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April 2015 Open Meeting Summary 04032015

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/6/2015 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Susan, Homer, Rick, and aCoC Dalton present.

  2. March minutes read.

a. Pg 3, 2c should read “Arts & Crafts”, not “Arts $ Crafts”

b. Pg 3, 2d2 should read “$2000”, not “$2ooo”

c. Susan asked for clarification on P6, 7b

a. Running a drainpipe under the dam wall should help run the water off

d. Susan motioned to accept with changes; Rick seconded

1. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

3. Online Votes

a. Accept March minutes: John-yes

4. Financial Report as of 3/31

a. Building Fund: $6881.42

b. General Fund: $7855.87

5. Old Business

a. Trademark of Tribal Logo: Susan

1. Went to the federal trademark site, but still have to pay upfront ($325 electronically/ $375 by mail)

2. No guarantee; have to recheck every 3-4 months

3. Searched for name, emblem, etc…

4. It could take 6 months; could take longer

5. Have to pay a maintenance fee every 5-6 years

6. Sent & received back a poor man’s copyright in the meantime

7. Also found a database containing Native American logos ran by the patent office

8. Chief Hatcher motioned to approve $225 to pursue copyright; Homer seconded

a. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

9. Rick: would like to check into attorneys to see if it can be done or if having an attorney would increase chances of it being done

6. New Business

a. Committee Reports

1. Arts & Crafts: Susan

a. Meeting on 4/12

b. Met with Brittany at USC-Lancaster

1. Display is 3 cases in an open room & 3 smaller cases

2. Can also hang items from the ceiling

3. Display is for 1 year; can interchange items

4. Need laminated description tags for items

2. Grants: Michelle

a. SCAC grant mailed

b. Chief Hatcher: Lowe’s: read proposal he plans to submit to them

1. Becky: you said you were applying for $15-20k, but the grant is $25-50k

a. Chief Hatcher: you have to put some of the money in yourself

2. Susan seconded to accept proposal

a. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

c. USAA grant failed

d. Lowe’s small grant ($2k) failed

3. Buildings & Grounds: Dalton (Via John’s email)

a. Meeting 4/11

b. Rick: roof: rain is coming in at the boxing (took Council outside to show spot)

c. Beavers: didn’t see any from the pond back; just from fire circle side

1. Susan: you can shoot them year-round with license

a. or trap them with DNR license

2. Larry: Explosive Target from Bass Pro Shop works

d. Fishing Tournament

1. 5/2 at 9:30-2:30