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July 2009 Open Meeting Summary 07102009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/10/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. June Meeting Summary read

  2. Change- 5b should read Donnie’s trailer not trainer

  3. Motion- Dalton; Second- Susan (Wayne)

  4. Dalton-yes, Susan (Wayne)-yes, Richia (yes), Phil (Jeanie)- yes, Iris (Homer)- yes, Scott- yes

  5. Leaves of Absence

  6. Jeanie and Norma

  7. Neal would like to be on Council

  8. Michelle to fill in for Norma

  9. 2nd Chief Phil White to fill in for Jeanie

  10. Financial Report- 2nd Chief Iris Ewing

  11. $2295.39 in bank

  12. $2000 still to be deposited

  13. Donations- Elder Jerry Smith

  14. $670

  15. Jerry to have a heart cath soon

  16. Neal- tipi locations- tabled for now

  17. Linda- yard sale- for health reasons, tabled

  18. Hatcher-Ammons-Demery family reunion last Saturday in September (26th)

  19. Aynor Town Park at 12

  20. PW Committee Report- Linda

  21. John Blackfeather, Rick Bird, Douglas Logan (Arena Director)

  22. 40 vendor packets sent out, 5 returned

  23. Budget is $15k

  24. Send Linda an email if you want something in the program booklet

  25. Linda has the tribal phone for pauwau business

  26. Darlene suggests selling ad space to tribal members

  27. Phil- ETV- Ronnie to do this in Aug.

  28. Iris- membership packets- would like feathers to be in there

  29. Buildings and Grounds- Neal

  30. Changed mower belts

  31. Wrong wood soaked for longhouse; the snapped

  32. Could use 20 willows

  33. Putting river rocks around fire circle

  34. Grants- Michelle

  35. Nothing new to report

  36. Arts & Crafts- 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher

  37. Meeting to held on July 29th to settle disagreements

  38. Get a list of all certified people and make sure they have a signed certificate

  39. Anyone can be on the committee

  40. Online Votes

  41. Pay phone and Internet- yes

  42. Divide $2000 gift

  43. All tabled for now

  44. Census 2010- 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher

  45. T-shirts- one side with WIP, other side with “Be counted in 2010”

  46. Jobs available; keep checking the census site

  47. Neal and Chief

  48. Neal would like to see people auto-taking positions stop