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December 2008 Open Meeting Summary 12052008

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/5/2008 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Role Book

  2. Voted yes to open the books

  3. 2 nominations: Jerry & Becky Smith: under consideration

  4. Vote yes to make them full members

  1. 2nd Chiefs voted on

  2. Susan Hatcher- 2nd Chief External

  3. Iris Ewing- 2nd Chief Internal

  4. Phil White- 2nd Chief Judicial

  1. Elders voted on (please correct me if I am wrong about spelling)

  2. Jerry Smith

  3. Elwood Ammons

  4. Claude Hatcher

  5. Dan Hatcher

  1. Final Reading of Resolution SB-09-12-2008-001

  2. Will need an online vote to pass it

  1. Requests (cannot vote on at this meeting)

  2. CoC to have ability to call for online votes

  3. Tribal members will be made available of online votes at the following open meeting

  4. Federal Recognition Committee headed by Chief Buster Hatcher

  5. Tractor can be repaired for $1800

  6. ?- PTO, bill problem (cannot make this out on the tape)

  7. ID card supplies- need $225

  8. Voted & Passed

  9. PW Committee setup

  10. CoC said to start around 1/15/09 for ’09 PW

  1. PW Financial report finalized

  2. Linda Atkinson nominated for PW Director for ‘09

  3. External Matters

  4. SC Coastal Animal Rescue Demo. They want to link our two sites.

  5. June- Walk Through Time at Patriot’s Point

  6. Ministry expenses (Craig Talbot)

  7. Need People’s input at meetings and by email or phone or on agenda

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/9/2009at 10:39pm

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