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October 2011 Meeting Summary 10072011

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/07/2011 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

1. CoC Scott, and CM's Dalton, Homer, Richia, Neal, and Jeanie present.

2. September minutes read.

a. 6(d)(1)- Judge Bernie: I stand corrected; state no longer requires it

b. Neal motioned; Homer seconded

c. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

3. Financial Report- 2nd Chief Iris

a. $10,238.90 in bank

b. $1300 pauwau deposit

4. Online Votes

a. 9/19 Feed workers: Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes, [Robert-yes]

b. 9/23 Jobs Presentation Date to 10/22: Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Richia- yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

c. 9/29 Tractor: Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott- yes

5. Re-vote Pond (called by 2nd Chief Susan)


a. Neal: was going to cut down things & start over back there. If people help this winter, we can do it (Donnie too)

b. Homer: Why are revisiting something that was approved?

1. a 2nd Chief called for it

2. Homer: It's an internal issue

3. Constitution says 2nd Chief doesn't require external or internal status

c. Homer: It's not part of the grounds (natural grounds- we put it there)

d. Richia: there are animals that use that pond now

e. Iris: mixed feelings; concerned about liability; also a nest for snakes

f. Homer: stream was created by the Creator

g. Chief Hatcher: reason to discuss it: people thought it was a conspiracy. I support filling it in because if we lose a child to it, we'll regret it. More RV spots. Tribal Council didn't do anything wrong by voting on it; you have to be here to vote

h. 2nd Chief Susan: fill it in and it will be several years before it can be used (sinkhole)

i. Chief Hatcher: first got grounds, it was wet. don't think it will be a sinkhole long; need to make a rational decision on information we have

j. 2nd Chief Iris: pack it well

k. Linda: sides have to be firm too

l. Homer: would like to know who thought it was a conspiracy

m. Neal: 5 showed; 2 didn't & we voted on something no on agenda

n. Richia: it was me; I was asking a question

o. Scott: sometimes, things just happen

p. Michelle: as far as it not being on agenda- if I don't about it, it doesn't get put on the agenda for me to print and bring with me

q. Dalton: a question to those who want to keep it: are you willing to sit down with those parents if their kids die? Or testify at the court case?

r. Chief Hatcher: This won't stop all snakes- will still be liability; during School Day/ Pauwau. must be someone guarding pond

s. Hank: going to need gravel base to keep sinkhole from going back

t. 2nd Chief Susan: reason for revote: we weren't here; a lot of feelings involved. We have a Buildings & Grounds Chair- did you talk to him before you discussed it?

u. Homer: Where does it say we should call Council members to vote?

v. Voting "no" means Council wants to keep the pond:

1. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-no, Richia-no, Jeanie-no, Scott-yes

2. Tie does not change initial vote (which was to fill in the pond)

w. Elder Jerry: Why did Jeanie vote last month on a wheel?

1. Michelle: that's a formatting issue

a. Secretary's Note: The first line of the minutes after the headings will be which Council members were there. Names in brackets are people that were absent that voted on things online. Typically, their names are still called out in a meeting to let people know who voted online.

x. Linda: I think it's time we stop calling people for votes

y. Linda: which constitution are we going by?

1. Chief Hatcher: 2008; only using 2000 for this special mandated election

6. Committee Reports

a. Grants: Michelle