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June 2009 Open Meeting Summary 06052009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 6/5/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. May Summary read

  2. Deletion made

  3. Chief Hatcher was not made the Point-of-Contact for the Yard Sale Committee

  4. Motion to accept minutes with the deletion made by 2nd Chief Iris Ewing (Jeanie); Second by Robert

  5. Homer-yes, Iris (Jeanie)-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott- yes (passed unanimously)

  6. Discussion to give Linda tribal phone for Pauwau business until Pauwau

  7. Motion made by Dalton; Second by Robert

  8. Homer-yes, Iris (Jeanie)-Abstain, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  9. Financial Report- 2nd Chief Iris Ewing

  10. $2203.80 including $50 deposit made today

  11. Committee Reports

  12. Building & Grounds- Neal Richard

  13. Donnie’s trailer- have paint from Sherwin Williams; Hot water heater replaced

  14. Need volunteers to help build lodge

  15. Need help moving rotten wood

  16. Bamboo for tipi skeletons

  17. Motion by Dalton; Second by Robert

  18. Tabled until locations are determined

  19. Status on bathhouse- no money for it yet; hope to have it done by PauWau

  20. Fuel for tractor – SunMart- $50 credit diesel and gasoline

  21. Neal donated $33

  22. CM Homer suggested giving them a donation letter for tax purposes

  23. Elder Jerry suggested giving them an ad in the PauWau booklet

  24. Pick a work day so we can post it on the internet. Neal reminded he only needs to set it up

  25. Grants- Michelle Hatcher

  26. SCAC appears to be giving us $3500

  27. Possible separate school day application for next year, but too early to ask

  28. Looking in to Indian Stimulus grant applications, but dates are still TBA on site

  29. PauWau- Linda Atkinson

  30. Met 5/20

  31. Decided to have Rick drum for 4 days and have John emcee for 2 days

  32. 2nd Chief Phil White- ETV and PSA’s

  33. 2 Scout leaders and groups for PauWau

  34. Scouts in for free, but must pay for food

  35. Ad Contest

  36. We decided to have an ad selling contest. For the first ten (10) that you sell, you will receive twenty-five ($25.00). You have to turn your application and money in, and then you will get your money.

  37. Booklet Cover- Waccamaw River with Eagles

  38. Homer motioned to accept the cover; Robert seconded

  39. Homer-yes, Iris (Jeanie)-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott- yes (passed unanimously)

  40. Linda to present a PauWau budget by next month

  41. PauWau (PowWow) on signs this year only

  42. Memoriam page to be group unless paid

  43. Please come to PauWau meetings

  44. Arts & Crafts- 2nd Chief Iris Ewing

  45. Had a meeting and Patricia Brinson was made chair

  46. Patricia Brinson got into a fight with Cha’kwaina

  47. Patricia Brinson got mad with Iris because she wouldn’t take sides

  48. 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher- criteria for presentations

  49. 2nd Chief Iris Ewing- criteria for specifications for art

  50. Cha’kwaina and Carol Ann Para- Administration book

  51. Start training our own people for PauWau positions (lead male, lead female, etc…)

  52. 2nd Chief Iris Ewing asked Rodlyn to find someone willing to train our people

  53. Rodlyn accepted this project

  54. Be careful selling on Ebay; they accused Susan Mack of robbing graves, despite her proof

  55. Chief Hatcher

  56. Presented Becky Smith with her Artist Certification

  57. Donnie’s trailer needs to be painted (have paint already) and underpinning

  58. Attorney- between now and next spring

  59. Work with Neal on hut

  60. Interviews- Linda- Adam has a map of cemeteries

  61. Unity PauWau on 5/23 went well

  62. Tribal office- start moving things back in

  63. Yard Sale- Linda Atkinson

  64. Once per month: 1st Saturday of each month

  65. Exceptions

  66. July- 7/11 because of July 4th weekend

  67. November- PauWau weekend

  68. Donations- Elder Jerry Smith

  69. $345

  70. Claude- $25 tent

  71. Upcoming Events- 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher

  72. June 12-13- John Blackfeather’s PauWau

  73. June 19 -School Event: Children’s Museum- presentation 6-8pm; free

  74. June 20- Santee Event

  75. June 20- Harborwalk- Georgetown- Peggy Wayne (Craig Talbot)

Robert motioned for the meeting to end; Iris (Jeanie) seconded).

Meeting adjourned 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 6/6/09 at 12:30pm.

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