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October 2014 Open Meeting Summary 10032014

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/3/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Rick, Dalton, and Scott present. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for Susan.

  2. Sept Minutes read

  3. Rick motioned to accept; John seconded

  4. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott- abstain

  5. Financial Report: not available due to pc/ password problems

  6. Online Votes

  7. 9/10 Use previous elections’ ballot format

  8. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  9. 9/17 Accept Neal Richard’s resignation as A&C Chair

  10. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris (Susan)-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  11. Old Business

  12. Tribal Logo & Trademark Status

  13. 2nd Chief Iris: Susan says it’s still being worked on

  14. New Business

  15. Committee Reports

  16. Arts & Crafts

  17. Meeting here 10/5 @ 2pm to elect new chairperson

  18. Looking for a place to sell in MS

  19. Personal sales- not fundraising

  20. Neal found a museum in MB

  21. Grants: Michelle

  22. Starting to look at endowment funds

  23. Building & Grounds: John

  24. Thank you to volunteers

  25. Work day 9/22 on RV spots

  26. Work Day 10/4 on RV spots- inspection upcoming; cleanup

  27. Roof cool sealed x4; old office coated

  28. Selling pond scrap metal to pay for chemicals to treat the pond

  29. Old office on hold until after Pauwau

  30. Cemetery fund: $370.02

  31. Wayne T taking care of all cemeteries

  32. Still looking for donations to keep minimum balance of $350

  33. Propose additional work day- 3rd Sat. of month- for cemetery upkeep; will coincide with Council work day

  34. People aren’t thanked enough; presented Rick with a necklace

  35. Rick: Is there a flood zone on the circle?

  36. John: majority of property is in flood zone

  37. Rick: What is the tribe’s liability on personal property bought for tribal business?

  38. If it broke, does the tribe fix it?

  39. 2nd Chief Iris: It depends on how it broke & what it was

  40. John: We’re not to code at the circle

  41. 2nd Chief Iris: we’ve brought loads of dirt in

  42. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

  43. Vendors: 10 now

  44. Payouts for Pauwau in advance in case of rain

  45. Insurance, pest control, drum, dance raffle, Head man/ lady. Demonstrators, hay, hotel, program books, dumpsters, port-o-potties

  46. Scott: bank account frozen until after Pauwau

  47. Chief Anthony Davidson- RV Spot, cooking for volunteers

  48. Chief Locklear- RV spot

  49. Doug: What is the amps on vendor spots?

  50. Scott/ Chery: same as last year; 15

  51. Dance Raffle: 10/8 draws Sat/ Sun respectively; $300 last draw both days

  52. Setup: GoldenEagle to help; 10/29 9am

  53. Need hardwood for fire

  54. Need volunteers

  55. John: Research on cooking- permit required?

  56. 2nd Chief Iris: already negotiated between Chief Hatcher & DHEC

  57. Mark’s friend can cook

  58. 2nd Chief Iris: Waccamaw Warriors are not an official tribal entity; pay for their spot

  59. Then donate or keep their funds

  60. John: tribe is getting the money; you want the Pauwau committee to look good