: I cannot be the banker this year; I have to keep my legs up

          1. Michelle will be the banker, but will need volunteers for our tents

          2. Dr. Dillian: I can put out a call for volunteers from CCU too

      5. Drum: CM Glenn

        1. Rick H wanted to know if we had a place to store the tribal drum

          1. Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

      6. Files: CoC Dalton

        1. The committee needs to appoint a chair at their next meeting

        2. Second Chance Requests from Rigena S and Ron S

          1. CoC Dalton: I propose we make second chance permanent, but it can only be used once

          2. VC Cheryl: it incentivizes people to not pay their dues

          3. CM Susan: The problem with Rigena is nothing came back by mail, she would have seen it in the newsletter and put in no effort to pay until her card needed to be renewed

          4. CoC Dalton: as for a second chance for Rigena: no motion

          5. CoC Dalton: Second Chance for Ron S

          6. CM Susan: he now has a home and car and was parking cars during the PW

          7. If he can’t do second chance, he can do a payment plan

          8. CM Susan: motion to give Ron S a second chance on paying his membership fees; CM Marion seconded

          9. Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

          10. CM Marion: we need to tell him if he volunteers at the PW, it counts toward his dues

        3. Full Membership Applications

          1. Council reviewed the applications and VC Cheryl called Robert to discuss the application, its completeness

          2. The following applications passed by a majority vote of Council

          3. Stephen Coffey

          4. Kevin Dyda

          5. Chad Parks

          6. Mike Benton

          7. Dr. Carolyn Dillian

          8. Dr. Katie Clary

          9. David Perry

      7. Newsletter

        1. CM Susan: Lindsey is supposed to do it

    5. CM Marion: Autumnal Equinox

      1. 9/23: sunrise, noon, sunset

      2. 9/24: sunrise, noon, closing as people clear

      3. CM Susan: Cub Scouts want to camp out that weekend (Friday & Saturday)

        1. Need P-o-P that weekend

        2. CoC Dalton: call the Cub Scouts contact and put them in touch with CM Marion

          1. CM Marion: I’ll work with them, but the fire is off-limits

          2. Need to know how many, what time they are arriving and departing

    6. VC Cheryl

      1. There will be plant work during the equinox, not sure what time the botanist will be here

        1. All of the information is being put into the iNaturalist app

        2. We can bring to the forefront the uses of plants and identify endangered species which allows us to apply for more grants

    7. 2C Alan: The legislature will start up in a few months, call your representatives

      1. Our bill with the SoS has not been put on the list yet

    8. 2C John: give Jennifer R help with the archiving project

    9. Chief Hatcher

      1. Land in TN: they offered to give us back the money we had in it and they would take the land or we could do something on it

        1. VC Cheryl read the letter from 2016 about managing the land

        2. Chief Hatcher: I think we should ignore the offer

        3. VC Cheryl: land trust: take it out of our hands and into places like the Sierra Club to preserve the property

        4. CoC Dalton: I’m loathe to give the land back

        5. Chief Hatcher: Do we need to put insurance on it?

          1. CM Marion: you only need the purple markers on the perimeter

        6. CoC Dalton: accept or reject the offer

          1. Accept: Marion-no Dalton-no, Susan-no, Emily-no, Glenn-no, Robert-no

          2. Reject: Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

      2. Meeting 9/11 at Catawba (who has a new Chief- Brian Harris)

        1. Council of Chiefs, SCIDC, and CMA meetings

      3. I have asked the SCIDC to come up with a flyer to help send our kids to school

        1. VC Cheryl: direct them through the website

      4. 2 bills to be picked up and will have a couple more

        1. Hunting and fishing licenses

        2. Replacing Columbus Day

      5. Upcoming PWs: PAIA, Edisto, Lumbee, Santee, Wassamasaw

      6. Conway Festival: I declined because they only celebrate Columbus Day

      7. Jerry S called and said there was a tractor sale

        1. If you authorize me to spend the money, we’ll get one

          1. CM Glenn: auction on Cultra Rd in Conway

          2. Chief Hatcher: this was in Greeleyville

          3. CM Susan: John Henry Auctions also has storage containers for sale

      8. I had asked online for donations to help with the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota

        1. People who donate will get a piece of the stone that’s blasted to make the monument

        2. A portion of the donations goes into a scholarship in our name

        3. Kevin D: anyone who wants a guided tour through the Black Hills, Slim Buttes, and Cave Hills, I would be happy to oblige

    10. CM Susan: we are now a member of the MB Chamber of Commerce

    11. CM Susan: motion to look for 3 bids for a copier that does 11x14 paper; Marion seconded

      1. Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

      2. VC Cheryl: you should put a cap on the price

Marion motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Emily-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes

The meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/22/2023 at 2:56 p.m.


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