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June 2017 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 6/2/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Robert, Mark, Dalton, and CoC Rick present. 2nd Chief Cheryl acted as proxy for Susan.

  2. CoC gave arrow plaque to Jewell & Doug for their help with Special Needs Fishing Day

  3. Financial Report

  4. General Fund: $8348.86

  5. Building Fund: $1372.65

  6. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  7. Council was given copies of all transactions made in the last 30 days

  8. Online Votes

  9. 5/15 Replace golf cart batteries for $500

  10. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  11. 5/22 Postpone replacing golf cart batteries because of mower deck problems

  12. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  13. 5/22 Make Alan Faver & Joey Watford Chief’s assistants on state legislation

  14. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  15. 5/25 Allow Mark to purchase tractor mower deck for $700

  16. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  17. Mark: still have $700; the deck we wanted to purchase was sold, but new one would cost $1170

  18. 6/1 Dissolve B&G Committee; re-examine later if needed

  19. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  20. 6/1 Put Cemetery Trustees in charge of cemetery upkeep

  21. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  22. Rick: That doesn’t mean the trustees have to do the work; just schedule the work day & make it happen

  23. 6/1 Approve Larry J as Elder

  24. Robert-no, John- no, Mark- no, Dalton- no, Rick- no

  25. Old Business

  26. Cemetery Encroachment

  27. 2nd Chief Cheryl: not sure if the two attorneys have met yet

  28. Roof Case Update

  29. 2nd Chief Cheryl: nothing new

  30. May Minutes Read

  31. John: remove Homer from 2(b)

  32. Mark motioned to accept with the change; Dalton seconded

  33. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  34. John T: stainless steel mentioned last month by Elder Doug is too large in his opinion, 9x9 & has one leg broken

  35. New Business

  36. 2nd Chief Phil: PA System: used for ETV benefit & it works great

  37. Rick: can cables be buried at the circle?

  38. 2nd Chief Phil: next buy are the cables to do that

  39. Alan: CMA education/ jobs training: now have business forms

  40. They are redoing their book in August

  41. Native American Learning Center offers free online courses

  42. Going to set up a state scholarship program

  43. We will try to get large corporations to donate

  44. Want it to be on a need basis rather than grade basis

  45. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Wisewoman Project

  46. Through SEIAC who has done presentations here before

  47. Screenings for Native women coordinated with DHEC

  48. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Salesforce Meeting held 5/25

  49. Can have up to 10 user licenses

  50. We decided on Developer (Doug), Filekeeper (Cheryl), Genealogy (Susan), Secretary (Michelle), Chief, CoC, CoE, Bookkeeper (Lori)

  51. Everyone will have permissions, whether they are one of the people licensed or not

  52. We are migrating Access to Salesforce platform now

  53. It should be bare bones working in 3 months & functional in 6-12 months

  54. It will tie in to the website (and vice versa)

  55. 2nd Chief Cheryl: LLC

  56. Need agent’s signature (Chief)

  57. Need to write the operator agreement; we found some great templates online to get us started

  58. Need $110 to file the paperwork with the SoS

  59. Will check with the Trademark Division on cost, information, etc. about trademarking the LLC name (that’s a separate action than creating the LLC itself)

  60. Does it have to use a different logo than the tribe?

  61. Check with Susan since she has looked into trademarks before; do further research

  62. 2nd Chief Cheryl: Harry F Turner (92y/o): was with him last Sat in Veterans’ parade

  63. He was on the USS Bush when it was attacked 4/6/45; ship sunk; survived 18 hours alone

  64. Want to extend my appreciation to him

  65. Committee Reports

  66. Arts & Crafts: 2nd Chief Phil

  67. Nothing new

  68. Mark: will bring turkey feathers for wrapping

  69. Grants: Michelle

  70. Nothing new; just waiting on response from SCAC

  71. PW: Michelle

  72. Meeting 6/8/2017

  73. John: Are flyers being put in hotels, rental agencies?

  74. Mark: put an ad in the tourist books that are put in hotels, agencies, etc.

  75. Rick: how about school flyers?

  76. 2nd Chief Cheryl: can’t solicit to school, except for field trip information

  77. Michelle: Hog Heaven fundraiser will pay for the billboards

  78. 7 tickets left as of Monday

  79. Held 6/13

  80. Mark: are we asking for new vendors?

  81. Michelle, others: we’re always asking for new vendors as we attend other Pauwaus & events

  82. If you are at an event & see a great vendor, get their card & bring it to our attention

  83. Michelle: Have asked Nestle for 6200 bottles (16.9oz size) of water

  84. Should have an answer in next month

  85. If given to us in any amount, they will probably be labeled “not for resale”

  86. PW Budget needs approval: hay bale price will be off because we’re building benches; tax on hotels has changed

  87. Secretary’s Note: PW Budget off also because of Lodging; resubmitted to Council 6/3

  88. John: Mark is expanding his tent to add popcorn, cotton candy, tacos, chicken bog

  89. Need more manpower, 8-10 people

  90. Jeri: do you have a popcorn & cotton candy machine?

  91. Mark: we have a popcorn machine, but don’t want to mess with cotton candy machine in the tent

  92. Need a better system for the veterans’ feathers

  93. Michelle: We can discuss it Thursday at the PW Meeting, join us

  94. Buildings & Grounds: Rick

  95. Voted to dissolve it on 6/1

  96. On 6/1, we spent $90 to repair Donnie’s mower (receipt presented)

  97. Cemetery Cleanup was done last week by Wayne T, Joey W, & more; thanks to the Men of Faith

  98. Drum: Rick

  99. Nothing new

  100. 2nd Chief Phil: making new sticks

  101. Parking Lot & Shuttle: John

  102. Contacted every NC/SC Harley group listed, but no one came

  103. Postpone until we have a better system

  104. Think we may be too far out from beach

  105. 2nd Chiefs

  106. Phil: Need a ceremony for the feathers; shouldn’t be sidelined

  107. Need a better system & announcement when/ where they are being given out

  108. Honorary Membership

  109. Jeri Hunter

  110. Michelle told Rick that Jeri was told only Chief could present it; 2nd Chief Phil said he could too

  111. Robert-yes, Susan (Cheryl)-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

Mark motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 6/3/17 at 12:11 am.

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