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February 2017 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/3/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

1) CM’s Mark, John, Susan, Dalton, Robert, and CoC Rick present.

2) January Minutes read

a) Online Vote

i) Dalton-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl (Susan)-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl (Rick)-yes

3) Online votes

a) 1/18 Voted to not accept donated land because came with expenses year-round

i) Susan-no, Mark-no, John-no, Dalton-no, Rick-no

b) 1/22 Spend $5000 & proceed with cemetery lawsuit

i) Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes, John-yes

4) Old Business

a) Cemetery Encroachment: check given to Terry Beverly

b) CM John’s Investor Proposal: needs more investigation

c) Tribal Office Roof Update: letter mailed to Sampson; give him 5 days to respond & then file suit

5) New Business

a) Committee Reports

i) Arts & Crafts: Susan

(1) Class held with 2 people on making chokers

(2) Next class will be 4/22 at 2pm on advanced chokers

(3) USC: time to take items down: 2/17

(4) Rick: 2/28 Loris Middle School: Multicultural Festival: 6-7:30pm

(a) No set time for things to happen; people come and go throughout night

ii) Grants: Michelle

(1) SCAC: waiting on check; have sent email to Ms. Young to inquire

(2) Alan: CMA meeting in late March/ April & will check on other grants

iii) Pauwau: Michelle

(1) Meetings are second Thursday at 6pm each month

(2) All forms being revised to reflect new year

iv) Buildings & Grounds: Mark

(1) Meeting to discuss changes to grounds & dance circle

v) Drum: Rick

(1) 2/28: Loris Middle School: Multicultural Festival

(2) Mr. Treadway: drummer from Conway; also makes sweat lodges

vi) Parking Lot & Shuttle: John

(1) Nothing new at this time

b) Special Needs Fishing Day

i) Elder Doug: need more donations

ii) Mark: Ronnie F trying to get DNR here to help

iii) Rick: also trying to get Martial Marines

iv) Elder Doug: suggest yard sale weekends

(1) Rick: could try to do them in town in a big parking lot

v) Alan: could be a grant for it

vi) Mark: need more manpower to help

(1) Rick: ask your church/ community groups to come help

vii) Rick: Bass Pro Shop is putting something together for us

c) Jeania: resigning as Filekeeper due to other responsibilities; read her email to Council

i) Would optimally like to upload the database to Drive

d) Membership Status Updates

i) Membership types explained

ii) One-year reviews updated to members

(1) Rick motioned; Robert seconded to update these members

(a) Mark-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes

(b) Tabitha Risk

(c) Benjamin Chatham

(d) Zachary Chatham

(e) Dock Sellers

(f) Belinda Chatham

(g) James Ammons