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October 2009 Open Meeting Summary 10022009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/2/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

1. September Summary read by CoC Scott Beaver

a. Dalton motioned; Robert seconded for them to be accepted as they were

b. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes

2. Financial Report

a. Iris: $20 off from bank

1. $5920.33

b. Donations: $275

3. Committee Reports

a. Grants: Michelle

1. Recovery Act Grant: No word

2. SCAC Grant: Contract sent

b. Building & Grounds: Neal

1. Thanks to Neal, Donnie, & Brian for nature trail and cemetery work

2. Neal: Nature trail is about 100yds long- tipi on left to tipi on right

a. Can get all bamboo he needs

b. trailer will be painted if no rain

c. more dirt to scatter

d. logs to move

e. fire ant and snake killer (moth balls)

f. Craig: will come split dead wood and bring to fire circle

g. Homer & son: AC fixed

h. Longhouse: will be done with someone who has done it before

c. Arts & Crafts: Brian

1. Need Carol Ann to send admin book

2. Susan & Iris doing research

3. Want Gary Fourstar to teach us how to do a drum

4. Want artists in tribe to get together and go to pauwaus and have a booth

a. tribe & individual money

5. Culture Classes: teach people how to make items

6. Artists to have something on the tribal table at the pauwau

7. Homer: what language are we?

a. Buster: Catawba

8. Bernie: Do we have copies of school books we are featured in

a. Buster: yes

d. Pauwau: Linda

1. Book taken to printer

2. Susan: send Linda inside cover

3. 60 vendors; 12 pack with 10 more promised, several food

4. Susan gave out 2 vendor packets

5. HTC scroll ad

6. Susan: Carolina Entertainment Marquis

7. Bernie: Dancers/ vendors- do they get in free? Answer: NO

8. Homer: How many get in with the vendor? Answer: Vendor + 2

a. Linda: Only Volunteers get in free

9. Susan Veterans with feathers: free

a. Watch for people taking off their cards off and handing it to other people

10. Rodlyn: Dancers: $5 gate fee is their registration fee

4. Online Votes

a. Tractor parts: $61- $50; Neal donated $11

b. Oil change: $35

5. Membership Files

Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes