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October 2016 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/21/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Mark, Homer, Robert, Susan, and CoC Rick present.

  2. Chief invited candidates for SC elections to meeting; Mal Hyman attended

  3. Mal Hyman: candidate vs Rep Rice, Poli-Sci teacher

  4. Members asked questions of Mr. Hyman to get a better idea of his policy issues

  5. Cemeteries: Elder Dan nominated Ray as trustee as of 10/8/2016

  6. September minutes read

  7. Mark motioned to accept; Dalton seconded

  8. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  9. Financial Report: Michelle via CNB site as of 10/18

  10. General Fund: $9619.33

  11. Building Fund: $4057.09

  12. Online Votes

  13. 10/3: Postpone open meeting to 10/14 due to Hurricane Matthew

  14. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  15. 10/10: Postpone open meeting to 10/21 due to Hurricane Matthew

  16. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  17. Old Business

  18. Cemetery Encroachment

  19. Letter sent to Mr. James

  20. Cemetery Trustees Update

  21. Paperwork not available yet

  22. New Business

  23. Dalton: apology to associate members who didn’t receive a newsletter

  24. Ballots can be emailed before 10/31 to voting members who didn’t receive one

  25. Constitution: send Dalton an email if you have questions before 10/31

  26. Investors proposal from CM John; tabled until next meeting

  27. Committee Reports

  28. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  29. 12/10 at 2pm: Class on how to make chokers: $35/ person (giving $10 back to tribe)

  30. Asking for permission to use office

  31. Mark: policy says rental if you make a profit

  32. Susan: won’t do it them or use trailer next door

  33. Rick: need lights in there or drop cord & light

  34. Grants: Michelle

  35. SCAC paperwork received

  36. Pauwau: Michelle

  37. 3 RV spots left

  38. Important Dates: Nov 2: setup & bring a covered dish

  39. Nov 4: Mandatory volunteer meeting

  40. Nov 5-6: Pauwau

  41. Nov 12: Outbrief at El Cerro at 2pm in Conway

  42. Buildings & Grounds: Larry

  43. Asked PW committee to consider straw bundles

  44. Rick: need to spray for sand spurs before PW

  45. Mark: fire ant spray? Donnie said we were out

  46. Drum: Rick

  47. Getting back together

  48. Mark: grades for School Day?

  49. Susan: all; special needs through high school,1050 students

  50. Member Files (Office): Susan

  51. Probably be after holidays before getting back to it

  52. Parking Lot & Shuttle: in CM John’s proposal

  53. Events

  54. Invited to Waccamaw-Siouan Festival on 11/12

  55. Invited to Massing of Colors on 11/12

  56. Elder Doug: start raising funds for Special Needs Fishing Tournament & advertise it

  57. Rick: need manpower

  58. Receipts

  59. Fuel: $59.81 Check 537

  60. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  61. Chief Hatcher