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September 2008 Open Meeting Summary 09122008

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/12/2008 held at the Senior City in Aynor

Meeting called to order at 6:53 PM

  1. August minutes read. Iris noted that some tents are possibly missing and that Cheryl Seivers must pay her fine. Minutes were accepted with these notations.

  1. Financial Report from Iris: We have received $849 in donated funds. One check has been written for supplies for the ballots.

  1. Online votes reaffirmed to make constitutional changes.

  1. Keys to the tribal office were given to all Council members. A vote was taken and passed unanimously to give Elder Chief Hatcher a key as well.

  1. Tribal Work Day

  2. Susan sent a To-Do list to CoC Scott Beaver

  3. Tents to be counted and find out how many are missing: Robert & Jeanie

  4. Grounds cleaned up for the Pau Wau

  5. Power to drum circle to be checked: John

  6. Chain fence to be finished: Brian

  7. Truck moved: Elder Chief Hatcher & Heath

  8. Office cleaned up: Iris & Linda

  9. Bathroom faucet fixed: Elder Chief Hatcher & Heath

  10. Back door repaired: John

  11. Council work day

  1. Committee Reports

  2. Pau Wau: Council voted unanimously to allow Linda Atkinson to act as the event coordinator with Elder Chief Hatcher’s assistance

  3. Status of vendors: 34 called; 14 promised to come

  4. Messages left with others

  5. Situation with Anita Lush (spelling?)

  6. Elder Chief Hatcher to look into this situation

  1. School Day

  2. (A) Chief Susan Hayes and Ronnie Floyd have been coordinating the event

  3. With current feedback, possibly 260+ students coming

  4. Rick Bird will also do School Day for an additional $500

  5. Ronnie Floyd to help establish stations, teach people what they need to do, and allow them to work School Day

  6. Ronnie Floyd to look at an aerial/ satellite map to get a better layout for stations

  7. Demonstrators/ vendors

  8. Dalton Hatcher proposed giving a discount to vendors who demonstrate on School Day provided it is ancient crafts (example: airbrushing would not qualify for a discount)

  9. Michelle Hatcher wrote a Pau Wau resolution to replace an earlier resolution

  10. Heading changed to show that this resolution would replace the former resolution (SC-12-01-2006-001)

  11. Sponsored by CoC Scott Beaver

  12. First reading held 9/12/2008

  13. Brian Evans suggested limiting the committee to a handful of people for the various stations

  14. This resolution will take 3 readings to be voted upon

  15. This resolution will not affect this year’s Pau Wau

  16. The words “Pau Wau Committee” should be replaced with “Program Committee” to cover all committees within the tribe

  17. Michelle and Dalton Hatcher are to make changes to the resolution to cover all committees and resubmit the resolution

  1. CMA and MS. Davis

  2. Ms. Davis sent Elder Chief Hatcher a certified letter wanting the tribe to accept mediation

  3. (A) Chief Susan Hayes had a letter prepared to send back to her stating that no mediation would be used

  4. Council voted to send the letter unanimously

  1. Other Letters

  2. Letters to individual members were read by Elder Chief Hatcher

  3. Council is to wait response on these letters

  1. Suggestions from Ronnie Floyd

  2. Clause added to ID cards (perhaps on the back) that states that if the governing body revokes your membership, your tribal ID card must be returned within 30 days

  1. Fire Circle

  2. Elder Chief Hatcher to speak to Earl Manyskins for advice

  3. Circle may need to be rebuilt completely

  1. Announcements

  2. (A) Chief Susan Hayes was made a board member of the SC Indian Development Commission (SCIDC)

  3. Elder Chief Hatcher will remain a board member of the SCIDC

  4. John Winburn donated a feather to be used for future smudgings

Meeting closed at 9:50PM

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/12/08 at 11:54 PM.

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