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July 2015 Open Meeting Summary 07102015

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/10/2015 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Rick, Dalton, and CoC Scott present.

  2. June minutes read.

  3. John: 5(a)(iii)(3):didn’t overspend on budget, went over on cash allocation & budget was reassessed

  4. Dalton motioned to accept with change; John seconded

  5. John-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  6. Financial Report: Chief Hatcher

  7. Council received via email before meeting

  8. Building Fund: $5393.92

  9. General Fund: $7659.92

  10. Online Votes

  11. Opportunity to support golf tournament: $100 sponsorship

  12. John-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  13. Rick to cover cost; John & Rick to volunteer

  14. Good for tribal recognition

  15. Old Business

  16. Resolution JR-HH-06-01-2015-001: Awarding of Tribal Membership: 2nd Reading

  17. New Business

  18. Committee Reports

  19. Arts & Crafts

  20. Nothing new

  21. Grants: Michelle

  22. SCAC declined grant

  23. Buildings & Grounds: John

  24. RV project complete, meter in, final walkthrough to do

  25. Cemetery cut on 6/20 by Jernigan’s

  26. Cemetery Fund: $400.12

  27. Fundraiser idea: Turkey shoot Oct-Dec 2015

  28. Mark A: Beaver dam explosives: 20 for $99

  29. Scott motioned to authorize $99 + S&H; John seconded

  30. John-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  31. Pauwau: Michelle

  32. Fundraiser with Hog Heaven: $835

  33. Working on Policy Book & selling ads

  34. Mark A: will donate pest control for pauwau

  35. Rick will check on cost of material to do grounds

  36. Sewer Pump Project: Mark

  37. Still need funding

  38. Mark: engineer said do it as residential

  39. Chief Hatcher: will do pump next month if Council approves $4000; Dalton seconded

  40. Rick-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  41. Pricing of RV sites brought up: suggested $25-50/ night

  42. A suggestion of a full-time caretaker for the pump & RV project was made & offering them free camping, water, & electricity

  43. Drum: Rick

  44. Nothing new

  45. Chief Hatcher: Donnie wanted to know if it was okay for him to drum

  46. Rick: okay with me

  47. Constitution: Dalton

  48. Meeting: next month day before the open meeting

  49. Presented Article 10 changes ballot to Council for approval

  50. Cast vote, fold, mail back

  51. Shows strikethroughs and changes so people will know what the constitution said & will be changed to if agreed to

  52. Needs 40% of vote for referendum to pass (not necessarily agree)

  53. Need approximately $305 for stamps, envelopes

  54. John motioned to authorize up to $350; Dalton seconded

  55. Chief Hatcher: change Chief to Elders

  56. Rick: why can’t it be done electronically?

  57. Dalton: no verification

  58. Rick: can’t tell I did it in the mail either

  59. Dalton: They won’t have your signature

  60. Rick-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes