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September 2016 Open Meeting Summary 09092016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 09/09/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Susan, Homer, Mark, Dalton, John, and CoC Rick present.

  2. Chief Hatcher invited CMA Chair Ken Battle to speak

  3. Dalton: are there grants through the CMA?

  4. Mr. Battle: no, we are a conduit and assist other organizations

  5. Also look over your past grants to help improve them

  6. August minutes read

  7. Dalton motioned to accept; Mark seconded

  8. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  9. Financial Report: Michelle (per CNB site)

  10. General Fund: $10,073.76

  11. Building Fund: $4,431.33

  12. Old Business

  13. Cemetery Trustees paperwork: no copies at office yet; need to get with Wayne

  14. Census 2020: Susan

  15. Count everyone once and in the right place

  16. Can respond online, by phone, paper, in-home service

  17. Need to contact census people about variations of tribe name

  18. Waccamaw, WIP, Waccamaw Indians

  19. Chief Hatcher: would like to see it all as Waccamaw

  20. Susan: race question allows you to pick more than one

  21. They are hiring temp positions for 2019; work from home or office

  22. Can also work with office Atlanta

  23. New Business

  24. John: parking lot for bike weeks: would like committee to study it and he will chair it

  25. Mark motioned to create a committee to study parking lot during bike week; Rick seconded

  26. Homer: why do we need committee when we park them?

  27. Michelle: this isn’t for Pauwau

  28. John: some hotels won’t let guests park bike trailer & cars at hotel

  29. Contacted insurance carrier with no reply

  30. Maybe get credit card swiper for payment?

  31. Think we could make $20k/ week

  32. Possibly shuttle them to their hotel?

  33. Chief Hatcher: could put gates up if we need to

  34. Dalton motioned; Mark seconded to create the Parking & Shuttle Committee

  35. Dalton asked for Exception to Policy to allow a CM to be Chair

  36. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  37. Ray, Susan said they would help with committee

  38. Committee Reports

  39. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  40. Susan, Rick, Marion went to Brookgreen: trees soaking for suk

  41. Volunteers from Brookgreen available on Monday & Tuesday

  42. Chief Hatcher: would start stringing up shingles

  43. Grants: Michelle

  44. SCAC: PW committee decided to take the $1000 from SCAC (every little bit helps)

  45. Pauwau: Michelle

  46. Budget approval (handout)

  47. Dalton motioned to accept; Susan seconded

  48. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  49. Mark: don’t see why booth cost is included

  50. Michelle: we could have sold the booth and made that money; nothing is free

  51. Meetings are now on Thursdays instead of Wednesday

  52. Billboards, Flyers changed to reflect help from SCAC

  53. Rick: please look into trailer bathrooms

  54. Chris H: try Elvis P-O-P

  55. Chief: also get unisex bathrooms with locks

  56. Wood: B&G to cut up 2 trees on the ground that have fallen

  57. Constitution: Dalton

  58. Newest copy available

  59. Changes