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December 2014 Open Meeting Summary 12052014

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/5/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Homer, Dalton, Susan present. Dalton chaired the meeting for CoC Scott. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for CM Rick and 2nd Chief Cheryl served as a proxy for CoC Scott.

  2. October Minutes read

  3. Change 6h to year; should be more than one pauwau a year, not day

  4. 2nd Chief Iris motioned to accept with change; Homer seconded

  5. Homer-yes, Susan-abstain, John-yes, Iris (Rick)-yes, Iris (Susan)-yes, Cheryl (Scott)-yes, Dalton-yes

  6. Financial Report: Chief Hatcher

  7. General Fund

  8. Deposits: $4639.00 Debits: $1916.48 Balance: $9306.45

  9. Building Fund

  10. Deposits: $113.00 Debits: $19.90 Balance: $886.75

  11. Steve/ Lori O to take over bookkeeping in 2015

  12. 2nd Chief Iris: bookkeeping has to meet state/ federal requirements

  13. Make sure the chart of accounts is accurate for audit

  14. Online votes

  15. Heater: vote was stopped, but heating was handled

  16. Old Business

  17. Tribal Logo & Trademark

  18. On hold due to pauwau

  19. New Business

  20. Committee Reports

  21. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  22. Oct Meeting- would like to ask Council for quorum to be a majority to f the people present

  23. Committee meets once a quarter; people not showing up or calling

  24. Dalton: come back to Council & ask that they be replaced otherwise we run into situation like before

  25. Susan: don’t want to beg people to be part of the committee

  26. Chief Hatcher: you tie their hands; we need feathers & more done

  27. 2nd Chief Cheryl: suggestion: if you have 3 people, call the 4th for a vote to meet quorum

  28. Susan: that one person would have to be available though

  29. Susan motioned to drop the quorum to a majority of the members present at A&C meetings; Cheryl seconded

  30. John: can’t you make decisions and then put then vote out on the internet?

  31. Iris: don’t agree with changing procedure to accommodate slack people

  32. John: if you drop those 2 people, does quorum drop and do you have people

  33. Iris: we do, but maybe not immediately

  34. Homer: agree with Iris

  35. Cheryl: majority could be 2 or even 1

  36. John as a proxy, how do I vote- as he would? What if it’s not not known?

  37. Dalton: on known items, as directed; on unknown, unsure

  38. Susan: Council has 2nd Chiefs for proxies; committees doesn’t have it

  39. Dalton: use another existing artist

  40. Susan: no chair elected; do in January

  41. Susan withdrew current motion

  42. John motioned to allow existing certified artists the ability to proxy for each other on the A&C committee; Susan seconded

  43. a. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Iris (Rick)-yes, Iris (Susan)-yes, Cheryl (Scott)-yes, Dalton-yes

  44. Grants: Michelle

  45. Looking at Duke Endowment Funds <