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April 2017 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/7/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Homer, John, Susan, Robert, Dalton, and CoC Rick present. Summary prepared from audio file of March meeting.

  2. March summary read

  3. Dalton motioned to accept; Susan seconded

  4. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  5. Financial Report

  6. General Fund: $9888.50

  7. Building Fund: $1599.15

  8. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  9. Online Votes

  10. 2/18: Increase Chief & CoC daily spending authority to $150

  11. Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  12. Old Business

  13. Cemetery Encroachment

  14. 2C Cheryl: Meet with Mr. Beverly Monday at 2pm for update; will send out email once updated from him

  15. Chief: told Beverly that if we went to arbitration, giving Mr. James equal land was off the table; we want boundary lines

  16. John: if you went to arbitration, don’t they decide what’s right & wrong?

  17. Chief: first, we’d have to agree to the arbitrator. We would have no recourse once we agreed

  18. Chief: went out to the cemetery the other day, Daddy’s grave is caving in & others too; need to look at raking some dirt into a lot of the sites

  19. Cheryl: the same at the cemetery on Mt Pisgah Church Rd; Holliday land & David & Eliza (sp?) Dimery’s sites

  20. Elder Doug: went there many years ago, asked permission from landowner in trailer to get to the cemetery

  21. Dalton: call him

  22. Follow it up with written request

  23. Rick: Cheryl, do you want to write/ call him?

  24. Rick: Chief, do you want to schedule a work day for Sat?

  25. Chief: going to take some rakes down there

  26. John: a few months ago, we had someone volunteer to make crosses for sites that needed them; did it ever get done?

  27. Rick: think Larry was supposed to do it

  28. Larry: they’ve been done for a year

  29. Roof Case Update

  30. Chief: court date coming up; not sure of date yet

  31. Asked Horry County police to serve Mr. Sampson because I don’t think he’s going to take it via mail

  32. New Business

  33. Welcome Homer back to the table

  34. Homer: good to be back

  35. 2C Cheryl: talked about using all-inclusive database

  36. Sat through webinar with

  37. We would be able to use it for everything we need it for so far, as well as mailings, newsletters

  38. Can be modified for security & permissions; can be linked through the tribal website; can set expiration dates on logins

  39. Dalton: how much does it cost & is there a monthly charge?

  40. 2C Cheryl: just starting dialogue with salesperson; haven’t found that out yet

  41. Dalton: (prefaced with his database writing experience) it sounds like sales pitch; all databases should be able to do that; however, some are easier to use than others

  42. Dalton: have you talked to Doug about databases because I think he is automating a database already

  43. 2C Cheryl: plan to collaborate with him

  44. Dalton: pretty sure our website hosting service has a database built-in & that Doug said he could import our database right in

  45. Rick: if you’re talking about importing our current database, that gets us back to the same problem: we don’t own the information

  46. Dalton: I still have to talk to Iris about it, but a lot the data that’s in it is already electronically stored

  47. 2C Cheryl: Jeania didn’t scan all the files; she created a cover sheet

  48. We need to take a scanner out here and go through them

  49. Dalton: get with Doug & check on pricing with Salesforce

  50. Susan: also need to vote for her to take over as Filekeeper

  51. Dalton motioned; Susan seconded to make 2C Cheryl Filekeeper

  52. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  53. Rick: will this also run things for the LLC once it’s up and going?

  54. 2C Cheryl: I think it could link into it; should be able to import information over

  55. Rick: Few things

  56. We talked a bit about an office computer

  57. Dalton: should be able to get a computer for $200-300, monitor would cost more, and $40-50 scanner/ printer/ fax

  58. Cheryl: talking more about a laptop to be able to use at the Pauwau

  59. Michelle: we need better internet access/ bridge down at the circle; office access doesn’t reach the circle

  60. Susan: we can email more on this

  61. Think we need to make some Council requirements as far as attendance and more; we can discuss it online

  62. Dalton: do the Elders think that we should require more attendance for the Council of Elders?

  63. Doug/ Dan: yes

  64. Dalton: should it be something that we police or that you police?

  65. Doug: a lot of our people are sick; we also have a lot of good talent in the tribe that come to meetings that could be an Elder

  66. John: we have 3 branches of government

  67. Chief: and one branch can’t supervise another, except with Council making constitution changes

  68. Rick: we need a working Council of Elders

  69. Dalton: think it can be done with a policy letter, but be flexible

  70. Chief: don’t think missing a certain number of meetings is an impeachable offense; shouldn’t be the reason you are removed from office

  71. John: can’t we establish that in the policy letter?

  72. Dalton: yes

  73. 2C Cheryl: look at Congress; they miss 75% of the times they are supposed to vote

  74. Dalton: and they vote for each other

  75. 2C Cheryl: maybe it would be good if the people were made aware of who was present at meetings

  76. Michelle: it’s at the top of each meeting summary

  77. Susan: used to put it in the newsletter too

  78. Elder Doug: businesses use excused/ unexcused absences and let you go after so many unexcused

  79. Rick: we can discuss it more online or in a work day

  80. Susan: do it in a work day, but have your thoughts written down so we have something to share

  81. Chief: just remember that emails come across as harsh, even though most times they aren’t meant to sound that way

  82. Eligibility for Council members to be proxied; currently only 2Chiefs

  83. Discuss more online

  84. John: when we decided on proxies, what did we come up with?

  85. Dalton: if not mistaken, at the time, we had very low Council attendance; was the available people

  86. Susan: we worked out a policy on it

  87. Dalton: we also had for a bit where a CM could proxy for another CM, but then he could outvote everyone at the table

  88. John: a lot of the votes that come up at a meeting aren’t known ahead of time

  89. Dalton: we would probably need to make it that if you give someone your proxy, you are trusting their judgement

  90. John: some of that comes with having the agenda out ahead of time

  91. Dalton: it’s also something that could be worked onto the website, allow for signups & print before the meeting

  92. Susan: it’s still in the constitution, so we would need an amendment

  93. Dalton: and then that part would need to be ratified; not the whole constitution

  94. Susan: received a call from Drew, an officer with Sons of Confederate Veterans

  95. On 4/23, from 10-2, they are going to be on the Goodson Bridge waving confederate flags

  96. They want to be able to park here & have someone shuttle them back up to the bridge

  97. Elder Doug: that would put us into a political thing

  98. Dalton motioned to reject

  99. 2C Cheryl: ask for a donation

  100. John: say no; going to get some who aren’t the same as the others (a few bad apples)

  101. 2C Cheryl: that’s the same for bikers; James Dimery was a PoW Confederate

  102. Rick: what if it’s just members of this organization?

  103. Elder Doug: Confederate flag is offensive to a lot of people; we don’t need to get that opinion out there to start off with

  104. John seconded the motion to reject

  105. 2C Cheryl & Dalton read different statements from their website

  106. Rick: we fight discrimination all the time; are we going to discriminate now?

  107. Elder Doug: you aren’t; you’re denying a request

  108. Dalton: We aren’t discriminating against them because of their color, religion, disability, etc… I’m disagreeing with what they’re about; the same that they could do for me

  109. Donnie: main concern is if we do it and the next week, we don’t have an office because it was burned down

  110. Dalton: it’s not discrimination to not allow someone to not do something that you don’t allow anyone else to do

  111. Derek: we have to protect our land

  112. Dalton reiterated his motion to reject; John seconded

  113. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  114. Susan/ Chief to notify them

  115. Committee Reports

  116. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  117. 4/22: Choker with dropdown class @2pm, $40; will post to FB

  118. Michelle: also on Google+

  119. 2C Cheryl: can also do free event post in Sun News

  120. Chief: where does the money go?

  121. Susan: $25 to office; $10 back to tribe

  122. Grants: Michelle

  123. SCAC: waiting to hear back

  124. Chief: UMC: $500 for electrical

  125. Susan: waiting to hear back from lady about food for Special Needs Fishing Day

  126. Elder Doug: did anybody track the amount of money sent in for Special Needs Fishing Day?

  127. Rick: let me get to it on the agenda

  128. Pauwau: Michelle

  129. Meeting Thursday 4/13 @ 6pm

  130. Sell ads for the program book

  131. Hog Heaven fundraiser with Chris Judge 6/13

  132. Buildings & Grounds: Rick

  133. Roof is done; need vinyl siding and trim done

  134. Thanks to everyone who helped

  135. Donnie to give Council a list for a sprayer to put behind the truck

  136. John: did we ever look at the electrical?

  137. Rick: not yet; Iris gave me the name of a man to call that she recommended

  138. Dalton: Paul? Don’t bother, he’s about to have surgery

  139. Susan: Ferguson asked if we got our electrical fixed. He said he tore his trailer apart and it wasn’t his trailer

  140. He’s the food trailer that always pulls the 30amp out of the box and puts his 50amp in

  141. Rick: we can meet out here Thursday and try to address it

  142. Drum: Rick

  143. Last thing we did was Mr. Hank’s funeral

  144. Four of us that play: me, my two sons, & Glen

  145. Chief: received a lot of good comments about the drum and the funeral